Can't Stay Away (A Dalton Rapattoni (IM5) short story)

Vicky lives in a poor family, ruled under King William. Prince Dalton and the King got into a fight and he sent the prince to an ordinary school, the same school as Vicky. They meet and many interesting things happen. But one day, Prince Dalton got kidnapped :O. Would Vicky or anyone be able to rescue him? Find out and read! :)


4. Vicky To The Rescue

Chp 4


Today I am going to rescue Prince Dalton.


yo, tell me if they leave the school kk. I texted

yea, we’ll update u in anything. texted Terry


I got dressed in shorts and a tank top and put a dark blue onesie and a mask on. I filled my pockets with the things I need in order to get the prince back. Like the gadgets that I got from Jay. I got on the motorcycle and headed to the warehouse.


About half an hour later, I arrived a few blocks away from the warehouse, where I parked yesterday. I slowly scanned the perimeter and there isn’t any guard outside the warehouse. I cautiously walked along to the back door. I was about to open it when I heard a noise. I quickly ran to the side of the house to see who made that noise. And it is one of the guards. I crept behind the guard and knocked him unconscious. I laid him against the wall so that he looks like he is taking a nap. I picked the lock and opened the door. I looked at my GPS and worked my way through the maze to where Dalton is being kept. I hear someone coming so I quickly went into an empty room and leave the door slightly open.


“hey you should be on high alert, someone found one of ours unconscious outside the back door” said one of the guards.

“do you think it’s the King’s men? I doubt it though, I mean, how they found us anyways?” ask the other guard

“well, I don’t know. A tracking device or something? But we scanned the prince and he’s clean, so…”


Sh!t. I should have taken the guard away from the building so they won’t find him out, and now I have to be extra cautious. I got out of the room and headed for the elevator. Luckily there wasn’t any camera in the elevator. But there is a guard on the second floor guarding it. I quickly climbed up to the ceiling and hang there until the doors open. The guard looked very confused, walked into the elevator and didn’t see me. When he turned around, I quickly swing down and knocked him unconscious with my legs and dragged him into an empty room. So that this time I won’t make the same mistake and risk my life being caught.


I finally found the room where Dalton is being tied up. I checked the door if it’s locked and it isn’t, good. I opened the door and saw Dalton tied up to a chair in the middle of the room with nothing else.


“Vicky? OMG. You’re here. It’s not safe, let my dad’s guards do the job.” said Dalton, being concerned.

“It’s fine. Now let’s get out of here” I said untying the ropes.


“whoa, hold it right there!” said a familiar voice behind me


I gave Dalton a are-you-serious face.


“take off your onesie and turn around” said another guy “you have no choice but to do it pal”


I heard a lot of gun sounds. Great. So I slowly took off my onesie. While I was taking it off, I put a bracelet on Dalton and whispered to him that it will come in handy. I turned around and put my hands up. The guys were shocked, they didn’t expect that I would be here.


“what the f*ck” said James. Then he signaled the guards to lower down their guns

“but sir…” said one of them

“put them down” said James staring at him.

“you’ve got to be kidding me. Out of all the people the King would hire to save the prince, it has to be you.” said James’ friend

“what’s wrong with that?” I ask

“well... first off, you’re a girl and you’re a high school student and we don’t hurt little girls like you” said one of the guards

“excuse me?” I said raising an eye brow

“don’t underestimate her guys, she’s a tough one” said James’ friend


Then all of a sudden, purple gas starts to go around the room from the right. I planted it there and timed it perfectly.


“everyone don’t breathe” said James. But he was too late.

“it’s okay, you can breathe normally, the bracelet that I gave you filter out the gas, something like that. They’ll sleep for about 7-10 hours, I guess” I told Dalton

“you little…” said James but he couldn’t hold his breath and inhaled the gas.

“alright let’s go” I said holding Dalton’s hand and leading the way


We got out of the building and went to where I parked the motorcycle. I took out the helmets and we shot off back to the palace. We arrived at the palace and went in.


“OMG. My son, are you alright?” said the Queen.


This is my first time to see the queen in person. She rarely comes out to public or even attends to special events. I think she is just shy or something.


“Thank you so much Ms Hall for saving our son. We are in your debt. We’ll invite you to lunch here, if you haven’t already ate lunch” said the King

“oh no, it’s fine, I’ll eat back home since my mom will be cooking” I told them “and I don’t want to inconvenience the maids for making more food than usual”

“it’s okay, they always make a lot, we can’t finish it. We’ll invite your mom here too” said the Queen “it’s our thanks for saving Prince Dalton”

“alright, I’ll ask my mom if she could come here” I said taking my phone out




“Mrs. Hall, you have a very gifted daughter, you should be very proud of her” said the Queen

“oh thank you, your highness, and I am very proud of her” said my mom


The food is delicious! It’s like heaven in my mouth. Coming from a poor family, this is like a fancy 8-10 meal course or something. There’s like 3-4 appetizers, 3-4 main courses and 2 desserts. My stomach feels like it is about to explode if I eat another bite.


My mom and the King and Queen chatted about adult stuff. Then all of a sudden a guard came to the dining hall with a brief case. The King showed up what’s inside and D-A-M-N. It looks like about $100,000 or even more. My mom’s first reaction is obviously to decline the offer, but the King and Queen insisted and we can’t really do anything to change their minds.


So after lunch, Dalton and I aimlessly strolling around the palace.



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