Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


37. Management

Managements POV

'look, One Direction is a big thing and its not going down hill. We are earning more money than ever. As long as he can hide his cuts in public, I don't see why he has to quit the band just because of the fact that he's not happy. He's a teenager!' I heard one say. 'Yes but he isn't happy! You won't get good anything out of him! Music will turn into sour head banging shit! He will ruin the band anyway. He's probably out getting like 50 tattoos as we speak.' Another said. Everyone was arguing and shouting out.  'SHUT UP!' I screamed. Everyone went quiet and stared at me. 'Its not your decision, its not your decision and its not your decision.' I stated pointing to three different men at the table. 'It isn't up to ANY of you what Niall of the rest of the band does. Yes we usually can boss them around and tell them exactly what goes down, but this isn't usually! Niall is such a care free and loving and over all happy person and we kinda ruined him. Its not fair on him! It's his choice for once. So shut up! He's a responsible 19 year old man now, not that 16 year old who came in clueless in 2010. Times have changed guys. They don't need our help anymore. We aren't their babysitters anymore.' I told them. Everyone around the table looked like they felt pretty bad. Good. They deserve it.

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