I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


10. Chapter 9


Hey guys I need a little help as well. Comment below if I should kill of Keith because no one has died yet and I need someone to die. I know Jade's dad is going to get killed soon. But should Keith get killed I am the main characters are only Harry and Jade. Please comment what you think. I need help. And fast.





Jade's POV

The next day we got to a place. I don't know where we are. All I know is that Kieth brought a house by a lake. He drove there and man it looked amazing. "Wow" I said. Harry smiled and held my hand. I looked at Harry. Harry smiled and pressed his lips onto mine. I kissed back. "Cut it you two" Keith said. We pulled back and got out of the car. Harry put me on his back. "Whoa" I laughed. Keith smiled. He chucked the keys. Harry caught them and walked up to the front door and unlocked it. Harry ran inhuman speed around the house. I got off Harry. Almost falling. Harry caught me. "Sorry love" Harry said helping me up.

I looked at Harry. "It's fine" I said. Harry pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and placed my hands on his face. I moved my hands as we pulled away from each other. Harry ran out and helped his father. Once everything was done. "You can wear some of my clothes for bed since you don't have any" Harry said. I nodded. I followed him into his room. He was holding my hand. Once we got in there. Harry pushed me onto the bed. I laughed. "You rest love okay" Harry said. I looked at Harry. "I want to help" I whined. Harry chuckled. "Fine" He said. I sat up and carried some boxes in.

Once we finished with the boxes. I sat on the bed. Harry sat next to me. "What if he comes here?" I asked. Harry rubbed my back. "I would kill him" Harry said tucking my hair behind my ear. "Your allowed to be scared love" Harry said kissing my cheek. Keith walked in. "Hey do you guys want Chicken and Chips. I will get the electricity  gas and water on tomorrow" Keith said. Harry and I nodded. "Thank you" I said. "No problem sweetie" Keith said and walked out. I rested my head on Harry's shoulder. "What were you going to ask me yesterday?" Harry asked. I grabbed his hand. "If you could turn me" I whispered.

Harry moved me back so I could look a him. "Jade its a horrible life. You have to watch your friends and family die around you. You never ever age. People notice that you don't age. I couldn't have you live a life like that" Harry whispered. I nodded. "Jade it's not that I don't want to. Its also I have never ever turned someone before and if I did turn you. I could kill you" Harry said. I nodded and pecked his lips. I smiled and pressed my lips onto his pushing Harry down. Harry smiled and moved onto the pillow. I smiled. "I love you so much Harry" I said. Harry smiled. "Love you too Jade so much" Harry whispered against my lips.

The door opened and closed. "Jade and Harry dinner" Keith called. We pulled back and walked into the lounge. Harry was holding my hand. We got into the kitchen. Once Kieth served out dinner. We sat around the table and started to eat. Once we finished dinner. I did the dishes. I want to help which is what I am doing. Harry walked up and wrapped his arms around me. I dropped a knife. Which cut my arm. "Shit sorry love" Harry said grabbing a towel and placing it over the cut. "Sorry" Harry mumbled. "It's fine" I said.

Harry finished the dishes. He had guilt all over his face. "Harry" I said. He looked at me. A tear fell from his eyes. I sighed and walked over to him. I wiped the tear off. My hand that wasn't bleeding. "What's wrong?" I asked stroking his cheek. "I hurt you" Harry said placing his head in my hand. "You didn't mean to Harry it's fine alright. Your not my dad okay. You never will be like my dad" I whispered and kissed his forehead. Harry nodded and hugged me. I hugged him back. My arms around his neck. "You could never hurt me Harry. Accidents happen and that was an accident" I whispered in his ear.

Harry nodded and picked me up. I put my legs around him. "I don't want to ever lose you" Harry whispered. "I don't want to lose you either" I whispered and kissed his neck. Harry and i were in our room after we finished hugging and talking. He put a bandage over the cut. We were in the blankets since it was late. Keith was already asleep. "Thank you Harry for everything" I whispered. Harry kissed my neck. "No problem love. Just trying to make my girl happy" Harry whispered. I smiled. "Will I always be your girl?" I asked. Harry nodded. "Yes always. If I ever lost you I could never ever find someone as beautiful, funny, cute, cheeky, friendly and lovable as you" Harry said. I nodded. 

"Night my love" Harry whispered as he pulled the sheets higher. "Night" I whispered and fell asleep in Harry's chest. I knew Harry fell asleep after me.

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