Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


24. 'She Knows I Didn't'

"I don't even know if it's him Niall, please don't go to see him! He's probably still in hospital considering the state you left him in!" I pleaded with Niall, trying to convince him not to go to visit Steve. We all know what this visit is going to consist of, pure violence. 
"What other possibilities are there, huh?" 
".. I don't know." My head fell in defeat. 
"EXACTLY. I still can't believe the fucking nerve of that.. he isn't even a man, let alone a boy!" Niall was circling around the lounge room, trying to contain his anger. 
"But I'm not sure.. remember he didn't really touch me, Niall." 
"But remember, you were there for almost 3 days and you had no idea!" Niall roared and stopped in his tracks quickly turning his head toward me. I wasn't scared nor angry, just sad. "I'm sorry for yelling.. it's just the thought of him touching you whilst you were unconscious and clearly unwilling.. sickens me and angers me, how could anyone do that?" Niall's voice softened as he approached me and sat next to me. Stroking my cheek softly, he put my hair behind my ear and we sat in quiet. 


"Please let me visit him." Niall pleaded as he drove us both to get some take away. 
"No. I mean it Niall, there's no need." 
"There is a lot of need, Alex. Please? You can come to, it'll just be a easy going talk." 
"Easy going talk? Riiight." I rolled my eyes at the false statement. 
"I promise. I'm pretty much begging you at this point, Alex. If we weren't in the car I'd be on my knees! Please, let us both go see him!" Niall's words were harsh but spoken in a soft tone. 
"I just don't think it's a good idea, Niall." 
"Please." Niall looked at me with comforting eyes. I met his eyes with mine and eventually gave in. 
"Niall.. f- fine. We'll go." 
"Sweet!" Niall did a quick and very much illegal u-turn in the middle of the street. 
"We're not going now Niall!" I shoved him lightly. 
"Yes we are." He smiled. 
"Niall, no! I'm not in the mood right now!" 
"You have just under 10 hours to get into the mood." Niall laughed. 
"Ugh, you're such an idiot Niall!" I laughed with him as he sped down the roads leading to Steve's place. I slowly drifted into a deep and much needed sleep. 


After regaining consciousness, well, waking up, I soon realized the sun was slowly rising and the car had been parked, oh and not to mention Niall isn't in the car with me. Great. I re-adjusted my positioning in the chair and sat up to get a better view of where we were. Yep, we were defiantly at Steve's house. I recognized the long dirt road leading up to the cabin me and Harry stayed in. I reached over to the drivers seat to see if he left the keys.. nope. I slowly got out of the car, trying not to make any noises and I slowly closed the door so it didn't make a loud bang. I crept over to the front door of the crematorium and inside. I walked to the back exit and toward Steve's house. I took a deep breath in as I walked up to the front window and peaked in. The curtains were closed we I couldn't see there bodies, but I saw two shadowy entities. Their figures defined them, Niall to the left and Steve to the right. They were making a lot of gestures, but I couldn't hear a thing. I ducked under the window and walked to the front door, it was open just enough for me to look through it but from this angle, I couldn't see either of them. I slowly pushed the door another inch open, praying for it not to creek, and I was lucky for once as it didn't. I moved my body positioning a bit and I was squatting at the door frame, I could see their bodies now, but I had no success in seeing their faces. Steve had just stood up and walked closer to Niall lifting his hand. No, don't! Don't fight, please! I closed my eyes waiting for a noise of any sort and when I didn't hear a thing, I opened my eyes to see them.. shaking hands? I let out a breath of relief and smiled. I opened the door a little more and watched. Hands still in each others grasp, Niall pulled Steve closer, twisting his arm and throwing him onto the floor, making a loud 'THUD' type sound. 
"I promised I wouldn't hurt you, you piece of shit!" Niall spat at Steve, literally spitting on him after the words left his mouth. 
"Hah, what? You promised to that slut Alex you wouldn't hurt me?" 
"SHE ISN'T A SLUT!" Niall roared as his left foot kicked Steve cleanly across the jaw. Steve just laughed, wiping the stream of blood coming from his mouth. "You raped her! How the fuck does that make her a slut?!" 
"Ohh, is that what she told you? I raped her?" Steve laughed, "That's a new one!" 
"What the..?" Niall kicked him in the gut, a little lighter this time, "You've done this before?" 
"Hah, no. But I've heard stories of other teens that have one night stands, usually they don't accuse the baby's daddy of rape." Steve cocked an eye brow and slowly stood up. I noticed he had a bandage around one of his elbows and his face was still bruised from before. 
"She didn't accuse you of shit! She found out she was pregnant and came to the conclusion that you're the father!" Niall created a fist, and tried holding in his rage. 
"I didn't rape her." Steve laughed. 
"I could fucking kill you right now.." Niall laughed, trying not to hit Steve. 
"So.. is she keeping it?" Steve sat down and took a drink from a whisky bottle. 
"It doesn't matter, you're keeping away from it!" Niall took the bottle and threw it across the room. 
"Hey! That was a waste of 89 bucks mate!" 
"You're such a dick." Niall left it at that and started walking towards the door, I went to run off until Steve interrupted him. 
"I want rights to the baby." 
Niall laughed and slowly turned around, "The fucking nerve of you.." 
"Hey, rape or not, it's mine." 
"I could just call the police on you and you'll be locked up, or if you take this to court, the fact that you raped her will be brought up and there's no way you're getting custody." 
"Why don't you just call the police now then? You're acting so hard hiding behind them, why don't you dob me in right now?" Steve urged. 
"It doesn't matter how much I want to.. Alex doesn't want to. I have no idea why, but she thinks you're the dad and can't accept the fact that you, need I remind you, raped her!" 
"Because she knows I didn't.." Steve gave a quick smirk before Niall turned around and walked toward the door. I quickly took off and ran to the car, closing my eyes pretending I hadn't woken up yet.

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