Love you forever

Mikaela (Mikki) is a average girl. Her parents are together and she has a little sister named Nicole (Nikki) they both love one direction. Mikaela is graduating this year and Nikki is going to grade 9. Mikaela's dream graduation present is to go to a one direction. And that is exactly what she did. Bunt when meets Liam she experiences love and heartbreak. Read to find out what happens to Mikaela!
(This story is dedicated to one of my fans "Mini Payne :) x your a amazing author and you support me a lot and I love it!)


1. School

Mikaela's POV

I guess you can say I'm normal. Because I am. I'm 17 and graduating this year. I'm really excited. My little sister Nicole is going to grade nine this year. She is not as pumped as me. But my dream graduation gift would be One Direction tickets, that would be awesome if I got them. Unfortunately I am not super rich like my friend Sky. She lives in a wealthy family and she has gone to One Direction concerts 10 times. Always rubbed it in though, but that's ok because well, she's Sky. I mean if I got tickets I would not go to the concert with her. I would go with Nicole. I'm on the honour roll at school and I love it. My best talent would be writing though. I just adore it. I am quite the writer my English teacher Mr. Boar says. 

-At school-

"Hey Mikki! What's up?" I hear Sky yell. I close my locker and look down the hall and see her running down it. I wait patiently until  she arrives. She finally go here and flicks her gold locks behind her shoulder.

"Hey" I mumble she looks at me and asks "Why the long face?" I shrug "Nothing I just really don't want to go to P.E." she nods "Oh well I'm skipping wanna join?" I stare at her a shake my head "NO IM NOT A SKIPPER SKY!" I yell. Everyone stares and Sky grabs my hand and drags me to the bathroom.

"Why did you yell? I was kidding Geesh." She says. I roll my eyes and apply some more mascara and brush my wavy brown hair. I look over at Sky and see her applying eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, etc. I sigh and laugh. She looks at me and crosses he eyes. I burst out in laughter.

"So Mikki, do you wanna go dress shopping after school?" I look after and ask "Why prom isn't in forever?" She rolls her eyes "For Wyatt's party, idiot." I nod "Sure." She smiles and we walk out. We walk towards P.E since we are in the same class and u see Joshua stare at Sky. She giggles a nod blows a kiss. She gets this attention all the time since she is one of the most prettiest girls not the god damn school.

"Do you need to do that in crying of me?" I complain she chuckles"Yup, have you seen Jacob?" Jacob is her boyfriend and yet she still gives boys attention. "Speak of the devil." I say as Jacob jogs up and grabs her. I sigh and look away knowing they are making out. I mean EWW. I roll my eyes and pull my iPhone out of my purse and start texting Amanda. My other friend. I tap my phone with my painted nails as I wait. I look over and see they are done.

"FINALLY!" I declare. Sky laughs and we go to P.E. fun... NOT!!

-hey guys new fan fic and its dedicated to you Mikaela I hope you will enjoy this and I started with a nice long chapter.-

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