Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


18. Steve

I didn't know what to do. I had no one to call, no one to talk to and I was 10 hours away from anywhere familiar. I decided to start walking to the only place I knew I could go at this point; the crematorium. The half an hour drive we took to the park turned into an hour and 10 minute walk. My legs were okay though. I walked toward the building Steve walked to earlier, calling out to see if anyone was there. 

"Hello?" I heard Steve's voice, "Alex? Does Harry need me?" 
"Um.. no. I sort of walked here by myself." 
'From where? Are you crazy?!" 
"The park down there somewhere." I pointed in a random direction. 
"That's a good hour walk. Why didn't you get Harry to bring you?" 
"He sort of left me stranded there." 
"That's odd." Steve made a funny face, "Do you need a lift?" 
"Yeah. I came to ask if like.. there were any train stations or maybe planes that I could take back?" 
"Nah, sorry. No public transport runs through this area. I could drive you.. I mean if you wanted. For Harry." He spoke in an awkward tone. 
"No, it's fine. I think I'll just call Harry later. He should be over it." 
"But he'll have to drive all this way." 
"You'll have to drive back and forth too if you take me." 
"Let me take you, I swear it's fine. I've always wanted to go for a road trip." 
"Um.. Steve, how old are you?" 
"Old enough to drive, why's that?" Steve smiled, revealing clear braces. 
"I just thought you were like.. 15 or something." 
"Hah, well, I guess I look young for my age. Um, I'll be right back. You can come if you want. I'm just going to my house, back there. I'll get the keys." Steve awkwardly took two steps back and I followed which surprised him so he stopped. I smiled and raised an eyebrow. Steve began to walk again, and as he turned around to walk, I followed back to his house. Steve shared a house with his grandparents about 10 meters from the crematorium building. "My grandparents have gone to Italy for a holiday." 
"Are you Italian?" 
"Only a small part, maybe a quarter." He smiled. "Did you need anything to drink? You did walk quite far." 
"Oh, yes please. Water would be amazing right now." 
"Here." Steve smiled at me as he handed me a glass of water, I smiled back. The water had a tangy after taste, but I was too thirsty to think about it and within seconds I sculled the water. 
"Um.. that water.." I stopped. Would I hurt him if I asked about the water's taste? I feel weird though, "It made me feel.. weird. Is the water here um.." 
"Safe to drink? Yeah. If you don't add anything to it." He smirked. 
"What?" And before I knew it, Steve's hand came flying at my face and slapped me, knocking me out with assistance of the infected water.


I don't know how long it's been, but I managed to gain consciousness. It's dark and I can feel a soft material underneath me. I wriggle around and come to the conclusion that it's a mattress. I had also figured out it wasn't dark, I have something covering my eyes. I can also feel my arms are tied, very tightly, around my back and my ankles have been tied together as well. I started to slowly move around on the bed and made a coughing noise to see if anyone was in the room. No one had made any reaction so I quickened my pace. i moved my legs to my left to try to find the edge of the bed and when I did I slowly made my feet down to the floor. Next I moved to my entire body could hit the floor. After I was sitting on the floor, with no one stopping me still, I managed to move my hands underneath my ass and legs and brought them in front of me. I started biting at what felt like rope to untie myself. Struggling, I finally succeeded and untied my hands then uncovered my face. I took off what was a white bandanna from my face and almost had a panic attack when I saw Steve standing in the door frame, watching me. He was watching me struggle the whole time. Steve shook his head in disappointment due to my success of untying myself and approached me. 
"We haven't finished yet." He pulled an evil grin and with one masculine arm he lifted me from the floor and threw me onto the bed. 
"What the fuck are you doing?" I shouted, almost at the top of my lungs. 
"Shh, it's okay." He walked around to the other side of the bed and began to caress my hair before grabbing my right wrist and twisting it until I screamed. "You're a screamer?" 
"You're hurting me!" I tried pulling away, but Steve tugged harder and forced me toward him. 
"I'm gonna be honest.." He started and lent down to whisper into my ear, "This will be my first time."


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