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Mikaela (Mikki) is a average girl. Her parents are together and she has a little sister named Nicole (Nikki) they both love one direction. Mikaela is graduating this year and Nikki is going to grade 9. Mikaela's dream graduation present is to go to a one direction. And that is exactly what she did. Bunt when meets Liam she experiences love and heartbreak. Read to find out what happens to Mikaela!
(This story is dedicated to one of my fans "Mini Payne :) x your a amazing author and you support me a lot and I love it!)


22. Graduation!!!

(Guess who's back?)

Mikki's POV

I'm so excited! Guess who is graduating tomorrow? This girl! I jumped up and down with Sky, we were so excited for prom and graduation, finally we both sat down on my bed and sighed happily.

"What do you want to do with your life Sky?" I asked, Sky sat there and tapped her chin, finally she jumped up and posed.

"I want to be a model!" She yipped happily, I laughed at her and she ran to my closet and pulled out clothes.

"Dude! Put my clothes back, I need those in their not sprawled around the floor!" I giggled. She smirked and skipped over to me.

"Did Liam ask you to prom yet?" She smiled, I sighed loudly and bit my lip, the thing is that Liam was currently on tour so is most likely missing graduation, he was given his diploma early because of the tour.

"Liam is on tour remember? He isn't going to be here, I'll just go dateless, because I am not missing out on prom!" Sky frowned and hugged me tightly. "I mean I love him obviously, we've been together for almost a year, but sometimes I wish he wasn't famous, we can't go on proper dates without fans surrounding me or tour getting in the way, it" I wiped away a tear, Sky kissed my forehead.

"I know sweetie, it isn't fair, I bet he feels the same way because news flash honey, he loves you more then you think, Niall says he never shuts up about you." Sky smiles when she says Niall.

You see about oh I don't know three months ago, Jacob broke up with Sky, she wasn't "giving 

him what he wanted" so he says, Niall was there and took care of Sky and about a month ago they started dating, it's quite cute in my opinion. I smile at Sky and hug her tightly. Suddenly Benny barges through the door.

"Mikki! There's something at the door for, it's weird looking." He says enthusiastically, I go downstairs and open the door, laying on my door step was a weird looking box. I pick it up, it says Mikaela in big pink letters. I close the door and place the box on the island, Sky walks down and stares at the box too.

"Well open it!" She screams. I look at her and roll my eyes and open the box, inside is a beautiful baby blue gown with gloves and heels, I pick up a little card and read it out loud.

"Dear Mikaela, wear this at prom, you'll look gorgeous, there will be a surprise at the dance too, don't be late. Love someone" I smile and lift up the dress, it flows like a waterfall, sky's mouth stays gaped. "Sky close your mouth you'll catch flies." She snaps her mouth shut.

"It's beautiful, who is it from?" To be honest I thought it was Liam, but he doesn't exactly know fashion, or what looks best on me, part of me was saying it from a secret admirer, I don't know who sent me this but I'm not passing up this opportunity, I look at Sky and shrug, I put it back in the box and walk upstairs and place it in my closet. 

~next night after prom~

AHHHHH! I graduated! As soon as I got home I took off my robes and stuff and put on my dress, gloves, and heels. I simply just curl my hair and put in makeup, I also put on a beautiful black choker I found, I didn't want the whole salon look. After I was dressed I looked in the mirror and spun, I looked and felt like Cinderella. She was my favourite princess (Sorry if this isn't accurate Mikki). I walked downstairs and my family stared at me in awe, Nicole smiled.

"You look absolutely stunning!" I blush and spin for them, suddenly mine and Sky's limo honks outside, we decided we would go together since both our boyfriends were on tour. Benny opened the door for me and bowed, I giggled and walked out curtsying after I left and walked to the limo, Sky looked beautiful. When we finally arrived, I noticed lots of people were whispering and pointing, some even smiled and bowed, it was odd but funny. When we got to the doors two teachers pulled the doors open and we walked stepped into the hot arena. Me and Sky danced for two songs and in the middle of a third one when suddenly the music stopped, everyone stared at the stage which was pitch black. Some people were kind of freaking out but I just stared blankly at it. Sky was giggling at all the kids freaking out, out of no where the light started to flash on and standing mid-stage was Liam dressed up Prince Charming, my heart pounded and he walked down the steps and came face to face with me. 

"I see the dress fits you my darling princess." I giggle and go red, he takes my hand and kisses it. "May you do the honours of being my date to prom?" He asked. I smiled ear to ear.

"Why of course my prince, I would be delighted to." He smiles and grabs my hand and brings me to the dance floor, we dance for what seems forever, at the end of the song he spins me and kisses me. At 10 the king and queen were announced and me and Liam won, it felt like the night was a true fairy tale, I thought it couldn't get any better, boy was I wrong, when the clock struck midnight and Liam smiles. 

"Our time is not up, there is no fairy godmother keeping you away, accompany me outside if your please my queen." I grab his hand and we walk out and standing in the rode was a carriage with two white horses, we stepped on it and away we went, it was truly magical, I felt as if I was living a dream, at that moment I realized this was the man I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, have a family together and grow old together, I wanted him to be by my side forever. I loved this man, this man that is know. As Liam Payne.

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