Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


47. Leave

Mikis POV I woke up before Niall so I just decided to stare at him for a little bit. He was still wearing his tight skinny Jeans and singlet from last night and he looked really really uncomfortable. Poor Niall. I decided I'd undress his so he was more comftable. I kissed his neck and his back arched up instantly so i could pull his shirt off. It's just something he does whenever I kiss his neck. It's weird, but I use it to my advantage sometimes. Now for example. I then unbuttoned his pants and I unzipped the fly. Now was the tricky part. I pulled his pants down slowly inch by inch. Hopping not to wake him. I ended up pulling his jeans all the way off his legs. I chucked his clothes on the floor. I was already just wearing my bra and panties so we where both just laying there. The smile on Nialls face already lot up and I could tell he was more happy and comftable. I smiled at that. I kissed his ear. Cause I can and jut admired my beautiful boyfriend in hi beautiful boxers. It was getting to 10pm so I need to get him up. That was when I heard a big arse bang conning from the living room. I jumped up in my bra and underwear to investigate. 'YOUR SO FREEKING IGNORANT! YOU DON'T CARE WHAT ANYBODY ELSE SAYS!!!' Becky yelled. 'YOUR SUCH A LITTLE SLUT! THE CLOTHES YOU WEAR ARE SO SKANKY AND FUCKING ALL THE BOYS STARE AT YOU!' zayn yelled. 'AN YOU THUNK I LOVE IT WHEN TOU HAVE THOUSANDS IF GIRLS THROWING THEMSELVES AT YOU EVERYDAY?!?!' Becky yelled throwing the tv remote at zayn. 'YOUR AN UGLY SLUT TOO! YOU WALK AROUND WITH YOUR TWO INCHES OF MAN BOOBIES!' he defended, 'I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BIG YOUR BIG ARSE HEAD IS!!!' Becky screamed. 'I THINK YOUR CONFUSING MY BIG HEAD FOR MY BIG ARSE BONER!!!' he yelled throwing a fork at her. Ok this is my time to hop in. 'WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!' I asked. They looked at me with their chests heaving and anger in their wide eyes. 'HE'S A BIG FAT JERK!' Becky defended. 'I MAY BE A JERK BUT IM CERTAINLY NOT THE FT ONE IN THIS RELATIONSHIP!' he yelled. Burn. But anyway. 'ok guys, you need to calm the fuck down!' I yelled. That's when niall walked in. 'hey guys.' he said. 'awesome night last night.' he told us. There was an awkward pause. 'did I miss something?' he asked. 'what happened?' I asked. 'she called one direction a stupid crappy gay band.' I looked at Becky wide eyed. 'Becky you said that?!?!' I yelled. She wouldn't! She loves one direction. 'yes because I said being in a such and such band won't support our family!' Becky argued. 'becky we are a family! And we're doing awesome finantially!' I argued. Niall jumped in. 'woah woah. I'm confused.' I filled him in. Poor confused Niall. 'they are having a big arse fight over nothing. They jut pissed.' I told him. 'oh.' he said still confused. 'zayn, get your head out of your ass! It's not a hat! And Becky, just sometimes shut isntnperfect but you gotta fuking go with it ok? So guys, I am going to bed and pretending today never happened so wake me up when it's tomorrow and everyones stopped being cunts!' I screamed going into the bunk room. God I'm pissed today. The only reason is that it's my birthday and Becky and jazzy and angel didn't remember. I never told Niall but I'm really annoyed that the girls didn't remember. They think they're so awesome cause they're dating 1D and they don't care about me any more. Bitches. I'm done. Wake me up tomoroe. Tomorow They really did forget. Not even a cake. Yesterday i turned 19 and I got... Nothing. Alright. I need new friends. I decided to storm out of my bedroom about to cry. Everyone was there. 'girls what's the date!?!' I screamed making them figure it out. 'July 24th.' they told me. 'Mhm. And what was the date yesterday?' I asked crying. They looked at eachother in silence. 'shit.' jazzy mumbled. She was about to get up from her chair. As she was she was saying 'michaela we're so so sor...' but I stormed into the bathroom and locked the door. She was bashing on it. 'I'm sorry miki. We all are.' she was yelling through the door. 'do you know how many times I have forgotten your birthda jaz? Any of you guys birthdays? We've been friends forever and you've cone so big headed dating 1D that you don't even care about me. You don't deserve Harry OR Darcy! Without me you and Harry wouldn't have even met. Go fuck yourself!' I yelled between sobs. 'go away and forget about me like everyone else.' I wanted to day so bad but refrained. 'don't worry. I won't be your problem much longer.' I mumbled just loud enough for her to hear. I cut myself yeah but you know. YOLO. I heard Niall come up to jazz. 'what was yesterday?' he asked. 'her birthday.' she mumbled. 'her birthday is the day after mine?' he asked. I pictured jazz nodding. 'oh my god.' Niall sighed. I heard him walk away, then come back with afew other footsteps. I then heard a strumming of the guitar. 'happy birthday too you.'they started singing. They finished the song but I didn't say anything. Or move. 'it's not my birthday.' I told them plainly. I then heard everybody leave and come back again. 'I have cake!' I opened the door slightly to see a strawberry cake that said 'happy 25th Aniversary Sandy and Clide!' I slammed re door closed again. 'there's alwYs next year!' jazzy was trying to cheer me up. It failed. 'next year.' I said calmly. 'NEXT YEAR?' I yelled. 'NEXT YEAR I MIGHT NOT EVEN BE HERE. YOU KNOW THE THING THAT IS COOL ABOUT A BIRTHDAY? ITS A DAY ABOUT YOU. ALL YOU. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANYBTHINGS I HAVE DONE FOR YOU GUYS?!?! THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE WITHOUT ME! All the things iv done for you. And one freaking day is all I ask. Two words that make my day. Happy birthday.' the last bit was quieter. 'I know we screwed up but...' I didn't let angel finish. 'but what? Your gonna fix it? Make everything beter? I don't want everything better. I want to leave.' there was a pause. 'leave the tour?' Louis asked. 'leave everywhere,' I answered.

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