I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


12. Chapter 11

Harry's POV


Jade was on my bed asleep. I was leaning on the wall sighing. Father walked up. "What did Harmony want?" I asked. "Jade's dad is getting the boys to get Jade and take her back home" Father said. I nodded. "I am not letting that happen. I promised Jade she doesn't have to go back. I promised I would protect her" I whispered. "I know but as I said before you can only do what you can. Don't be like your mother and push yourself to much" Father said. "I won't" I said. Father looked at me. "Anyway is Jade okay?" Father asked.


I looked at him. "No. She wouldn't stop crying. I am scared for her" I whispered. Father nodded and patted my back. "I am here for you and her no matter what. Just call me if you need anything I will be downstairs" Father said. I nodded. Father left. I walked in my room and sat on the bed. I moved the hair out of Jade's face. Jade opened her eyes. "You okay?" I asked. Jade nodded. I pecked her lips. "How do you know the boys?" Jade asked. I looked at her. "We used to be friends. Than my father, mother, sister and I moved here and we had to leave them behind. They just want me back" I said.


Jade looked at me. "Go if you want to" Jade said. I shook my head. "No, no way" I said. Jade frowned. "There your friends" Jade whispered. "And your my girlfriend" I said. Jade sat up. "Why don't you talk to them?" Jade asked. I looked at Jade. "Why are you asking so many questions?" I asked. Jade smiled. "Because I love you" Jade whispered. I sighed. "Come on" I said. Jade looked at me. "I am going to the boys and you are coming too" I said and put Jade on my back. "Hold on tight okay" I said.


Jade nodded. I ran off inhuman speed. I got to there hideout and walked in. I put Jade down. "Decided to join eh?" Louis asked. "No just wanted to talk" I said. Jade looked at me. "I'll be okay" I said. Jade nodded but she grabbed my hand. I smiled. "What did you want to talk about?" Liam asked. "Things, first of all you do know the Jade's dad will not pay you to get her back" I said. Jade looked at me. "Tell you later love" I said. "Yes he will he promised us a million pounds" Liam said.


Jade laughed but covered her mouth. "He hasn't got that kind of money. He spends it on drugs, smokes and alcohol" Jade said. Louis hissed. Jade backed off a little. "Louis she is telling the truth. You know what he will do to her. And I know that you hated your girlfriend getting beaten up by her father and mother" I said. "What else did you want to talk about?" Zayn asked.


"Why do you want me to join you?" I asked. The boys smiled. "Because you are powerful Harry" The boys said. I rolled my eyes. "This again. Guys I only use my powers if I need to like this morning" I said. Harmony walked up. "Third, If I did join you what would happen to Jade because i am never leaving her" I asked. Niall looked at me. "She could be with us to. Get turned. Have a life like us" Niall said. I growled. "I do not want Jade to live this life. No way. Its horrible. You know that" I said. "Do you really want her to die of old age?" Liam asked.


I looked down. "No I can't. If I did try I could kill her" I said. Louis laughed. "It wouldn't be as different in the 1600's Harry" Louis said. "Shut up Louis. I don't drink from humans anymore. Unlike you guys" I said. "Harry" Jade said. I hugged Jade. "I am not going to hurt you. Its in the past. We all have a past. Don't we boys and Harmony" I whispered. Jade nodded. I put Jade on my back and held her legs. "Do not mention ours pasts" Zayn growled. "I am not going to. What if I don't join the clan. But keep in contact?" I asked. 


The boys faces lighted up. "We won't hurt Jade" The boys said. "Okay I will do that then, we should go Jade. You need rest for tomorrow" I said. Jade nodded. "What's happening tomorrow?" Niall asked. "Our 6 month anniversary is tomorrow and I am taking her somewhere special" I said. "Aww" The boys said. "Look come live with us because I know that if you don't hand in Jade he will tell someone right?" I asked. The boys nodded. "Father still likes you guys he was a bit mad for this morning shooting me and all Zayn" I said.


The boys nodded. "Hold on Jade again" I said. Jade did what I said. Niall picked Harmony up. She was on his back. We ran off inhuman speed and got to my house. Father walked out and smiled. "Nice to see you are living with us boys. We will build another house tomorrow" Father said. "Why did you move Harry?" Liam asked. Jade got off my back and walked inside. I sighed. I looked at Liam. "Her dad wanted her back and he got the police involved and well we had to move. Jade thinks its her fault and its not" I said walking in after her.


The boys followed so did harmony. I got to my room and saw Jade on the bed. "Jade stop blaming yourself it wasn't your fault" I whispered and sat on the bed. "Why did you tell me you used to drink from humans?" Jade asked. I looked at Jade. "It was way back in my past and I was scared that you would run away" I said. Jade pecked my lips. "I would never" Jade said. She grabbed my top and pulled me down. I smiled and pressed my lips onto hers. Jade smiled. I took my top off and kissed Jade's neck. I looked at Jade who smiled.


I got closer to Jade and pressed my lips onto hers again. Pushing her down more. "Well I see you are at it again" Father said. We pulled back and looked at father. I got off Jade and put my top on. Jade laughed and pecked my lips. "You need to use your powers and help me build the boys house and Harmony's" Father said. I sighed and nodded. I stood up. So did Jade. "I am helping and do not say no" Jade said. I chuckled and grabbed her hand. we walked out. I saw the boys waiting. We planned what the house was going to look like.


We than started to build it. I blew up some trees. Jade was on a plank of wood on the top of the house. She was doing the roof. She stood up and walked across. "Did you ever do gymnastics?" I asked. Jade nodded and sat down hitting the nails in. Once Jade finished with the roof. She jumped into my arms. "Why did you tell me?" I asked. Jade shrugged  "I didn't think I ever had to use what I learnt" Jade laughed. I put her down on the ground. It was 8 pm and we finished the house. We had paint all over us. we sat around and started to talk. 

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