Love you forever

Mikaela (Mikki) is a average girl. Her parents are together and she has a little sister named Nicole (Nikki) they both love one direction. Mikaela is graduating this year and Nikki is going to grade 9. Mikaela's dream graduation present is to go to a one direction. And that is exactly what she did. Bunt when meets Liam she experiences love and heartbreak. Read to find out what happens to Mikaela!
(This story is dedicated to one of my fans "Mini Payne :) x your a amazing author and you support me a lot and I love it!)


8. The concert

Mikki's POV

"Ok guys just stop by my room when your going to the concert so we can hitch a ride, because some of those male taxi drivers,p are perverts...." I laugh.

"Ok Mikaela, cya!" Liam said me and Nicole walk out of their room.

"That was fun eh?" Nicole declared I nodded. "What's wrong?"

"I just miss Benny." I whisper.

"Don't you have his favourite buzz lightyear action figure?"

"OMG yea u do, thanks for reminding me, but I'm gunna call him."

"Well I'm gunna text Ellie!" 

Ellie is Nicole's best friend her name is actually Elliot, and she is Sky's little sister. I sigh and walk to my room I grab the toy and my phone. I dial my number.

Mom: Hello Hun how are you?

Me: I'm good mom thanks for asking, is there any chance I can talk to Benny?

mom: of Course I will get him: 

Me: thanks

Benny: hello? Mikki?

m: hey buddy how are you?

B: I'm doing great, but I miss you Mikki

m: awe I miss you too bud!

b: do you have buzz?

m:I'm actually with him now and I slept with him last night 

b: can I talk to Nikki?

m: of course


"Ugh coming" she yells "what?" She shoots. I hold the phone out to her

"Benny" she grabs it from me

skip their Convo

m: bye Benny see you soon 

b: buh-bye Mikaela I love you 

m: love you too buddy!

end of phone call

I sigh and go to the bathroom. I have a quick shower. I plug in my hair straightener and my hair dryer. I dry my hair slowly and then straighten it. I add some makeup and I go to my suitcase. I grab a black one direction shirt, red pants, and white flats with sparkles. I dress and look at Nikki. She is wearing a pink dress, fishnets, and pink ballet slippers. Her hair is curled and she has light pink makeup on. We smile and we walk over to the boys room. I knock a finally opens it. And Niall answers.

"Hey.." He mumbles as be struggles with his buttons on his shirt.

"May I?" I ask slowly he nods and I button his shirt up for him.

"Thanks.." He says clearly embarrassed, he escorts us in.

"Whereis the bathroom?" I ask. Harry points towards it "Thanks" I put my earbuds in, and walk in. I close the door behind. Rand turn around pulling my ear buds out. The shower curtains are closed and I hear water running, what the heck? I tip toe over to them and pull them away, revealing a naked... Liam. "OH MY FRICKEN GOD IM SORRY!" I scream I run out of the bathroom and slam the door shut.

"What?" Zayn mutters.

"Liam...shower...naked" I slurred the boys laugh and Liam walk out. "I'm so-" 

"I suggest you don't listen to music when you enter a bathroom or at least knock..." Liam laughs. I blush and walk up to Louis and hug him.

"Help me!" I whisper he laughs and picks me up and puts me on the ouch holding my arms and Harry held my legs.

"Nope I'm afraid I can't do that..." He cruely chuckles my eyes widen and Liam walks over.

"This is your punishment" Liam whispers. It turned me on. Suddenly he starts to tickle me.

"AHHHHH MAAHH GAAD STOPP IT I CAN'T BREATHHHH!" I yell through laughter, finally are two minutes they stop. I frown and hug my knees. "I hate you, Liam, Harry and Louis, I only like Zayn and Niall!" I declare. Niall smiles and sits next to me.

"Awe I like you too Mikaela! But we need to go now." Niall laughs I put my arms out.

"Someone carry me? I'm tired!" I mumble. I feel arms pick me up and I see Liam. I snuggle into his chest. "I still hate you Liam James Payne." I spit. He laughs and we to into the elevator, then the limo. Liam sits me down and buckles me up. Nikki sits across from me talking to Harry. I prop my feet on her knees and she just keeps talking, totally oblivious to my feet.

Skip the ride

We finally get there and Zayn wakes me up.

"We are here wake up sleeping beauty."

I frown "Fine for you..." I sit up and unbuckle myself and we walk into the hot building. I can hardly breath how do the boys out up with this?

"Oh your the fucking sluts that fucking hang out with one direction? Damn your ugly no one will ever like you bitch." Some random chick with blonde hair spits threw her teeth I walk away and turn around.

"Yo blondie!" She turns around "Fuck you bitch! Get a fucking life!" I yell her friend laughs and she slaps her. I giggle to my skef impressed of my behaviour. I never could stand pricks like that. So we hand our tickets to the ticket master and skip to our seats.  Liam walks on stage and smiles. He steps down the steps and girl scream trying to grab him. The security guards push them away roughly. But the girls still fought like a pack of wolfs attacking their prey.  He walks up to me an Nikki and grabs our hands. We go on stage with him and he clears his throat making everyone shut up.

"Hey guys! These our new friends and we really like them... So if you guys can lay off and stop hating them, that would be amazing!" He smiles people scream lots of things. Liam frowns and turns to me. "Mikaela, would you like to be my-" suddenly a girl jumps on stage and throws a swing I smile. I was in martial arts so I swiftly avoided the hit and grab her wrists bending them behind her back. She yelps and Paul drags her away. Liam laughs "Sorry about that guys! Anyway as I was saying before I was Ridley interrupted." He shoots a glare at the girl and looks at me again. "Mikaela, will you due me the honours of being my girlfriend?" Disbelief sweeps over me and up I blush.


OHHH CLIFFHANGER! What do you guys think she is going to say? Write it in the comments please! And thank you guys who favourited , liked, commented on this movella. And a special  shout out to Mikki who made this story possible! I love ya Mikki I love all of you.

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