Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


27. Tragedy


Niall and Miki got back that morning. We where all getting ready to go out to a celebration dinner. I honestly haven't been to somewhere this fancy since the day I tried to propose to Danielle. That's when we broke up. I went through a whole 'depression' stage and ended up cutting myself. But the boys helped me. Everyone was down stairs in suits and dresses waiting for me. 'Bout time' Louis screamed out before running out to the car. When we where all inside the fancy ass dinner place, I asked, 'so what's the occasion Harry?' Since he is the one who said we need to go out to dinner here tonight. We already established he's paying because no joke, Niall WILL eat the whole restaurant. 'Well, Jazzy and I are having a baby as you all know, and I thought, its worth celebrating right? And also, I want you guyss opinion for baby names!' Me and Niall looked at Jazzy looking for a sign that it is Harry's baby. She nodded and mouthed the words, 'it's Harry's.' then we all breathed a sigh of relief. The night went through a fly. Then I stopped and I sware I started hyperventilating. 'Liam, what's wrong?' The guys where all worrying. 'Guys, who did we leave Alice with?' They all looked just as horrified as me. We all symotainiusly got up and ran to the car before driving home. Harry payed the bill though. We ran to the front door and opened it as fast as w could to see a tiny 8 month old baby on the floor with blood and a steak knife. But she was moving. There Sausage was liking her and trying desperately to get the knife off of her that she was waving around. 'Niall, Miki, you might want to wait outside' I said while taking my shirt off and wrapping Alice in it. I rushed her out and didn't bother with the complex baby seat, but just got into the passenger seat with her in my arms. Louis quickly got into the drivers seat and we all drove to the hospital. Niall and Miki crying the whole way crying that they wanted to see her. Honestly, I didn't know if she was gonna make it so I decided to hide her in my shirt so they couldn't see her until she was better. If she got better...


enjoy the CLIFF HANGER!!! ;)

should I continue? Liam's girlfriend is coming in soon!!!

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