I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


11. CHapter 10

Harry's POV

I woke up and found Jade asleep. I smiled and kissed her cheek. She was so adorable. I don't want anyone to ruin this for me. No one. I love her so much with all my heart. I listened to her heartbeat. It sounded amazing. Jade turned around and woke up. "Morning love" I said. Jade smiled. "Morning" Jade said and pecked my lips. "Nice sleep?" I asked. Jade nodded. "That's good" I said. Father walked in. "Morning guys" Father said. "Morning" Jade and I said. I looked at father. "Are we going to another school?" I asked. Father shook his head. "Nope. I did diplomas though for you and Jade" Father said.

I nodded. Jade looked at me and smiled. She crashed her lips onto mine. "You are so lovable  I will be in the kitchen if you need me" Father said. I nodded and got on top of Jade. Father chuckled and left closing the door. There was a knock at the door. I groaned and pulled away from Jade. I stood up and put a shirt and pants on. I grabbed Jade's hand. We walked out of the my room and made our way into the lounge.

I saw Harmony. "Harmony" I said and hugged her. Harmony hugged me back. We pulled away. "Jade this is my friend Harmony. Harmony my beautiful and lovely girlfriend Jade" I said. Jade smiled. "Nice to meet you" Harmony said. "You too" Jade said. I walked back up to Jade. "How did you know where we lived?" I asked. "I called Keith last night and he told us. By mobile. He said he had to move because someone was chasing you guys" Harmony said. I nodded and looked over at Jade. I hugged Jade. Harmony looked at me. "Don't worry" I said. Harmony nodded. 

Father walked out of the kitchen. "How are you Harmony, where's your mum?" Father asked. Harmony turned to face him. "I've been good and mum moved out with her boyfriend. So I have the house all to myself" Harmony said. Father nodded. Harmony faced me. "Harry" Harmony said. "Yeah" I said. "I got a call from the boys" Harmony said. I stiffened. "What did they say?" I asked the anger in my voice. Jade looked at me. 

Harmony sighed. "They want you to join them. If you don't they will take the one person you love" Harmony said. I growled. "They are not taking Jade. They have to kill my first before they get there hands on her. They sent you here didn't they. They know where we live?" I said. Harmony nodded. "Yes Harry. I'm sorry" Harmony said. Then the door smashed open. I held onto Jade. "Hello Harry" Louis said. "Louis" I said with no emotion in my voice.

Louis smiled at Jade. "I see your beautiful girlfriend" Louis said. I hissed. "Leave her alone she has done nothing" I said putting Jade behind me. "Join us and we won't hurt her" Liam smirked. "No I am never joining you. Never ever" I said. Niall smiled. "Than I will just take Jade" Niall said. I hissed. My fangs coming down and eyes changing. Father looked after Jade as I fought the boys. I used everything I had to beat them which I did. No one is taking Jade away. I heard a bang. I placed my hand over my stomach. "Harry" Jade said. I fell to the ground bleeding. I coughed. "That was just a warning Harry next time we will kill you" Zayn said.

they left along with Harmony. Jade ran to me. "Harry" Jade said. "I will be okay" I screamed in pain. I lifted my hand. The one not covered in blood. I wiped Jade's tears off. "I love you" Jade said. "Love you too" I said. Father ran up. "This will hurt Harry" Father said. I nodded at father. He pulled the bullet out. I screamed and gritted my teeth. Once it healed. I sat up and hugged Jade. "I am glad your safe" Jade said. I nodded. "I always will be when I know you are" I said. "I thought you were going to die" Jade cried. I rubbed jade's back. "shh..." I said.


Harmony's POV

"Did you have to shoot Harry, Zayn?" I asked. Zayn looked at me. "Yes it was a warning like I said. Next time will be the heart" Zayn said. I rolled my eyes. "Well I think its stupid you saw the way he protected jade. You would do the same for your girlfriend if you had one" I snapped. All of a sudden i was pushed against the wall. "Shut up human" Zayn said. I raised an eyebrow. "I am so scared Zayn. I have been with vampires for years Zayn your no different" I snapped and pushed him off me. Niall walked out. "Har, Zayn is right if Harry won't join us we have to use force" Niall said.

I sighed. "Why do you want him so badly?" I asked. The boys looked at me. "He is very powerful and we could use him. He used to be our friend in the 1800's than he moved away with his father and we never saw him again. we formed this to find him and we did. He turned his back on us for that human" Louis said. i got mad. "When he introduced me to her. I heard the love in his voice I have never heard before. He really loves her Louis" I said.

Louis looked at me. "Humans and vampires don't go well together. He can't handle blood" Liam said. I raised an eyebrow  "I am human idiot Liam. I have never seen Harry feed off a human in my life on this planet" I said. "Do not call me an idiot" Liam said in his demon voice. I nodded and little scared. all of a sudden a guy walked in. "Who are you?" Zayn asked. "I need you to do something for me. I will pay you A million pounds" The guy said. 

I saw the boys nod. "This girl..." The guy said holding up a picture of Jade. "She is my daughter. I want you to take her away from Harry and bring her to my house. I have some unfinished work with her" The guy said. "what do you mean unfinished work?" I asked. "Harmony stay out of this" Niall growled. "No not until he tells me what the hell is going on" I said. The guy sighed. "She's my punching bag" The guy said. "we are not giving you to her if you do that" Liam said. "If you don't I will tell the hunters where you live" the guy said. The boys sighed. "Fine. How long do we have?" Liam said. 


The guy smiled. "10 days to get her back to me. If not I tell the hunters your hideout" The guy said. "Okay we need your address" Louis said. The guy wrote it down, he handed it to Liam and left. "Guys you can't do it" I said. "He will tell the hunters" Zayn said. "Just move" I said and walked off. I ran to Harry's house. "Harry open up I need to tell you something important" I said banging on the door. Keith answered  "Go away" Keith said. "Listen this is the truth Jade's dad came into the boys and my hideout. The boys are going to take Jade and bring her to him" I said. Keith slammed the door in my face. "Keith its the truth. I'm sorry" I said and ran off back to the hideout.

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