Can't Stay Away (A Dalton Rapattoni (IM5) short story)

Vicky lives in a poor family, ruled under King William. Prince Dalton and the King got into a fight and he sent the prince to an ordinary school, the same school as Vicky. They meet and many interesting things happen. But one day, Prince Dalton got kidnapped :O. Would Vicky or anyone be able to rescue him? Find out and read! :)


1. Meeting the Prince

Chp 1


I can still remember that night… that night when everything changed.


“hey mom, I’m off to work” I shouted as I left the house.

“ok dear, be safe now” she said shouting back.


I have a part-time job at one of the grand restaurants in the royal kingdom. This is one of the ways to earn some money for my mom and I. It was quite shocking when I first heard from them that I got a job as a waitress. My mom and I live together in a small house. My dad passed away when I was a little girl. We used to be rich and we used to live in a big house, like a mansion or something. But then again, I was just a little girl so everything seems big at that time. Anyways, school has just finished and I’m off to work so that we have enough to survive for each day that passes by. I’m working as a waitress at a 2 star restaurant. I get paid quite well. It pisses me off when some waiters slack off in the kitchen and still gets paid the same amount. So back to reality, I’m standing next to the kitchen waiting for the food to come so that I could send it to the people who are waiting.


“hello, how may I help you two?” I asked, as I stood in front of the guests.

“well, I would like to have C2 and a white wine, preferably 1980s” said the man

“um… a caesar salad please” said the girl with blonde hair

“ok so a C2 and a caesar salad, anything else?” I said to confirm it

“water for both of us” said the man. I nodded and off I go.



-The next day-


I skateboard to school, like what I usually do. I greeted my friends and we all walked to our lockers. We started talking about a rumour spreading around school saying that the prince had got into a fight with the king. I mean, is that possible? I’ve heard rumours saying that he’s a daddy’s boy, who obeys every word the king says. RING RING RING RING. We told each other to continue the conversation later. I took my books out of my locker and headed to class.


“hey there class, today we have a new student, he will temporary study here until things get better…” said the teacher. “Please welcome, Prince Dalton”


The room went silent. Everyone stared at the guy standing next to the teacher like he is a weirdo or something. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Why is the prince here? Someone suddenly shouted that she loves the prince, and it was quite awkward because everyone started trash talking about her. Dalton gave her a smile and she was almost at the brink of fainting but didn’t. All the boys in the room started to look sad because they know all the girls love Dalton and they can’t compete with his charms.


“um… you can go sit in that empty spot right over there” said the teacher pointing to the spot next to mine.


Oh great. So he walked up to me and smiled. I stared out the window for most of the time but I couldn’t sense that he is looking at me most of the time too. I feel so uncomfortable. It’s so hard to concentrate when the girls in the class keep on whispering and trying to get Dalton’s attention. I will have to kill myself if he has to stay for the whole year.




It is lunch time and my friends and I went to get our lunch. We went to our regular spot and sat down.


“finally it’s lunch, I am so hungry” said Terry

“Same here! My stomach was shouting at me for not feeding it” I said jokingly.


Then all of a sudden, Dalton came up to us with his tray of food.


“hi, can I join you girls? I have no where to sit and you three are the only people that I know in my classes so far and you girls seem nice so…” he said hesitatingly.


We all looked at each other and said yes. He sat down opposite me. We ate our food in silence because we don’t want him to hear our everyday conversations or he will think we’re weirdos.


“so we’re just wondering why you are here in school? Aren’t you homeschooled or something? And why this school? Are you really the prince or you just disguise like him so that everyone will like you on your first day? Even if you are the prince, we’ll still not treat you like royalty, just saying” asked Ali bombarding him with questions.

“he can’t answer all those questions Al-” said Terry

“um, I’m in school because I got into a fight with my dad and he got so mad that he’s send me away to punish me. Yes, I am homeschooled. My dad chose this school so I don’t know how to answer that question. I am Prince Dalton, I’m not a fake, and I don’t really care about people liking me or not. It’s okay if you don’t treat me like royalty, I don’t expect anyone to anyways.” said Dalton, answering all the questions


I was shocked. How could he remember all those questions? That’s amazing. Then all of a sudden, three guys came towards our way and one of them purposely spilled his apple juice all over Dalton.


“Oh I’m sorry your majesty, I’ll clean it up for you” said the guy who leads his gang.


He took a used napkin and wiped it on Dalton. Dalton angrily stared at the guy.


“you’re pathetic James, take your friends and eat in the dumpsters will you” said Ali

“what did you just say?” asked one of James’ friends.


His friend was about to attack Ali when I stood up and blocked his punch. I clutch his fist tighter and tighter. I quickly twisted his arm so that he can feel the pain. I was about to go further when Dalton stopped me and told me that it’s not worth it. James smirked at me.


“You’re lucky this time, but when I see you next time, it will be twice as painful” I said winking at the guy.


He is so scared that he hid behind James. Terry chuckled at the sight of it. So James and his friends left us.


“Wow. Where did you learn those moves?” asked Dalton

“well… I kind of learned it through videos I watched. I know it’s weird but it actually helps” I said.


And so we ate our lunch in peace. The day went by pretty quick and it was time for school to end.


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