Can't Stay Away (A Dalton Rapattoni (IM5) short story)

Vicky lives in a poor family, ruled under King William. Prince Dalton and the King got into a fight and he sent the prince to an ordinary school, the same school as Vicky. They meet and many interesting things happen. But one day, Prince Dalton got kidnapped :O. Would Vicky or anyone be able to rescue him? Find out and read! :)


5. Are You Two An Item Now? (chp finale)

Chp 5


Dalton and I kept walking around the palace and found a private place to sit down under a big tree.


“I know Vicky, you told me so” he said when I was about to say I told him. I chuckled.

“but you didn’t listen and kept on coming to the restaurant and checking up on me” I said

“well… it’s because…um…” he said looking shy “well, you see…I just can’t stay away from you”


I looked to his way and saw his heart-melting beautiful bright blue eyes. I don’t know what he has that makes my muscles go weak and wobbly. My heart is beating faster and faster. It is the same feeling that I had after school on his first day of school. Am I really falling for him?


“first thing, you’re beautiful whether you want to accept it or not, second, you’re amazing and talented at almost everything, third, you’re not those girly girl who are self-centered and only talk about themselves, fourth, you’re the kindest person I’ve ever met, fifth, you have a great sense of humour and you’re funny, sixth, you make me smile when I see you, seventh-” he said

“that wasn’t really a good reason” I told him, smiling at him

“anyways seventh” he said ignoring what I just said. I giggled. “you’re so beautiful that you light up my world, the way you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, you don’t know you’re beautiful, eighth, um… I have nothing else to say because your beauty takes my breath away”


I chuckled at him. He just quoted from a song, cute.


“oh yea, eighth, when you smile, I smi-” he said


I leaned in and kissed him. The feeling that I am having right now is in-describable.




A week later, my mom found a bigger house and bought it. It wasn’t expensive though, which is good. Now everywhere Dalton goes, he has a bodyguard next to him so that no one ever tries to kidnap him again. Sometimes on certain days, his car will park outside my house and he would drive me to school. It is very sweet of him to do that.


“are you two an item now?” asked Ali

“well… I don’t think so…I mean… he has to marry a princess from another kingdom, so that we have an ally when war breaks out, you guys should know the law” I said

“well, screw the law, you two are the cutest couple, you guys should date” said Terry

“yea, I would love to see the girl’s faces and their reaction, you’re gonna be the most hated person in school” said Ali

“thanks” I said sarcastically

“srry but it’s the truth, unless they get used to it then yea” said Ali


“hey Vicky” said Dalton, walking towards us. Ali and Terry stared at him. “and Terry and Ali”

“hi Prince Dalton, thanks for greeting us” said Ali

“Do you want to go somewhere after school?” asked Dalton

“well… sure, where do you have in mind?” I asked “and can Ali and Terry come too?”

“er…it’s suppose to me us two but-” he said

“please?” I begged with my puppy face

“alright, I’ll ask my cousins to come too then” he said

“wait… you have cousins? Are they hot?” asked Terry. We laughed.

“you have to see for yourself. Anyways I’ll see you two and you after school” he said and kissed me.


I kissed him back. I heard many gasps around me. I pulled away to see almost every girl in school with their mouths open and gasping.


“I’m going to kill you Victoria Hall!” shouted one of them

“yea!” said another and started running towards me

“oh sh!t. Well, I better go and I’ll see you soon” I said jogging backwards and winking at Dalton


I ran into the school building, open the doors and thought for 2 seconds. I quickly climb up the door and do a handstand on the ledge on top of the door. I let my legs lean against the wall so I won’t fall and kick someone in the face. I watch upside down as all the girls split ways to find me. After everyone has gone out of site, I jump down and went out the door.


“wow, you’re fast” said Ali

“well, I did a handstand above the door ledge and waited until everyone is gone and came out” I said


Dalton chuckled.


“what?” I said

“you’re perfect” he said


“aww” said Ali and Terry

“well I’ve gotta get my stuff from my locker, I’ll see you guys after school, and can’t wait to meet your cousin Dalton, I’m looking forward to it” said Terry

“I gotta go too, see you two later, peace out” said Ali and left with Terry.


Leaving us two alone.



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