Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


8. One Night Stand



That night I didn't sleep. I dreamed instead. I dreamed that I was a dad. Niall Jr was born and Miki was a mum. We where a happy family. If only reality was like that. I knew something bad would happen. I have a gut feeling. Like when I know what I feel like eating, I know what will happen. I don't exactly know what, but it won't be good. I closed my eyes for a split second and I heard Miki get out of bed and run to the bathroom. Morning sickness. Fantastic. Note the sarcasm... I got up, being the gentleman I am, and held her hair back for her. I was tired, but I didn't care. I had a family to look after now. There was only one thing wrong. Tour. I have to leave in a week and I have been putting off telling her. I know how she is. I won't be happy about leaving her in her pregnancy, but I have to. As I said, I have a family to look after. I felt so bad I got her into this. It's all my falt. I'm the one who got her pregnant. It's all my fault. She can't afford to get pregnant right now. She's 17 for gods sake. She doesn't deserve it. I decided to tell her this. 'Hey Michaela, I was thinking. I'm really sorry that I got you pregnant. It was stupid.' She stopped throwing up and flushed the toilet. Then she got up and hugged me. She whispered in my ear 'it takes two to make a baby. I know it's not perfect timing but we can do it. It's not your fault.' How was she being like this? It is ALL my fault. 'Im the one who pressured you into it!' I pulled away from our hug and said A bit more loudly that I should have. She just walked away and got a pillow and went to the couch. 'Miki, didn't do this. Don't be so stubborn!' I can't believe we where fighting. We never fought. 'Niall go now or I will.' She said really calmly, but I could tell she was about to scream and wake up the boys and it wouldn't be good for the baby.'fine. Goodnight.' I said and stormed out the door slamming it as hard as I could. I can't believe we just had our first fight. I wanted to forget it. So I went to the one place where I could be accepted no matter what. The bar. I went about ten minutes down the road and found a big Irish bar with a shamrock out the front. I walked in and asked for a pint straight away. I showed him my ID and drank up straight away. It felt so good to let go of my pain. I wasn't sure how drunk I would get tonight, but probably a lot. 


The next day, I woke up with a jumbo head ache. But I woke up hugging a girl. Thank God. It was a dream. A nightmare. I never left, we never fought, I was still in bed with my princess Miki. Wait, this doesn't smell or feel like her. This wasn't Miki... Who am I in bed... NAKED with? Oh God. What did I do. I woke her up and asked her few questions. The first, probably the first anyone would ask in my situation. 'WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHERE AM I? WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?' She answered calmly. 'My name is Lauren Beckwith, you are in my house and I don't think you want me to answer the last one and please stop yelling at me.' Fair enough. I spoke calmer after a few deal breaths. I probably got drunk and it was my fault after all. 'Ok Lauren. Sorry. But I do need to know what happened last night.' She hesitated then spoke. 'I think you where drunk. sex..' Oh my god. What will Miki think?!?! 'Im really sorry Lauren, but I have a girlfriend. We can't be together. I appologise, but it was a one night stand sort of thing...' I hesitated at the last bit. Man I felt like a dick head. I EVENTUALLY found all of my clothes and gave her a hug and left. I felt horrible. I got in a taxi and headed home. Hopefully I will be able to step foot in the house without the boys harassing me or Miki throwing something at me. Probably not. Oh god I was I'm trouble. I walked in the front for slowly, still with my headache, to see Miki cuddled up and crying into Louis's arms. As soon as Lauren saw me she ran up to me and said 'I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry please please please forgive me Niall, I was a bitch.' 'No no no no no. I was a dick head. I'm so sorry.' We hugged and kissed for a bit longer that we should have and then we where broken up by Louis coughing in an awkward way. Oops. I felt horrible. Do I tell her that I had sex with another woman last night that I didn't even remember because I was drunk? Na. It'll be fine.

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