I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


5. Chapter 4


This chapter is going to be short. Sorry. Hope you like it though



Jade's POV

2 weeks past. I always want to tell Harry that I love him but I get to scared. I was off from school. I had a cold. I have to get up and make everything myself. I was in the kitchen making myself soup. When I felt light headed. Than it went black.


Harry's POV

I haven't seen Jade yet. I grabbed my phone and called her home number. No one answered. I tried her mobile. Still no answer. I got scared. I ran out the school gates. Once out of sight. I used my inhuman speed and ran to Jade's house. When I got there. Jade's car wasn't there. Maybe she's out. I thought. I walked up to the front door and turned the knob. The house was unlocked. I walked in. "Jade" I said. No answer. "Jade" I said again walking into the kitchen.


I saw someone on the ground. It was Jade. "Jade" I said and ran over. I got to Jade. "Jade" I said shaking her. She didn't respond. I checked for a pluse there was a strong on. But she was burning up. I than felt her forehead. Man it was hot. Why is she home alone while sick? Why didn't she call me? Jade started to wake up. "Jade" I said. "Harry" Jade whispered.


I nodded. Jade's eyes opened fully. "What are you doing here?" Jade asked. I looked at Jade. "I didn't see you at school. I called the home phone and your mobile and no one answered. I got scared and got my dad to drive me here" I said. Man I hate lying to her. Jade nodded. I helped Jade up. Jade sneezed. "Go upstairs and rest I will make you something nice to eat" I said. Jade nodded and went to walk when she fell back. I caught her.


I picked Jade up bridal style and carried her into her room. Which was tiny and laid her down on the bed. "You rest I will be back" I said. Jade nodded and coughed. I got into the kitchen and made Jade some soup and honey tea. Helps the throat. I walked back into Jade's room. I sat on the bed. "Why did you call me I could have came around and helped?" I asked. Jade looked at me. "I didn't want you to see my room and what I live in" Jade whispered. I looked at Jade. "Jade it doesn't matter where you live. I would have come and helped you" I said. Jade smiled and coughed. "Alright open up" I said. 


Jade looked at you. "Are you baby feeding me?" Jade asked. I nodded. Jade smiled and opened her mouth up. I placed the spoon in her mouth. Once the soup was gone Jade thanked me. "No problem love" I said. The door opened and closed. "Your parents?" I asked. Jade nodded and coughed. I heard two feet walking up the stairs which were made of wood and made the squeak. I could tell Jade was scared. "Jade who is this?" I heard a man say. I turned around and saw a 40 year old man. But he looked 60. "I am Jade's friend" I said hunching my eyebrows in anger. 


The man looked at Jade. "You know no one can come in when we are not home" The man said. I got mad. "Look I came because I was scared. You evil twat. Jade didn't even know I was coming" I said. The man looked mad. "Your the guy who made jade disobey the teacher right" The man said. I smiled. "Well Jade stood up for herself. So I don't think she disobeyed Mrs Crackle. I mean she's a bitch and your a horrible man. There's a good match" I said.


I stood up and picked Jade up. "What are you doing?" Jade asked. "Taking you to my house" I said. Jade nodded. "You can't take me daughter anywhere" The man said. My dad walked in. "The way you treat her we can" My father said. "Keith" Jade said and coughed. Father walked up and put Jade on his back. We left. Once father got to our place. I carried Jade inside. "Thank you father" I said. Father smiled. I walked into my room and placed Jade on the bed. "Rest love. I will tell you something later alright for now rest" I said and kissed Jade's flamming forehead. Jade nodded and closed her eyes. I pulled the sheets over Jade. I am going to tell Jade I love her.


3 hours later Jade woke up. I had made her some chicken soup and honey tea again. I handed it to her. "Thank you" Jade said. I smiled and sat on the bed. Jade started to drink to soup. Once she finished. "Jade I have something to tell you okay" I whispered and closed the door so father wouldn't hear. Jade nodded. I sat on the bed and grabbed Jade's cold hands. "Here it goes. Jade I love you I really do and I know you might not feel the same but from the moment I saw you in english I knew you were the one for me" I said. She didn't say anything. I knew it. When I was about to get off the bed. Jade crashed her lips onto mine. I smiled. "I love you too. I always have. I wanted to tell you but got scared you wouldn't love me back" Jade said. Jade pulled back. I hugged her. Jade coughed in my chest. I smiled. "Sorry if I get you sick" Jade said. "Worth it" I said and kissed the top of her head.


Later that day. We were having dinner. Jade was feeling a lot better which was good. I was happy for her. We were in my room eating dinner and watching TV. we are watching the 'Vampire Diaries'. I learnt that it was Jade's favourite TV show. "Hang on so Elena looks like Kathrine who is a vampire. Stephane and Damon want Elena?" I asked. Jade chuckled. "Elena looks like Kathrine yes. Elena's real mother Isabel was a vampire. Her step parents got killed in a car accident" Jade said. I looked at Jade. "How does Elena look like Kathrine?" I asked. Jade shurrged. "No one knows" Jade said. 


Later that night. Jade and I fell asleep in each others arms.

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