Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


12. Secrets

"It's okay, Harry." I placed a hand on his back, making slight circle motions trying to calm him down. 
"IT'S NOT OKAY! Did you n-n- not see what I had d- done?" He lifted his head, his face covered in salty tears. 
"Harry, tell me what happened." 
"No, Alex. Please just leave, you've gotten yourself involved too much already.." He begged me to leave. 
"No. Harry, I'm here for you." I took his hands and stared into his green eyes. 
"Pl- please, go." 
"No." I had put my foot down. I wasn't going, "Now, what happened?" 
Still crying he spoke brokenly, "It it was an accident.." I nodded as he began, "She c-c- came over and we had gotten into a- a argument.." He stopped. 
"Then..?" I tilted my head awaiting an answer.
"Then.. then she threatened to ruin me and.." I raised an eyebrow as he stopped again, "She threatened to hurt you and she.. she attacked me and o- of course my initial reaction was to well, push her away.." His eyes filled deeper with tears, "Then she pulled a gun on me.." His eyes trailed to the chest, "And shot, twice. O- one hitting my lower stomach.." He lifted his shirt revealing stitches, "So I took the gun and it was an accident, I swear." He fell back into his hands, I had known what happened next. He shot her. He shot Esther. "Alex, you can't be seen with me. I don't want you to get into trouble." 
I pulled his arms down and wrapped my arms around his underarms, he hugged back. "We're in this together now." 
"No." He looked up at me.
"Too late." He knew I was right, if anybody found the body and found out it was Harry, of course they would question me. Especially because me and Esther didn't get along. 
"Forgive me?" Harry begged.
"It's okay, Harry." 
"I have to get rid of the body, I was gonna turn myself in." I was lost for words, it was the right thing but I couldn't lose him. It may sound selfish but Harry doesn't belong in jail. 
I traced my fingers from behind his back, to the side of his stomach and down to his stitch, "Did you get questioned.. for this?" 
"No, I went to a friend. His girlfriend's a nurse, she stitched it up for me, no questions." 
"That's where you went?" 
"Yeah." He softly watched my fingers run across his stitch. 

Harry stood up and walked toward the chest, containing what was probably his deepest and darkest secret. That I'm now involved in. I do believe it was an accident, Harry wasn't capable of this. 
"What are you gonna do?" I walked behind Harry who was locking up the chest. 
"I know a place.. I can go and cremate her. An old friend's dad works there, they rid of bodies all the time. They use the crematorium after hours in secret and it'll be okay because it's in the middle of no where." 
"You're not leaving me, again." I crossed my arms as he stood up in front of me. 
"I have to. I'll be back in 5 days if everything works out." 
"That's too long, I'm co-" 
"No, yo're not coming." 
"Harry.. I have to." 
"I don't want you getting into trouble." 
"I don't want you getting into trouble either, Harry. I'm coming." He nodded his head as he gave in. 
"There's a catch?" I rolled my eyes. 
Harry grabbed my crossed forearms and pulled me in, whispering into my ear, "Tell me you love me." 
I slowly moved my ear from his mouth, his mouth lightly pressing against my cheek, to my lips, placing a light kiss before I pulled back. "I love you, Harry." He smiles and pulled me in for another kiss, this time I gave in and gave his tongue access into my mouth. 

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