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Mikaela (Mikki) is a average girl. Her parents are together and she has a little sister named Nicole (Nikki) they both love one direction. Mikaela is graduating this year and Nikki is going to grade 9. Mikaela's dream graduation present is to go to a one direction. And that is exactly what she did. Bunt when meets Liam she experiences love and heartbreak. Read to find out what happens to Mikaela!
(This story is dedicated to one of my fans "Mini Payne :) x your a amazing author and you support me a lot and I love it!)


4. Easter ends up having two amazing surprises and one not so amazing

Mikaela's  POV

I roll over in my bed and look at my alarm clock. It's 12:30pm, geez I slept in late. I get up and walk downstairs, my mom was actually out of the kitchen, she was playing dance central with Nicole. Talk about WTF moment! I walk to the kitchen and grab a banana and walk to the couch and sit down. Mom turns around during a "freestyle" moment and smiles. "So hunny Easter is tomorrow, we are painting eggs tonight!" I nod and lay down.

"Mom?" I ask.

"yup" she says.

"Do you think dad will actually be here?" I question.

"I don't know..." She replies. I nod and turn so I'm facing the roof I see every single bump and rigid. When I was younger I use to look up there and try to make out pictures, from the rocks. When I did that nothing got me down fit the whole day, unless of course my dad didn't come home. My mom thought he was cheating on her. He always denied, when they fought I cried until I had no tears left. I felt a tear stream down my face and my mom kneels beside me.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"nothing." She nods and gets up and goes to the kitchen. I grab a pillow and curl up grabbing the remote an putting the television on. I lay there waiting until it was time for eggs. 


"Mom where's dad!" Nicole screams. Mom comes rushing in and shrugs. She was holding two cups if water that had food colouring in them. She places them on the table and runs back into the kitchen bringing two more out. Suddenly the door squeaks and dad walks over to us hugging us. I pull out and stomp out of the kitchen to the living room.

"What the hell did I do?" He screams. I growl and stare at him.

"everything."  I tear my eyes off him and look at the tv. I hear him yelling at mom and Nicole runs in sitting beside me and hugging me.

"Mikki, why did you do that? Now he is mad and is yelling at mom..." I sigh and shake my head showing that I didn't  know why I said it. Suddenly my dads walks in.

"Get your butts in there NOW!" He screams, me and Nicole nod and run in. After sometime we finished the eggs we went to 

bed waiting for Easter in the morning.


"MIKKI WAKE UP ITS EASTER!!!" Nicole screams, I yawn and sit up, she is 14 and still acts like she is 5! I get up and we walk down stairs.

"Morning mom!" Me and Nicole say in harmony. She smiles and nods.

"Come let's go look whats in our baskets then I have a surprise." My mom sings We walk and grab our baskets and make our ways to the couch. I sit and pull out a bunch of chocolate and...a envelope?!?!?!? I look at my mom and dad and raise a eyebrow.

"Open it!" My dad exclaims I obey. I open it and find...ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!


"That wasn't from the Easter bunny it was from us!" I hug them and smile. I am about to get up when my mom grabs my hand.

"Sit I still need to tell you girls mine and your fathers surprise!" I sit and mom takes a deep breath.

"I'm pregnant!" She declares me and Nikki scream. Suddenly there is a Knock on the door. I get up and walk to it and answer. 

"Hello?" I ask 

"Hello is Jarold here?" She asks I nod and dad walks up.

"Meghan?" He questions she nods. Suddenly a little boy walked up behind her.

"Jarold, this is Benny, our son..."

Hello guys happy Easter I hope you enjoyed this chapter. What do you think of Meghan and Benny, and Jarold?!?! 

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this story and I am planning to not make as much notes in this story! I swear no more. Ok?


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