I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


6. Chapter 5


Hey readers. 0ned1irection wants all of you guys to read her story 'Where Are You?' So please read it. She wants to get a lot of reads and it's a great story. I hope you read it and also comment what you think of it as well. In a good way not bad alright. I hate bullies and haters.



Harry's POV

2 months past. Jade and I have been going out for two months and I love it so much. She is so nice and cute. To my dad, me and other people. She would be a good mother someday. But today I am planning on telling her who I really am. I hate keeping it from her. And if I want to keep dating Jade. I need to tell her the truth even if she's scared. When dad dropped me off at school. I met up with Jade by our lockers.


Jade looked at me and smiled as I pressed my lips onto hers. I entwined her fingers with mine and pushed her against the locker. Jade smiled. We pulled back. "I am taking you out tonight" I said. Jade nodded. Oh yeah Jade brought her own house last week and moved out. So now her dad can't hurt her. And he has to call before he comes. I visit almost everyday. And I do sleep sometimes. My Father is fine with us dating. He actually likes Jade which is good and weird in a way. He also said that he will protect from anything and everything that is out to hurt her. Well we both are doing that.


Jade looked at me. "Where are we going?" Jade asked. I looked at Jade and smirked "You can wait missy" I said. Jade pounted. Which made me laugh. I hugged her tightly. Jade put her arms around me. We pulled away as the bell rang for lesson. After a long day of boring school. I took Jade to the park first than I was going to take her somewhere special. "I have something to tell you. Something that you don't know about me but I want you to know" I said.


Jade nodded. I knew she was scared. I took a massive breath. "I am a vampire. You have to believe me" I said. Jade looked at me. "Hmm... Show me your eyes and fangs and I might" Jade said. I nodded and did what she said. "You scared?" I asked. Jade shook her head. I was shocked when she pressed her lips onto mine. Then I smiled. "I don't care what you are Harry. You act normal and look normal and you protect me" Jade said.


I placed my hand on Jade's cheek. She smiled and bit my lip. Which made me smile. "I love you" Jade said as we pulled away. "Love you too" I said and kissed her forehead. 5 minutes later. I put Jade on my back. "Hold on now I can take you to where I want to" I said. Jade nodded and did what I said. I smiled and ran vampire speed to get to a nice forest. Which had a waterfall. Jade got off my back. "Wow this is amazing" Jade said. I was behind her and wrapped my arms around Jade. "This is my special place. Where I come to think about things" I whispered and kissed Jade's neck.


Jade looked at me. "It's beautiful" Jade said. I smiled. "Just like you" I whispered. The sound of the waterfall was nice. Jade closed her eyes. I smiled. We than heard growling. I pulled Jade behind me. Werewolves came out. "What are you doing here vampire?" A man asked. I got mad. "This is my forest" I said. I grabbed Jade's hand. She was scared. The werewolves laughed. "Looks like you have a girlfriend. A heartless creature like you" A man laughed.


Jade's POV

I got mad at what the guy said. "He is not heartless" I snapped. Everyone went silent. "Jade don't get involved they will kill you" Harry said. I nodded. "Ahh she's human. Why haven't you killed her. That's what you do" A man said. Harry was mad again. He hissed. "I am never ever going to bite her. I drink animal blood not human blood" Harry snapped and charged for the werewolves. I grabbed a rock and chucked it. A werewolf looked at me. I got scared and ran. "Jade" Harry said. I ran as fast as I could.


When I got knocked down. I turned and saw a werewolf. "Get off" I said. I could see him smile. He bit into me. I screamed. Harry pulled the werewolf off and chucked him into a tree. The others left. "Jade" Harry cried and got to me. I coughed. "You will be fine okay" Harry said. I looked at Harry and wiped his tears away. Harry put me on his back. I fell asleep on his back.


Harry's POV

I got home. "Father" I yelled and burst through the front door. Father ran up. "What happened?" Father asked. I looked at him. "Werewolf bit Jade she's dying" I said. Father ran upstairs. I did the same. He got Jade off my back and laid her on the bed. "Son what happened?" Father asked. I looked at father. "I told Jade and took her to the forest I always go and werewolves came and I was fighting. She threw a rock and ran. She got knocked down and bitten by the werewolf. I don't want her to die" I said tears falling. Father nodded and cleaned the wound.

Father grabbed a needle and some packet blood. "What blood type is she?" I asked. "OH which is a rare on. It means she's the chosen one" Father said. I was so confused. "Chosen one?" I asked. Father looked at me. "She has the power to protect all good from evil. So us and humans" Father said. I nodded and wiped my tears off. Father put the blood in the needle and placed it into Jade's hand. Half the bag was gone. "Done she will be asleep for a while stay with her" Father said.

I nodded and did what he said. Father walked out. I hugged Jade and cried. "I'm sorry I should have protected you" I cried and kissed Jade's neck. 2 hours past. Jade started to wake up. She groaned. "Jade" I said. Jade opened her eyes. She smiled and looked at me. A massive smile appeared on my face. Jade sat up and pressed her lips onto mine. I smiled and pushed her down. Father walked in. "She is awake and you kiss nice" Father said. We laughed and pulled back. Father walked up. "Harry was very worried about you" Father said.

Jade nodded. "Are you a vampire too?" Jade asked. Father nodded. "Yes. Harry and I are the only ones left in our family. My wife and Harry's sisters got killed by hunters and werewolves" Father said. Jade looked horrible. "Sorry" Jade said. I hugged Jade. "No need to be" I said and kissed Jade's neck. I placed my head in her shoulder and took a massive breath. "We have to protect you now since they have your blood taste. They won't stop until you are dead" Father said. Jade nodded. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken you into the forest" I said. Jade played with my head. "It wasn't your fault. I loved the forest. It was a nice place and I can see why you go there" Jade whispered in my ear. "Used to go to" I said.

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