I Love A Vampire (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Jade Winters is a normal teenage girl. With the weird and best friends ever. She has a hard life at home and wants someone to lover her for her. Then there's a new boy at school named Harry Styles. He changes her life. But he hides a secret that could put her in danger.


2. Chapter 1

I walked down the school halls getting to my locker. Today I was wearing our school jumper over the uniform. My parents aren't the best. They abuse me. Well mum doesn't do anything she has to listen to him. Him. If You want to know who Him is. He's my dad and he's the one who abuses me when he wants to. Mum either watches or makes dinner not caring for my screams and tears. He comes home drunk and abuses me or he just acts like he loves me when he doesn't. I hate it so much. I wish I could get out of there. I got to my locker and opened it grabbing my books for today. I heard girls scream.


I turned and saw a new boy walking in. I shurgged and turned back to what I was doing. I have amazing friends but they don't go to this school and it sucks. I closed my locker and walked off. The bell rang for lesson. I got to sciene and sat at the back. Where I sit. Other students even the teacher walked in. 3 minutes later the new boy walked in. "You must be Harry the new student" Mrs Crackle said. Harry nodded. "Class welcome Harry Styles" Mrs Crackle said.


The room filled with so many welcoming sayings. "Alright Harry please sit next to Jade. She's at the back. Purple hair" Mrs Crackle said. Harry nodded and walked down the rows and got to the seat next to me and sat down. "Hey" Harry said. I looked at him and smiled. I went back to my work. I don't like talking to people much. My friends are the only ones I can talk to. But since they don't go here I can't. I used to go to there school but my dad decided to move me to this posh school with a sluty school uniform. Once I finsihed my work. Harry didn't even do anything.


Great a bad boy is not what I need right now. I don't want anyone to get in my way of being a grade A student and becoming a paramedic. Once class finished. I grabbed everything my works and books. I went to walk out. When "Jade and Harry stay back" Mrs Crackle said. We nodded and did what she said. Mrs Crackle closed the door. Mrs Crackle looked at Harry than me. "Now Harry I know you didn't do any work and you don't want to fail do you. So I am making Jade your tutor" Mrs Crackle said.


No this can't be happening. "Okay ma'am" Harry said. I looked at the teacher. "No way its his fault he didn't do any work" I said. Mrs Crackle looked at me. "Do you want me to get your father involved" Mrs Crackle asked. I shook my head. Yeah she is my dads friend and knows what he does. "Good if you don't I will tell him" Mrs Crackle said. I nodded. "Good now go you two" Mrs Crackle said. We nodded and left. Harry pushed me against the locker. "Why did you say no?" Harry asked. I looked at Harry and shrugged. I shoved him off and left.


Once school finished. Harry met me in the car park. "Coming to yours?" Harry asked. I shrugged. "Why do you keep doing that?" Harry asked. I looked at him. "Lets go to the cafe on Park Street the student one yeah meet you there at 7" I said. Harry nodded and walked off. He got into a car. I saw another boy in the car. He drove off. I got into my car and drove off home. Once I got to my house. I turned the car off and walked inside. "I am going out a 7. I am helping this guy with his work" I said. Mum and dad nodded. That is what I mean.


It was 6:30. I grabbed what I needed and headed to my car where I got in and drove off to the cafe. Once i got there. I saw Harry waiting. I stepped out and walked across the road. Harry saw me. "I didn't think you would come" Harry said. I looked at him. "I had to" I said as we walked in. The bell rang which made students look at us and turn back around. Harry and I got out books out. I helped him through it. "Why did you get scared when Mrs Carckle said she would get your father involved?" Harry asked.


I looked at Harry. I didn't say anything. I kept helping him. "Jade" Summer yelled. I turned and saw Summer and my other friends. I stood up and hugged them. Harry looked at us. "How is everything?" Brad asked. I looked at them. "Fine" I said. They went to a table. I sat back down with Harry and helped him again. Harry looked at me. "Are you ever going to tell me?" Harry asked. I shook my head. Once it became 9:30 we left the cafe. I got home and walked to my room. Dad was drunk. I rushed and got dressed, laying on my bed and falling asleep.



Harry's POV

I got home and walked in where I met up with my father. "Where were you son?" My father asked. I looked at him. "I had to get a tutor and she was helping me with my work" I said. My father nodded and walked off. I sighed. I need to find out about Jade. I know she is hiding something. I got into my room. Where I stripped down and fell onto my bed. I closed my eyes slowly. 

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