Insecurities turn brighter

I'm the one that sits at the front, but know one sees. I'm the one that talks, but know one listens. I'm the one that thinks, but know own understands. I'm michaela. My family call me miki. I have been called many things. There is a word for people like me. Insecure. But in a short future, it will all change when I go to London for end of year 12 celebration... And meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!!!


7. Flashback


'It all started a long time ago. Grade 4 to be exact. I was bullied my hole life. In primary school it was little things. People would run into me from the side and call me far and tell on me for things I would never ever do. In grade 8, it was my first year of high school. I hated it.people would flick me in the cheek with a plastic ruler and call me a slut, bitch and fat extra. I couldn't take it. In grade 9 I tried to kill myself. In grade 10, I was raped by a guy in one of my classes. There was routers constantly going around saying I was pregnant and it of course made people call me a whore and a slut even more. In grade 11 and this year, grade 12, I kept going. It never did stop. I was devastated my whole life. Once every year on the 15th of March, the day that I got raped, I would burn myself. I started cutting myself in grade 6 and never stopped. I got so used to it that I kept cutting deeper and deeper to make it hurt. It covered my pain. I couldn't live anymore. I chose to starve myself, then I met Jazzy. So I would usually eat once a day,for her. But I was used to not eating. I was never hungry anymore. So I needed to run away. That's why I was at the airport when I met you. I needed a vacation so my parents wouldn't notice my harmful ways to myself. Then I was hoping I would die when that girl side banged me. But you carried me all the way to the airport. You, Niall James Horan, are the only person who has ever cared for me. Thank you.'by the end of this, we where both in tears. When Niall said something that shocked me. 'Did you know that you where pregnant?' Ha? 'What are you talking about?''the nurse outside said that you and the baby where ok.' I don't know what to say. I just smiled and hugged Niall. We fell asleep like that. Until that is that darn nurse came in and said we need to leave because we have no way to pay for the room. I blame the system. Niall helped me to the car and we instantly went home. He pored me a bowl of cereal and I hesitantly ate. I know I need to take care of Niall Jr.

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