I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


3. chapter 2

Harry's POV

The next day I woke up and got ready for school. My father can't know I am in love with a human. Which is Jade. If my father finds out. Jade is dead. I grabbed my bag and headed down stairs where I made blood tea. Once I finished. My father drove me to school. Once there I stepped out and saw Jade talking on the phone. She didn't look to happy. "See you tonight son" My father said. I nodded closing the door and walking off.


I walked down the school halls where I saw Jade against her locker. I walked up. "Jade" I whispered. She turned and faced me. "Hey" Jade said. I smiled. Wow she said hi to me. "Hey how are you?" I asked. Jade looked at me. "Good You?" Jade asked. Okay convo with the girl I love can this day get any better. "You want another tutoring lesson tonight?" Jade asked. I nodded. "Same place?" I asked. Jade nodded. Okay something is fishy she is never happy. "Can I ask why your happy?" I asked. Jade looked at me. "My 4 best friends are transferring here tomorrow" Jade said. 


I felt myself happy for her. Don't know why but seeing her happy makes me happy. Jade hugged me. I chuckled. She stopped. "Sorry I am just so happy" Jade said. I looked at her. "Your allowed to be. I mean I would be" I said. Jade couldn't help but smile. The bell rang for class. We walked together since we have the same classes together. Once we got to lesson. Jade and I sat next to each other. Once the teacher came in we all started our work which was Fractions. Which I was good at. jade was flying through them. She is one smart girl.


Jade's POV

I was so happy today nothing could ruin not even my dad. I am also hiding back the brusies from last night. So glad Harry hasn't seen them yet. Harry and I were doing our work while the others were talking about their night. We heard a knock at the door all of us looked up. "Can I help you?" Mr Mark asked. It was my dad. "Yeah I need to speak with Jade outside for a second" Dad said. Okay he now ruined my dad. "Jade. 5 minutes" Mr Mark said. Dad smiled.


I stood up and walked outside with my dad. "What?" I asked. Dad looked at me. I could see Harry looking at me. Dad slapped me. Harry's eyes widened. "Leave me alone dad" I said and pushed him. Dad got mad. I turned and ran. I got into the library and sat on the ground being all quiet.


Harry's POV

I just saw Jade's dad slap her and for no reason. Is Jade getting abused at home? I told the teacher I needed to use the bathroom. I saw Jade push her dad and run away. Once I left the classroom. I punched Jade's dad and ran after her. I saw Jade go into the library. I followed. I then heard nothing. Thanks for me being a vampire I could smell her. Sounds weird I know but Vampires have a good sense of smell.


I got down an asile and saw jade on the ground crying. "Jade" I whispered. She didn't hear me. I sat down which made Jade get scared. "It's just me" I whispered. Jade looked at me. Her tear stained face. I pulled her into a hug. I let Jade cry in my chest. "Shh... It's alright" I whispered rubbing her back. I kissed the top of Jade's head. "I-I Ha-hate h-him" Jade said through the sobs. "Shh..." I said.


Jade's dad is going to pay. "What about your mum?" I asked. Jade cried harder. "She doesn't do anything. She either stands and watches or she is doing something else" Jade cried. I could feel my body tense up. We stood up. I wiped Jade's tears off and brushed a finger over her bruise. "Thank you" Jade whispered. I was so confused. "Why?" I asked. Jade looked at me. "Listening to me and being here when I cried" Jade said. I smiled. "Anything for a friend" I said.


Jade's face brightened. "Friends" Jade whispered. I nodded. We got back to lesson. We contuined with our work. Once the bell rang for the end of lesson. We grabbed everything and left. "How long?" I asked as we walked out. Jade sighed. "10 years" Jade said. I felt my blood boil. Okay he is so dead so is her mum.


Once school finished. My father picked me up. I saw Jade get into her car and leave. I got into dad's. He started it and drove off. "What's wrong son?" My father asked. I looked out the window. "Nothing" I said. When my father got home. I text Jade saying she should come over. Jade text back and said okay. 20 minutes later. Jade came. I answered the door and let her in. My father greeted her. "Hello you must be Jade I am Harry's father Keith" My father said. "Yes I am and its lovely to meet you" Jade said.


My father smiled. The bruise on Jade's cheek was redder. "Dad we are going up stairs to do some school work" I said. My father nodded. We walked off. I looked at dad and shook my head. He nodded. Once we got to my room. Jade couldn't believe it. "Wow. Your room is awesome" Jade said. I smiled. We sat on the bed. I went over the bruise. "Did he hurt you again?" I asked. Jade nodded and showed me the bruise on her stomach. "Do you want to stay the night?" I asked. Jade shook her head. "No I couldn't. Your dad hardley knows me" Jade said.


I looked at Jade. "You will be fine. I will ask dad later alright. I am concered about you. I really am" I said. Jade smiled. "Thank you" Jade whispered. I smiled and looked at her. "Don't worry love a girl as beautiful as you should be happy. Like you were this morning" I said. Jade smiled. We then started on our homework which was boring but we did it anyway. We had a break and watched TV. We watched a guy named Adam Hills. Man he was funny. Jade and I couldn't stop laughing. Once it finished. I asked dad and he said it was fine. I was happy.


Once it became 11pm. Jade and I laid on the bed and fell asleep. I had my arms around her. We were in the blankets. The smell of Jade was amazing. She smelt like strawberries. Must be her shampoo. 

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