Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


22. So Sick

"He did what?" Eleanor was shocked after I explained what had happened between me and Niall last night. "Louis told me a story way different from that! Alex, are you okay?" 
"Fine. Oh, um, what did Louis tell you?" 
"He told me that after you stormed out of the cafe, Niall joined the boys and they asked what had happened. Niall just said he was being honest with you about his feelings. It's quite opposite to what you told me, actually. Niall said he was trying to confess to you or something, but he didn't have the right words to say." 
"Oh. Okay. Thanks El. I um, I have to go now. I'll call you back if I need anything else. Thanks for everything!" 
"You're very welcome. I'm always here to help, love!" And I hung up.

Re-evaluating my life, I tend to notice a major change within the past year of my life. Since I met Zayn.. since I met Harry. And to think.. to think all this bullshit, all this drama, it all started because of me. I used to be a quiet girl who didn't like attention or having a large group of friends; I preferred not to have any actually. I never had a boyfriend, I lost contact with all my high school friends and I had a lack of support from what's left of my family. I had Niall and he was really all I needed. Within the past not even year.. I met a boy. A perfect boy named Zayn, whom I slowly lost interest in as I woke up to myself and thought he would never date me. Then, then I met his band. I got into my first fight in my life with one of the worst people to live, Vicky, and I was saved by an angel. That angel was Harry Styles. He was always there for me and supported me when Zayn became a major douche. I went out with Harry, apparently had sex with Zayn and ended up dating him then we broke up because Harry's deleted ex girlfriend, in who he had killed and left without a trace. Now. Now I've kissed Niall and basically confessed my love for him. Harry's back and he thought we were together, I obviously told him we weren't which almost lead me to being.. raped.. and Niall was my angel this time. But Niall completely cut me off. He told me he doesn't want see me. I really do have no one, it's how I like it, but not having anyone to talk to is hard. Liam and Tess have gone away for a short (2 month) holiday, Louis wants to take Eleanor for a holiday but El doesn't want to leave me and apparently Harry wants to move away, for a fresh start. 

I built up a sickening feeling in my stomach and ran to the bathroom. I had been feeling this was for about 8-9 days now. That's how long it's been since Niall had beat the shit out of Steve. I washed my hands after throwing up in the toilet and threw myself into my bed. I texted Louis.. 
To: Lewis
Message: take El for that holiday. you guys need it, don't worry about me. :) xx

And before awaiting a reply, I turned off my phone. Hungry. I'm hungry. I've had really bad cravings, as well as being sick to my stomach. I crave a lot of junk food, usually Oreos with Nutella or chocolate cake or pizza. I could really go for a extra cheesy pizza right now. 
I quickly checked the time. 7:09p.m, 25th of September. It's still early. I changed into camouflage patterned tights with a plain black, loose fitting shirt, grabbed my keys and wallet an fled the house. It was only a short drive to the pizzeria, and $14.50 later, the guy behind the counter said it was a 20 minute wait. I decided to go to the pharmacy or something to get medicine. Booking an appointment was easy, the doctors was almost empty and most doctors were available to see. 
"Alex Harris.." A doctor called. I walked into room 4 to see Dr. Husain. She was my regular doctor. "What seems to be the problem, Miss Harris? You're rarely ever sick." 
"Oh.. um, well for about a week now I've been feeling really sick. If it's not in the morning, it's late at night." 
"Okay.. what did you last eat before you started feeling sick? Where you anywhere peculiar or anything?" 
I couldn't tell the doctor the truth, "Oh.. I may have been drinking I think. And I was home. This really sick feeling just came out of no where." 
"Have you been experiencing any other irregular habits?" 
"Well, I get these weird cravings and I've been eating a lot more lately. I've been trying to cut down, but whenever I do, I feel really weak and light headed." I explained, I could just hear keys on a keyboard being pressed quickly and I noticed Dr. Husain nodding. 
"Can I ask, have you had sexual intercourse recently?" 
"Um.. why?" This was an obviously awkward topic to talk about. 
"I would advise you take a pregnancy test, Miss Harris, and then get back to me. For now, I can't prescribe you with anything just incase you are carrying an infant." She smiled. 
"Ohh.. okay. Thank you." I tried pulling a smile before leaving. I walked into the pharmacy just next to the doctors and brought a pregnancy test. Yeah right. I'm so pregnant. I thought sarcastically to myself. I retrieved my cheese pizza from the pizzeria and left to go home. 

I wanted to relax. I threw off my shoes, turned in the TV and ate the pizza on my couch. 5 slices of pizza later, I was continuously in and out of sleep until I gathered a sick feeling again. I ran to the toilet, but nothing. Nothing can out. I calmed my breathing and remembered the tests. I know I couldn't possibly be pregnant, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Plus, I have to prove I'm not pregnant so my doctor can provide me with something for this pain. I took the test out of the box and followed the instructions. Watching the little screen on the test, I broke down in tears. How? How could this even be happening?! Two vertical red lines appeared. Pregnant. These things aren't always right in the first go, though. I took out the second test from the box and took it again. Two red lines. The test was positive. 
Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted a family. But I'm not ready for this now. And.. and I seriously don't know who the father is. 

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