Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


13. The Ride

Harry had driven me home. Silence filled the car. 
When we got to mine, there were 3 cars parked outside my house, that's two too many. I recognized one to be Louis' and the other one was new to me. 
"What's going on?" Harry questioned before we got out of the car. 
"I don't know." Harry was still sitting in the car as I got out, "You don't have to come in if you don't want." I knew he wasn't ready to see everyone at this point in time. 
"No. I'll come." He walked around to me and we slowly entered my front door. We walked into an awkward atmosphere containing none other than Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Tess, Niall and Sarah. They all looked at Harry in shock with Louis mouthing the words, 'told you', to Liam. 
"Where have you been?" Liam tried to be angry at Harry, but I could tell he was more happy about his return. 
"I had things." 
"Like what? Do you know what your disappearance did to us? Especially Alex?" El jumped in.
Harry looked at me with guilt, taking my hand, "Yes. And I'm so sorry." He spoke facing me. 
"Harry, man. I'm just glad you're back." Niall tried to boost the atmosphere's happiness as he got up and gave Harry a hug. 
"Glad you're back, too." Harry tried to smile, but failed. He observed his surroundings, "Who's that?" He motioned his curls toward Sarah. 
"That's Sarah.. my erm, girlfriend." Niall sounded like it was more of a question rather than a statement. Sarah smiled at Harry, showing her dimples and Harry returned the smile, also showing off his. 
Liam stood up, "It is amazing to have you back. You remember Tess?" 
Harry waved at her, "Yeah." 
"You won't be leaving us anymore right?" Louis asked. Harry stood there biting his bottom lip. "Harold?" Louis insisted. 
"Don't well me!" Louis sassed. 
"I've kinda got to go somewhere, only for 5 days though, max." Everyone looked at me. 
"I'm going too." 
"Where?" Niall asked with a worried look on his face. 
"I wanted Harry to drive me to a family members house. I was too erm, scared to go by myself." I lied to Niall, my best friend. In any other situation I would've told the truth, but I couldn't- obviously. This wasn't my secret that I could just open up to Niall about. 
"I could've taken you.." He added. 
"Sarah just got back from the coast, you should spend time with her." I weakly smiled. 


Harry kept making up lie after lie, making up stories of where he had to go so suddenly. Louis up the fact that everyone was suddenly forgetting him. Harry had told me that he already knew, he asked if people could just forget about him like as if he never existed. It was clear that if me and Louis didn't catch him at his house, Harry would've disappeared off of the face of the earth. Harry obviously said he had no idea why people would just forget about him. 
After only just under an hour of discussion, everyone left. It was just after 5 and the sun was setting. Everyone wanted to get home. Louis went with El, Liam and Tess. Sarah owned the other car and left Niall, he was gonna walk home. Sarah awkwardly placed a light kiss on Niall's cheek before she left. Harry had just run to the bathroom and Niall used the small gap of time to talk. 
"We need to talk." 
"About?" I looked at Niall. 
"About 2 weeks ago, Friday?" He knew I knew exactly what he was talking about. 
"Niall, I think we should just leave it." 
"You can't do that to me." Niall whispered, he didn't want Harry to hear. 
"You have Sarah. And now I have Harry." 
"Are you two even dating?" Niall whispered angrily. 
"No, well, I don't know." I shook my head, "It doesn't matter anyway because.."
"Because you have Sarah." He finished my sentence, "I know, Alex. I know." He stood up out of his seat and left without saying goodbye. Guilt ran through my mind and to my stomach, making me feel sick. 


I went to my room and quickly packed a small bag for mine and Harry's little trip. We rode back to his and he packed one for himself, "We'll stay here tonight and ride off tomorrow." I nodded. "Here.." Harry handed me a familiar top, it was his, one of my favorites. I would always borrow it when he slept over mine or when I slept over his. I changed and met Harry in the lounge room, stretching my legs out onto a couch. "You can sleep in my room, if you wanted a bed." 
"I'm fine out here." I smiled. Harry walked into the corridor and returned with a pillow and blanket, "thank you." I barely said when Harry passed them over to me. 
"Welcome, love." How I missed the sound of his voice. His accent trembled down my spine, the usual effect it takes on me. His deep, husky, British accent gave me a sensation that couldn't be explained and I loved it. I was lost in thought, basically staring at Harry.
He smirked as he noticed me in the corner of his eye, "Everything okay?" 
"Fine." I said, relaxing my back further into the lounge. I felt myself doze off, and I slightly awoke when I felt Harry's presence become nearer. My eyes remained shut as I felt his finger caress the side of my face and down to my chin. I felt him place his perfect lips of my forehead before turning off the t.v and going to his bedroom to seep.

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