Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


11. The New Family


WOW. I am in so much pain. I don't care though. We need to decide on a name for our little girl. Niall is so happy. He is beside me in a hospital chair smiling cheek to cheek just staring at our little girl. She was born only an hour ago and she is the smallest thing I have ever seen. Niall finally stops staring at her and looks at me. 'What are we gonna name her?' I think about it for a second. 'What about either Emily or Alice?' He stopped and looked At her for a minute. Then he broke the silence. 'I like Alice. Alice Hope. After your middle name. 'What about the last name?' He asked me with a hint of hope in his eyes. 'Well Horan of course.' We both smile and look at Alice. 'Alice Hope Horan. Perfect.' I said. Then Niall kissed her forehead and said the cutest thing that I will never forget 'my little princess.' Life was perfect. 5 minutes had past and Niall was still squeezing Alice in his arms. That was when Liam, Louis, Harry, Jazzy and Zayn walked in. They all gasped and went over to Niall and Alice. This moment was perfect. Our family. Uncle Liam, Uncle Louis, Uncle Zayn and Uncle Harry with Aunty Jazzy and most important, daddy Niall and mummy Michaela. Nothing could ruin this moment. Until...

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