Love you forever

Mikaela (Mikki) is a average girl. Her parents are together and she has a little sister named Nicole (Nikki) they both love one direction. Mikaela is graduating this year and Nikki is going to grade 9. Mikaela's dream graduation present is to go to a one direction. And that is exactly what she did. Bunt when meets Liam she experiences love and heartbreak. Read to find out what happens to Mikaela!
(This story is dedicated to one of my fans "Mini Payne :) x your a amazing author and you support me a lot and I love it!)


23. Not the end more like a beginning

Sneak peak if the sequel "Not the end more like the beginning"

"Liam! Where's the plates and stuff?" Mikki yelled.

"Look in all the boxes, they should be in there somewhere love." Liam responded from the living room.

Mikki searched through the boxes finally finding the dishes. She sighed in relief, she put the dishes where they belonged, they just moved in, they were starting a new life, together.


(Hey guys! I hoped you enjoyed "Love You Forever" I dedicated this book to a fellow author called Bravery, I'm sorry if this wasn't the greatest book, believe I know there are much better ones, anyway I'll really put effort into "Not the end more like the beginning", I might not start this sequel right away, I really enjoyed writing this book and I myself loved the ending. Thank you for sticking with me I love you all! Enjoy the sequel when it is released. Bye now my lovely carrot cakes.)


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