I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


9. Chapter 8

Jade's POV

2 months past. I finally moved out of home. I am living with Harry and his father. They didn't want me to go to far just in case. Its good having someone who cares for me. I woke up and felt arms around my waist. I looked over and saw Harry asleep. I smiled. Harry shifted around. So now I was laying partly on him and off him. Harry slowly woke up. "Morning" Harry chuckled. "You shifted not me. Anyway morning" I said smiling.

Harry looked at me. "Did I now?" Harry asked. Rolling over so he was on top. I smiled and nodded. Harry moved the hair out of my face. He than pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. A knock came at the door. Keith walked in. "Good to see" Keith said. Harry and I pulled back. "What father?" Harry asked smiling. "I was just coming to wake you up. But I see you already are awake" Keith said and left. I laughed. Harry looked at me and pressed his lips onto mine again. We swtiched so I was on top.

We pulled back. "Did you have a nice sleep?" Harry asked. I nodded. "I always do when I am with you. I have no worries. You take them away and I love that" I said. Harry smiled, "Glad I could do that." I nodded and pecked his lips. "You're the best thing that has happened to me ever. I love you" I said. Harry looked at me. "Love you too. And I will protect you with all I have. I want to keep you safe no matter what" Harry said and tucked some of my hair behind my ear. His muscles man are hot. I kissed Harry's forehead and than trailed down his face. 

Harry growled. "You know I hate this" Harry said. I got to his collarbone. Harry moaned. "Ja..." He stopped when he was about to say my name. "Go one say it. Say my name" I said sucking on his collorbone. Harry bit his lip and shook his head. "Jade" Harry moaned. I than licked it. I smiled at Harry. "You are going down" Harry said and swtiched. He kissed. But he couldn't find it. Than he got to my scar where the wolf bit me and traced it with his finger. I moaned. "Oh I see" Harry said and kept doing it. "Don't" I said. I could tell Harry smiled. "Harry" I moaned. Keith walked in. "What are you doing?" Keith asked. Harry popped out from under the sheets. "Finding each others sweet spots father" Harry said. Keith nodded. "Glad you two aren't doing it" Keith said.

"Too young" I said. Harry looked at me. Keith smiled and nodded. He than left. Harry looked at me. "Too young?" Harry asked. I looked at Harry. "Easy for you to say your old" I laughed. Harry looked at me and tickled me. "What was that?" Harry asked. I squealed and laughed. "What did you say?" Harry asked smiling. "That I love you" I laughed. Harry stopped and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. We finally got out of bed. I grabbed my dressing gown and wrapped it around me. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his chin on my shoulder. "You look cute babe in that" Harry said kissing my neck. "Thank you" I whispered.

Harry looked at me. "What's wrong?" Harry asked. "Nothing" I said. Harry stroked my cheek. "You can tell me" Harry said standing up straight. "Doesn't matter. Its nothing important" I whispered. Harry nodded and kissed my forehead. "You know you can ask me anything" Harry whispered. I nodded. "I know" I said and pecked his lips. My phone went off. I grabbed it and answered it.


"Hello" I said.

"So you think you can be safe when you move out of home" Dad laughed. 

"Leave me alone" I said.

  Harry looked at me with concern on his face. He wrapped his arms around me again.


"I will find out where you are. Kill you and your boyfriend" Dad said.

"Why can't you just leave me alone. What did I ever do to you?" I asked.

"You were born" Dad said.


Harry grabbed the phone as I couldn't speak anymore. 


Harry's POV

I grabbed Jade's phone.


"Listen to me idiot of a dad. If you ever come after us I will kill you and I will. I will leave no evidence and I will enjoy killing you. You have hurt my girlfriend so much. I hate you" I said.

"Well, you can't do that because I have the police tracking the phone right now" Jade's dad said.


I hung up. "Father" I yelled. Jade looked at me. "We have to leave" I whispered. Jade nodded. Father walked in. "What?" Father asked. "Jade's dad just called and he tracked the phone and the police are on there way. We have to leave" I said. "I'm sorry" Jade cried. I looked at Jade. "It's not your fault okay love" Harry said hugged me. I cried in his chest. "Father can you pack please?" I asked. Father nodded. And packed inhuman speed. I tried shushing Jade but nothing worked. "It's not your fault Jade okay" I whispered.

We got into Father's car. He put a sale sign up. Father reversed and sped down the highway. Jade was asleep in my lap. I had to use my mind control on her to make her sleep. "Is she okay?" father asked. "No not really" I said. Father looked at me. "She is sleeping isn't she?" Father asked. I looked at father. "I had to use mind control father" I said. Father nodded and looked sadly at me. I did the same back. Jade started to wake up. "Where are we going?" Jade asked.

I looked at Jade. "Somewhere, where your dad can't get you" I said. Jade nodded. I stroked Jade's forehead. Father looked in the mirror. "Your awake" Father said. Jade nodded. Father smiled and put his eyes on the road again. We will be on the road for a while. I would say like a day or so. We have to find a home. Get enrolled into another school. If not father will have to fake reports. I looked down at Jade who was asleep again. I smiled. "You really love her don't you?" Father asked. "With all my heart" I said. Father nodded.

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