Can't Stay Away (A Dalton Rapattoni (IM5) short story)

Vicky lives in a poor family, ruled under King William. Prince Dalton and the King got into a fight and he sent the prince to an ordinary school, the same school as Vicky. They meet and many interesting things happen. But one day, Prince Dalton got kidnapped :O. Would Vicky or anyone be able to rescue him? Find out and read! :)


2. Can't Stay Away

Chp 2


Me and my friends split ways and I headed off to work. I was walking to the restaurant when Dalton walked next to me who appeared out of nowhere.


“hey Vicky, where are you going? Isn’t your house that way?” he asked

“oh I’m not going home yet, I’m going to work… but I still have half an hour so I’m just going to hang around, I guess” I told him

“come by my place for a while, I can show you what it’s like behind all the walls and stuff” he said

“are you sure? I don’t really want to be an inconvenience to you” I said

“nah, it’s alright” he said smiling at me.


I could feel my heart beat faster. What is wrong with me? Why do I have this feeling, I can’t explain it right now but it feels weird. Am I getting sick or something? No. I don’t get sick easily. I think I like… hell no. And anyways, it’s not possible because our statuses are very different so just forget about it.


We arrived at the big gates. I’ve walked past this gate millions of times and I still haven’t seen what’s beyond these giant gates. But there are always 2 security guards there so even taking a peek will cost me my life or something like that. The guards saw Prince Dalton and let him in. When I’m about to walk past, they put their hand out to stop me.


“what is your business here?” said one of the guards

“um… Dalton…” I said looking at him

“oh, she’s with me” he said holding my hands and leading me through the gate.


Wow. This place is so beautiful. It took my breath away. It’s like paradise. There is a little river running along and a wooden bridge. All the different colours of flowers make the scenery a lot more romantic and royally, if that’s a word. I could never take my eyes off this. Then all of a sudden, I hear someone coming.


“So how was school? Did you learn your lesson? I think-” said the king but he saw me and stopped. “who are you dear?”

“she is Vicky, one of my friends that I made today and she’s here because I want to show her around, and she works nearby” said Dalton

“oh so you work, where exactly?” asked the King

“um… at the Cuisine Royale, your majesty” I said

“ah, you’re Ms. Hall, it has been two years right? What a hardworking young lady, you should be like her, son” said the King

“sorry to stop our conversation but I have to go to work now, it is nice meeting you again your majesty, and I’ll see you at school tomorrow, Prince Dalton, bye” I said walking away

“wait, I’ll escort you there, Vicky” said Dalton

“no, it’s fine, it is only a 3 minute walk from here, I can handle anything that comes in my way” I said

“I insist” he said and walked beside me.




A few days have past and my friends and I are really close friends with Dalton now. There are a lot of things that we didn’t know about him until now. He isn’t like those typical princes that demands things and act like bitches. Like the prince of Calradia, he is the most hated prince in the world! I don’t know how his parents can handle it, what a spoiled brat. Anyways, Dalton is the opposite. He cares about his people and the kingdom. He tries to help the poor and gives a few dollars to the homeless.


I’m working after school again and I’m in the kitchen waiting for the food to come. I peeked through the doors and saw Dalton talking to the girl at the front desk… again. Lately, he has been coming here a lot. Don’t tell me that he worries about me. I can handle things myself. He worries too much. Terry and Ali told me today during PE that he has a thing for me. What?! I obviously would argue saying that he doesn’t. Well… I am not sure about my answer anymore. I saw him walk away. I went up to the girl and asked what that is all about.


“he keeps on asking if you’re alright and wants to stay but you know the policy, we can’t let anyone stay if they’re not here to eat… even if he’s the King’s son” she said “I think he likes you”

“what? no… we’re just friends…” I said denying it

“well… you’ll know when it’s the right time, girl, you’re still young” she said walking away


Then all of a sudden, an alarm rang. It’s the royal bell… which means trouble. Everyone stopped what they were doing and went outside to the streets. What is going on?


“everyone, please don’t panic or worry, go back to what you were doing and we’ll handle it” said one of the police.


And so everyone went back inside. Lots of people were chatting about it, wondering what happened and whether or not to panic. My shift ended early so I went to the palace to find out what is really happening. I walked to the front gate and again got stopped by the two guards. I told them that I really need to see the King and they let me in.


“your majesty, someone here wants to see you” said one of the guards

“tell whoever it is to leave because it is not the right time now” said the King

“um, it’s Ms. Hall” said the guard

“oh, um, let her in” said the King.


I went into the room and saw the King very worried.

“your majes-” I was about to greet him

“good you’re here Ms. Hall. Um… can you not tell anyone about this” he said

“yes, you have my word. What is it?” I asked

“um… Prince Dalton never came back from school and I am a bit worried.” he said

“I saw him about 20 minutes ago, he came by to the restaurant, I don’t know where he went after that” I said

“a source told me that he saw him go on a van after he visited you, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with that” said the King, very concerned


A guard came, and whispered something to the King. Then the King told me to hide behind one of the pillars. I took a peek at who is coming and saw 3 men with masks on. They admitted that they had captured the prince and wants $10 million in exchange for the prince. I am shocked. WHAT?! Who are these guys? They’re messing with the wrong people. And they are giving the king 4 days to get the money.


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