Can't Stay Away (A Dalton Rapattoni (IM5) short story)

Vicky lives in a poor family, ruled under King William. Prince Dalton and the King got into a fight and he sent the prince to an ordinary school, the same school as Vicky. They meet and many interesting things happen. But one day, Prince Dalton got kidnapped :O. Would Vicky or anyone be able to rescue him? Find out and read! :)


3. The Prince Got Kidnapped?! What?!

Chp 3


“I heard about everything, your majesty, I can help if you let me follow them right now so they can lead me to where Prince Dalton is” I said coming out from hiding

“are you sure dear? They seem like professionals and I don’t want to be responsible in telling your mother about this…” said the King

“oh it’s fine, you don’t have to worry about me, I have a few tricks up my sleeves” I told him

“well alright, just bring him back safely please, I’m counting on you” he said

“thank you your majesty, and I will, I promise” I said bowing down and then leaving the room.


Alright. I quickly got out of the gates and scanned the area. Then I saw the three men getting into a small blue car. I quickly noted down the licence plate. I stood there watching them drive away. I have 4 days to get him back, I have to plan this through. So I took out my phone and track down where the car is. And then I went back home.


“mom, I have something very important to tell you, I know it’s very sudden but can you keep it a secret?” I asked

“yea, what is it dear?” she asked

“um… can I not go to school tomorrow? I have something VERY important to do and it might take me 3-4 days…” I said “well…”


I told her everything and she understood… luckily. She told me that she will email the school telling them that I will be absent for a few days. I texted my friends saying what I told my mom and they promised to keep it a secret and to make up something if any of the teachers or students ask why I am not at school.


I turned on my laptop and check where the car is. The car is still moving, great. I watched it as it slowed down. I did some computer tech thing and found out that they stopped at an abandoned warehouse, half an hour drive from the palace. Great, it’s so far. How am I going to come back with an extra person, I can’t use my skateboard or my bike.


I decided to Skype one of my pals that I have a connection with. He is a wiz tech; he knows practically everything you name. I told him my mission and he said he has some gadgets that I could use to help me ease my journey. Awesome.




The next day, I set out around 9 to head to Jay’s place to get what I need to complete my rescuing mission.


“be careful dear, come back safely” said my mom

“I will mom, don’t worry” I said walking out the door


I arrived at his place a few minutes later using my bike. He greeted me and we went straight to his gadget room. I knew him through my martial arts sensei. I got some gadgets that I need and headed off to the warehouse on his motorcycle that I borrowed. And yes, I can drive a motorcycle. I followed the map and parked the motorcycle a few blocks away from the warehouse so that they won’t see me and this wouldn’t be a surprise.


I slowly and cautiously hid behind a big cart and scanned the area to see if there is any guards perimeter the area. I took out a little computer to help me see what is inside the warehouse. Ok, so in total, there are around 15 guards outside and inside the warehouse and Dalton is being kept in the room on the second floor near the back of the warehouse.


I have already planned things through. Today I will just scan the area and know what to do tomorrow. And tomorrow I’ll rescue the prince. Knowing where he is relieves me. I went back to where I parked the motorcycle and left the place. Then I went back home to eat lunch.


yo, so how r u doing? texted Ali

it’s great, I found out where he is being captured and I’ll rescue him tmr. I text back

well me and Terry wish u luck and bring him back safe, I don’t want anything to happen to u kk? texted Ali

I need ur help in identifying who’s the speaker cause I’ve recorded the voices and they sound very familiar, I’ll send it to u after school. I texted

yea sure, kk byee xx. texted Ali


After lunch I went back to the palace to update the King about my discoveries.


“well done Ms. Hall, I’m glad that you have found him, so have you planned how to rescue him?” said the King

“yes I have, your highness. I will do that tomorrow. I’m just waiting on something that will determine how I rescue the prince” I told him

“what do you mean?”” asked the King

“well… I have recorded the men’s voices and they sound so familiar, I just need my friends to confirm it so I know if I should be really serious about how I attack them. I feel like they are from my school” I told the King

“what disrespectful boys. If you know, you have to tell me why they are doing this. If I’m King Luther, then the boys will have to be executed for this crime, but I’m not so I’ll just punish them maybe lock them up for a few days or so” said the King, comparing him to the King of Calradia.


After my chat with the King, I went back home. I turned on my computer and got the video of the warehouse on the screen. I put some little cameras all around the warehouse to monitor anything that happens. So far it’s quite quiet, nothing special is happening. I opened Skype and chat with Ali and Terry.


“so we have listened to your recording and we found a match.” said Terry

“yea, who is it?” I asked

“well, you see, we have suspected them. They didn’t go to school yesterday. When the teacher called out Dalton’s name, everyone reacted except for them” said Ali

“is it who I think it is?” I asked

“definitely, their behaviour gives it away” said Terry


I looked over to the video and saw a dark blue car parking outside the warehouse.


“is their car license plate ‘We hate you’?” I asked

“yea” answered Terry and Ali

“well, well, well… I can see the car park outside where Dalton is being held” I told them

“why do they need $10 million bucks anyways? It’s actually not that much if you’re born in the royal family…” said Terry, laughing

“I know right” I said with a chuckle


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