Love you forever

Mikaela (Mikki) is a average girl. Her parents are together and she has a little sister named Nicole (Nikki) they both love one direction. Mikaela is graduating this year and Nikki is going to grade 9. Mikaela's dream graduation present is to go to a one direction. And that is exactly what she did. Bunt when meets Liam she experiences love and heartbreak. Read to find out what happens to Mikaela!
(This story is dedicated to one of my fans "Mini Payne :) x your a amazing author and you support me a lot and I love it!)


6. Going to the concert

Mikki's POV

I jumo out if bed and sprint downstairs, trying to find Benny. It run to the kitchen and see him sitting at the table eating toast, I look at my watch and see its 9:30am I smile knowing he is safe. Benny sees me and waves.

"Hwi Mwikaela!" He says with a mouth full of food, spitting out crumbs. I laugh.

"Hey messy monster!" He smiles and gets off the table and walks up to me placing his hands in my pj pants, when he backs up I look down and see he has put peanut butter all over my pants! I gasp 

"Who is the messy monster now!" He giggles I roll my eyes.


"Yup now don't call me that ever again, alright?" He whispers. I nod and he smiles and walks to the table again and continues eating his breakfast again.  I poke my food with my fork and my dad walks out. 

"Morning Benny." He spits. Benny frowned

"Don't talk to me, your not my dad your a big fat jerk!" He screamed my eyes widened as my dad spun around.

"What did you say, you little shit."

"Back off jerk." Benny says grumpily my dad growled and raised his hand and walked over to Benny. He raises it higher but I jump in the way as he slaps me. I scream in pain and my mom and sister run out. My mom screams

"WHAT THE FUCK! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER COME BACK!" He runs to her and pins her to the wall me and Nicole try to pry him off.

"Benny call 911 and call for the police, tell them our number and adress. It's on the fridge!!" I yell. I hear his feet run off.

Benny's POV

"Benny call 911 and call for the police, tell them our number and adress. It's on the fridge!" I heard Mikki yell. I run to the fridge and grab the paper and the phone. I call 911


"Hello i need the police, my mommy and my sister is getting hurt by my dad. My adress is 1222 pine street, Hurry!" I scream into the phone.

"we are on our way." Then the call ended. I hear sirens and two police burst in and take away Jarold. Mikki cries and I walk up too her.

"What's wrong sissy?" She looks up.

"Great way to start my amazing experience of meeting one direction eh." I look at her confused "I'm suppose to leave with Nikki 

in 25 minutes to catch the airplane to the one direction concert." She explains I nod and get up. I walk up to Mikaela's room wear my suitcase is and grab my favourite toy. A buzz lightyear action figure. I run down stairs and hand it to her.

"Here take this, and don't forget me.." She laughs.

"I'm only going for 3 days." I chuckle.

"Oh I thought you where going there forever." She shakes her head and takes my toy.

"Thank you though."  I Nod and give her a kiss on the cheek.

Mikki's POV

"By mom see you in three days!" I yell she runs up to us and hugs us.

"Be careful don't talk to strangers and watch your sister and be RESPONSIBLE!" I nod my head and hug her, she has another long speech at Nikki but I zone out. "Goodbye girls." She sniffs.

"Bye mom." Me and Nicole say.we get into my car and drive away.

We get there and go to our plane. We hand the tickets to the ticket person and we walk along the long plank. We finally board. Nicole and I stuff our things in a cramped space on the roof and we sit down.

~Skip the ride~

"We are here!" Nicole yells. I moan and sit up unbuckling my self and grabbing my bags, Nicole grabs hers as well and we get off the plane. We go to the luggage place and we grab them. I drag my luggage behind be as we walk towards the door, we step out into the fresh breeze. Nicole smiles and I call a taxi. I tell him our hotel and I pay him. I open the doors and walk up to the lady.

"Welcome to The grand hotel, how may I help you." She mumbles. She looks about 25.

"Hello reservations for Ms. Mikaela Smith." I answer. She spins in her chair and opens a little cupboard and grabs a key.

"Room 231 on the top floor." She states while handing me the key. I smile.

"Thank you..."


"Thank you Renee!" I smile she nods and starts writing in her computer. Nicole runs to the elevator and I follow. We press the top floor.

"I can't believe we got a penthouse suite!" She giggles. I roll my eyes and the doors open. A tall man with a shaved head walks in. I laugh at Nicole's expression, suddenly the man turns around and smiles holding his hand out.

"Hi I'm Liam Payne from one direction." He smiles. I'm speechless. He laughs "A fan hey?" I nod and he turns around. It finally gets to the top floor and I fall out of the elevator. He helps me up "What room is yours?" He politely asks. I open my mouth to respond.

"231!" Nicole giggles. I frown.

"Cool I'm in room 232 with the mates!" I laugh uncontrollably. He chuckles "See you around..."

"Mikaela and that's my little sister Nicole." He nods and walks to his room placing his key in the lock and turning it, slowly walking in. I walk to my door to do the same, when suddenly I hear footsteps and Louis slides in front of me.

"Hi I'm Louis and your Mikaela I heard Liam talking to you, and since he walked through that door, HE WON'T SHUT UP!" Louis chuckles. I laugh.

"You eavesdropped? That's pretty creepy." He turns red.

"Maybe... Ah well see you around, and are you coming to our concert?" I nod and he smiles and walks to his room I look at him and realize that he was wearing heart boxers. I laugh my head off  walk into my room smiling.

I can't believe that I'm the same hotel as one direction and I meet Liam and Louis. IN PERSON!

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