Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


38. Reunite.


its been a week today since Niall has left. Sad face. :( I miss him so much. I've been trying to Skype him but he won't answer. I've sent him plenty of texts and he doesn't reply. Something's not right. It's been too long and I want to find out what. My eyes didnt leave my phone screen as I scrolled through my contacts. Paul. If Niall would avoid me, I'd hunt him down. In a non freaky way... 

*ring ring* Paul answered on the second ring. 

'Hello, this is Paul speaking.'

'paul, its miki. Niall won't talk to me and I don't know what I did wrong and he's ignoring my twitter, tumbler, Instagram, phone calls, texts, Facebook, Skype, everything. I need to talk to him so I can appologise for...' Paul cut me off and I finally took my first breath since the conversation began.

'look miki, its ok. Nialls here, he's ok, you didn't do anything. It's not your fault ok. Now do you want me to put him on for you?' He asked calm.

'omg yes please!' I said exited. I heard a lot of rustling on the other end as if he was passing the phone.

'hello?' I heard a thick, sexy morning Irish voice answer.

'niall! Why didn't you answer my calls? Are you ok?'

'who is this?' He asked. I was taken back. He didn't even recognise my voice.

'ummm, its Miki, hey, I was thinking,' I didn't get to finish before he hung up the phone. 

I asked. What? Why won't he answer?!?! Grrrr. Fine. He wants to play, that's exactly what we are gonna do. 

*7 hours later*

i had just landed in Yorkshire, where the boys currently are. Yeah, I did take a plane here just so I could talk to Niall. I'm not obsessed with him, I simply just can't stop thinking about him every single second of every single day. Sure, when you say it like that, just, whatever. I just need to know what's wrong. What I did. I was alone and being pushed around at the airport and memories came flooding back of how Niall and I met. Only, now Niall isn't here to save me. I managed to get my phone out of my pocket and ring Liam who answered on the fourth ring. 

'Liam! Where are you?' 

'On the tour bus miki, why?'

'where is the tour bus?' 

'McDonnalds on twenty second.'

'Niall got hungry?' I asked.

'Na. He doesn't really eat anymore.' Liam went quiet.

'Liam, what is wrong with him?' 

'I-I-I can't say.'

then I got pushed to the ground and the phone got thrown against the wall smashing, damn.i walked outside with my phone in seven pieces in my hand.  I managed to get a taxi to the McDonnalds they where at. I saw the tour bus about to leave, threw my wallet at the taxi driver, grabbed everything I could and ran after it. I eventually just ended up dropping everything and putting what was left from my phone in my pocket and sprinting after the bus. When it came to a red light and stopped, I ended up running into the back of it not being able to stop. I quickly got up again even though my head was bleeding across the front of my forehead. I just kept running after the bus. I tried to get the attention of the guys inside it. I ran up beside it and banged on the windows. Louis eventually got up and did a double take at me looking up at me in complete shock. 'STOP THE BUS!' I heard him yell. Thank god. I finally collapsed on the ground and panted hard. The bus doors sprang open and four guys ran out to me that frankly where not my husband to be. 'Wheres Niall?' I asked ergently. 'You don't need to worry about him, you need help!' Zayn said before taking his shirt off and wiping my head with it. 'Guys the blood won't stop. What do we do?' Zayn asked. 'Ill get eye first aid kit.' Harry yelled before running away. I just kept trying to stand up and all the guys kept pushing me down. 'I need to see Niall!' I screamed. 'Let. me. through!' I screamed. I eventually got past their strong grip and ran into the bus screaming Nialls name. I stood completely still when I saw someone in Nialls body. He certainly wasn't NIALL though. He had big bags under his eyes, cracked lips, grey eyes, not the sparkling blue I'm used to. 'Niall?' I asked almost unsure. 'What?' He asked. 'Ummm. I came to see you.' 'Why' he asked sharply. That's it. Now I'm ape. 'Why? Why? Niall, you wouldn't answer anything! Skype, Facebook, twitter, phone calls, texts! Nothing! I'm sorry for caring about you! Is that what you want to hear! I'm sorry for loving you and missing you and dreaming about you every second of every day! I'm sorry that I ever did any of those things! You know I what I went through to be here? To see the one I love Niall? My phone broke into a million pieces at the airport from being pushed and shoved around at the airport, then I came to McDonnalds to see you in your bus driving away, I ran for my life and chased this freekin bus all the way here, ran into the back of it and got shoved down on the road, my head is bleeding and I feel like I'm going to feint any minute, the boys, not you, rushed out to see if I was ok and I struggled out of their reach, just too see you telling me to practically fuck off!!! That's what I'm doing here Niall!' I answered crying. I took my phone pieces out of my pocket and threw them at Niall in a bunch. 'I wish I died at that airport.' Was all I said before throwing my engagement ring at Niall and storming off of the bus. I looked in my pocket hoping that I still had my favourite piece. What people didn't know, I always have one thing with me. Within my phone case, I would always put a sharpener blade. For situations like this, lucky for me, it was there. Yeah buddy. Niall hot me into saying that. Damn. Stop thinking about him! For everything I know about him, another cut. His blood type, A positive. Cut. His birthday, September 13 1993 8.04am. Cut. His mum, maura. Cut. His dad, bobby. Cut. Ect ect. You can picture how this went. And it went for a while too. About half an hour later, a big red bus drove up the road next to me. And from it, a big megaphone with someone in a British accent screamed out 'No, Jimmy protested' that's when I knew who was on the bus. I started to walk away when the person I loved ran off of the bus and ran towards me. He just sat next to me and I put my head in the crook in his neck. We just sat there and everything was perfect. He slid my ring back onto my finger and we just sat there. He wasn't even upset that I cut myself. We just sat there. We both knew that we forgave each other. 'Can I borrow that blade?' Niall asked. I was so tired and weak I didn't even bother to get up him. I just grabbed his wrist and kissed it slowly, each of the little cuts as he did the same to mine. 'Lets make a promise.' He said. I looked up at him. 'I won't cut myself if you don't.' He said. I smiled. I was so happy. I hopped on his lap and turned my head and kissed him passionately. 'Deal.' I whispered in his ear. 'Deal.' He did the same. He helped me up and we walked towards the little river with the blade in my hand. We kissed ever so passionately as he took the blade from me and we threw it in the river. At that moment, I felt no pain. It was perfect. He picked me up bridal style and I looked up into his eyes that where once again sparkling blue. Perfect blue. 'Guys, we are about to have sex so I suggest that you leave the bus' Niall said casually as we entered the tour bus. Everyone looked up at us and ran out dropping what they where doing. Niall placed me gently on his bed and I took his shirt off.i kissed his stomach, so thin as if he didn't eat for ages. Tickling him. I kissed his collarbone and neck leaving love bites. My shirt was taken off of my body and you can imagine what happened next. It was magic. It wasn't sex, it was making love. It was more powerful than anything. More magic than anything, more perfect than anything.

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