I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


13. Chapter 12


You have to watch Bondi to get the names of the boys and their nicknames.

Something amazing happens in this chapter. Amazing and cute. Read to find out what happens. Please no hate if its a little bad. Don't mean it to be. I want to thank all of you for reading it. It's not finished yet. But I am thanking everyone who read this story.

This chapter skips to a year. Hope you like it.









A year past, Harry and I had just arrived in Sydney Australia. It's our 1st year anniversary. Harry decided to take me away for two months. With everything that has happened. He wanted me to have a break from all the supernatural that has happened. I kept telling Harry no. He didn't listen brought two tickles and an expensive hotel. I was going to slap him silly. Nah jokes.

Harry and I were sitting in our hotel room marking on the map where we where going and what we were going to do. "I have a surprise for you tonight" Harry said looking into my eyes. "Really" I said and pecked his lips. Harry nodded. "Lets go to Bondi. I hired a car and we have to go" Harry said. I nodded. Harry and I got changed. I wore a pink bikini. Harry wore orange and pink board shorts. His abs man are amazing. One thing I love about him. Harry looked at me and smiled. "You my lovely girlfriend looked hot in a bikini" Harry said. I giggled.

Once we arrived at Bondi. Harry and I got out of the car. Grabbing what we needed. Paying for parking. We walked onto the beach. It's summer over here because it's back. It's supposed to be Australia's number 1 popular beach. I think its like valentines day. You guessed it. Harry and I started to go out than. we got to a spot and put our things down. We sat down. Harry grabbed sunblock out. "Lay on your back love" Harry said.

I nodded and did what he said. Harry put sunblock all or my torso, neck, legs and face. Harry went over the bite mark. "Alright turn over" Harry said. I did what he said. Harry than put sunscreen on my back. "Thank you" I whispered. Harry smiled. I put sunscreen on him. Even though he doesn't burn. It's better to do this just in case. All of a sudden Harry picked me up. "What are you doing Harry?" I asked as he headed to the water.

"Oh no you better not" I said. Harry smirked. "If you chuck me you are a dead man Styles" I said. Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at me, "Oh really" with that he chucked me in. I screamed and stood up. "You are so dead Styles" I shouted and chased him. I jumped onto his back making him almost fall over. "Whoa" Harry said and caught my legs. I giggled.

"Your the best Harry" I said. Harry smirked. "Good to know" Harry said. I smiled, "You are an amazing vampire boyfriend ever" I whispered. We got to our spot. Harry laid me down. I laughed. Harry laid next to me. "Why thank you for the comment" Harry said. I looked at him and smiled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I got on top of him. "You know I like this" Harry said.

I laughed and said, "I bet you do." Someone came around taking photos. we looked up. "Oi leave us alone" Harry said. We stood up. "You don't go around taking photos of people. Its rude" Harry shouted. I grabbed his hand which calmed him down. The guy smirked at me. "You hot but your tattoos puts me off" The guy said. Harry got worse. "Its not a tattoo you idiot" Harry yelled.

"Harry no" I said and pushed him back. Life guards walked up. "What is going on here?" A lifeguard asked. Great. "Nothing I was just walking through and he had a go at me" The guy said. Harry got mad. I got in front of Harry. "Stop now" I whispered. Harry looked at me. "He said that was fake" Harry said. I hugged him. "Sucking up much" The guy said. "Oi there is no need for that. Let me see your camera" A lifeguard said.

He gave them his camera. "Did they ask for a photo taken?" The same lifeguard asked. Harry and I pulled back. He went over the scar. "No, I wanted to take it around them, they just got in the way" The guy said. Harry got mad. He walked up. "In the way. You took a photo of us when we were kissing. Yes its a public beach but you don't have to take photos of people" Harry said.

The guy looked at me. "I bet your girlfriend fakes her own deaths" The guy said. Harry got worse. "What did you just say?" Harry yelled. I sighed. "Harry just drop it okay" I said. Harry looked at me and nodded. "Alright man this camera I need to take and I will call the police" A life guard said. Harry hugged me and cried. The police came down. "He ruined today" Harry cried. I looked at Harry and wiped his tears off. "No he didn't. Because I love you so much and no one can ruin a day with you" I said.

Harry nodded and pecked my lips. The police looked at us. "You alright guys?" The police asked. We nodded. The guy got taken away. The life guards looked at us. "I'm Maxi and this is Hoppo" Maxi said. "Nice to meet you, Harry and my girlfriend Jade" Harry said. "Where are you guys from?" Hoppo asked. "UK" Harry said. Harry put his arms around me. "Sorry about going off before. I almost lost Jade last year in a car accident" Harry said. Hoppo and Maxi nodded. "When does the beach close?" Harry asked. "We leave at 7:30 but the beach stays open" Hoppo said. Harry nodded.

I looked at him confused. "Why are you asking?" I asked. Harry looked at me. "You can wait" Harry said. I rolled my eyes. "Its a surprise like I told you this morning" Harry said. Maxi and Hoppo smiled. I did not get the message. Harry smiled.


Harry's POV

We walked into the tower. Ryan was showing Jade around. "So what are you doing tonight?" Reedy asked. I looked at them. "Propose" I whispered. Maxi smiled, "How long have you been going out for?" Maxi asked. I looked at him. "A year today" I said. "Do you us to be there and film it?" Hoppo asked. "Maybe. I don't know what to do though. I have never done it before. My dad asked my mum as the hospital after she gave birth to my older sister. And Jade's the only girl I fell deep in love with" I said. The boys smiled. "Last year Harris proposed to his girlfriend by helicopter. We put in the sand 'Will You Marry Me' She said yes" Chopo asked. 

I nodded. "My dad knows and so do my friends" I said. "Your mum" Mouse asked. I looked at him. "She passed away a few years ago" I said. mouse looked at me sadly. "Sorry" Mouse said. "No its fine" I said. Jade and Ryan came back. I hugged her. Jade put her arms around me. "You guys are so cute together" Maxi said. Jade and I smiled.

Later that night. Everyone left the beach. It was just us, camera crew and the boys. Maxi took Jade out around the town. The boys and I were setting everything up. "Thank you so much for helping" I said. The boys smiled. Once everything was done. Hoppo called Maxi and told him to come back. He did what we said. I blindfolded Jade. "Harry?" Jade asked. "I will guide you" I whispered. Jade nodded. I guided Jade. When I stopped she stopped. I took the blindfold off.


Jade's POV

Harry took the blindfold off. There was a candle lit dinner on the beach. "Harry what is going on?" I asked. Harry smiled and took my hand. He pulled me chair out. I sat down. The lifeguards came dressed in tuxes. "Jade and Harry we are your butlers for this evening" Hoppo said. I was still confused. When we finished our food.  The lifeguards where standing behind Harry now in uniform. Harry bent down on one knee. I was still confused.

"Jade we have known have gone out for a year today. I am proud to be your boyfriend. I couldn't imagine my life without you. This one or the next. I love you with all my heart and I ask you here in front of the boys and this beautiful beach. Jade Elena Winters will you do the honor of becoming my wife?" Harry asked. Tears fell. I nodded slowly. "Yes" I said. Harry smiled and placed the ring on my finger. He stood up and pressed his lips onto mine. All the boys cheered. We pulled back. The lifeguards hugged me. I smiled.

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