I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


4. Chapter 3

Jade's POV

I woke up the next day and felt arms around my waist. I turned over and saw Harry sleeping. There is somethng about this boy. Something that makes me happy and feel safe around him. Harry started to wake up. When he saw me awake he smiled. "Morning" Harry said. His morning voice is handsome. "Morning" I said. Harry smiled. "Thank you for last night" I said. Harry looked at me. "No problem love" Harry said. 


I sat up and went to walk out. "Get changed in here I don't care" Harry said. I looked at Harry. He closed the cutrians then walking up to me and walking me to and grabbed my hand. "Look get changed in here. I won't do anything okay you can trust me" Harry whispered. I nodded. Once I was changed for school. Harry got dressed. Man he has awesome abs. "Like what you see?" Harry asked teasing. I nodded. "Yup" I said.


Harry chuckled a little. Harry grabbed a hair brush and brushed my hair. He was being careful not to hurt me. "The bruise on your face is going down" Harry whispered asgainst my skin. I nodded. Once Harry finished brushing my hair. We grabbed our bags and made our way down stairs. "We are leaving dad bye" Harry said. "Bye son. Bye Jade" Keith said. "Thank you Keith and bye" I said. Harry opened the door. A rush of cold wind past us. Harry looked around. We got into my care. I started the car and turned the heater on. Once the car warmed up I drove off.


Once at school. I parked my car. Harry and I stepped out. We grabbed our bags and got looked at. All the girls seem to want Harry. I locked my car. Harry and I walked into school. Where I saw Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Ann. They are my closet friends. "Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Ann" I said. They turned and saw me. A massive smile appeared on there face. Harry and I got to the girls. The girls hugged me. "Girls this is my friend Harry. Harry my friends Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Ann" I said. Harry smiled. "Nice to meet you girls" Harry said. "You too" The girls said. They walked into the office.


Harry looked at me. "I see why you love your friends" Harry said. I smiled and nodded. "And they know" I said. Harry nodded. Harry and I got to our lockers and opened them, grabbing what we needed for class today. "You know you smelt nice last night" Harry whispered. I looked at Harry and slapped him. Harry laughed and hugged me. "Aww" Jesy said. Harry and I pulled away and saw the girls standing their smiling.


The bell rang for class finally. Harry and I headed down the corridor. The girls weren't in my class well at least they are here. My other friends couldn't move but I am happy with these four.


Harry's POV

Something is fishy really fishy. I could feel it this morning when we left. Is Jade being watched by someone. That cold wind was made by a vampire. I am now scared for Jade. But if anyone hurts her. She will pay. "Harry you alright?" Jade asked as we walked in class. I nodded. "Yeah fine" I said and sat next to her. Mrs Crackle walked in and gave Jade a glare. I looked over at Jade who was doing her work. "Jade you okay?" I asked. Jade nodded. "Yeah" Jade said. I nodded and did what I needed to do.


Once I was finished. I saw Mrs Crackle looking at Jade like she was going to her. Mrs Carckle than handed everyone a different work sheet. She gave Jade and I one. I don't like Mrs Crackle not one bit. I mean she did bring Jade and I together. I mean as friends nothing else. But you know. The way she spoke to Jade was mean. "Harry do your work" Mrs Crackle yelled. I saw Jade almost in tears. I stood up. "Make me" I said. Jade looked up.


Mrs Crackle got mad. "Sit back down" Mrs Crackle yelled. I smiled. "No you have to make me" I said taking a stand. Jade was smiling. Mrs Crackle stood up and walked up to me. "Sit back down and do your work" Mrs Crackle said. I smiled. "Mrs Crackle leave him alone" Jade said standing up. Mrs Crakcle got mad. "I will tell your dad" Mrs Crackle said. Jade laughed. "Say what Jade stood up in class. Wow. I don't care about my dad anymore he's a person who shouldn't have kids you know what you and him would make a great couple. But my dad is already married" Jade said.


I am so proud of Jade. "Out the both of you now" Mrs Crackle yelled. We did what she said. "Nice" I said. Jade looked at me and hugged me. I put my arms around her. "Why were you crying before?" I asked. Jade shook her head. "It's okay you don't have to tell me" I said. Mrs Crackle walked out. "Aww has Jade found someone to protect her?" Mrs Crackle asked. I nodded. "Yes and its me" I said.



Jade's POV

The day went on by slowly. "Do you want to come to mine again?" Harry asked looking at me. "Sure whatever" I said. Harry smiled. My friends walked up they hugged me goodbye. "See you tomorrow" Perrie said. I nodded. Harry and I got into my car. I started it and drove off. Once at his house. We saw 3 men standing at the door. Harry held onto my protectivly. "Who are they?" I asked whispering. Harry  shook his head. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked. The men smiled. "To see your father" A man said.


Harry pushed me behind him. Something happened. It went to fast. Harry and I walked in. "Sorry about that" Harry said. I shook my head. Harry and I got into his room. We sat on the bed again. "How does Mrs Crackle know what your dad does?" Harry asked. I looked at him. "She's my dads friend and comes around sometimes when he is doing it. She doesn't care. Now if I don't do what she wants she tells my father and than he gets the excuse of beating me up" I said. Harry nodded. "Well if you dad touches you again. He is dead" Harry said.


I looked at Harry. "I wish he was" I said. Keith walked in. "Hello Jade again" Keith said. That was a bit weird. "Hi" I said.  Harry looked at his father. "Dad we need to do some school work" Harry said. Keith nodded and walked out. We did some home work. Even english class work. I was laying on my stomach. Harry was too. We helped each other out. I am really starting to like this boy. As in love him. I don't know why. But he seems like a good kind of boyfriend for anyone. "Jade... Jade" Harry said waving his hand in my face. I blinked. "What?" I asked. Harry looked at me. "You zoned out for a while you okay?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Yeah" I said.


Later that day. Harry let me sleep again. Does Harry have a crush on me? "Jade stop zoning out you are scaring me" Harry said. I looked at Harry. "Sorry just thinking" I said. "About?" Harry asked as we climbed into bed. "Everything" I said. Harry nodded and wrapped his arms around me again. He kissed my cheek. I smiled. 10 minutes later Harry and I fell aslee. If I don't tell him how i feel I will miss the chances of ever getting him.

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