Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


19. Save Yourself

"Steve, what are you doing?" He sat on the bed next to me, almost massaging my shoulders. 
"I need you to be okay, comfortable." 
"How am I meant to feel okay about any of this? Or comfortable? Let me go Steve, if Harry finds out he'l.."
"He'll what? If you don't remember, he left you." Steve's words echoed through my mind. 'He left you'. 
"He did, didn't he?" I woke up to myself and realized the only way to get out of this was by helping myself. 

Steve laughed and moved off of the bed to close the door and locked it, then checked the window and locked it as well. There go my two plans and only options of escape. Steve walked back over to the bed, unbuckling his belt and slowly pulled down and stepped out of his pants. He threw me a smile before taking off his shirt slowly, giving me an opportunity to scan the room and plan my escape. Steve had locked the window with a key. If I twist the door handle though, it will unlock. But after I run out of the room, where am I? And what if the doors are locked with keys? Shit! 
I looked away from the door and back at Steve to notice he was watching me, smiling. He walked over to me and forcefully took off my shirt, then pushed me back onto the bed and started to take off my pants. I started kicking around and screaming. 
But my screams couldn't compare to his rough handling and muscles could, within seconds he ripped my pants off. I tried to roll back and when succeeding, I fell to the floor. Steve came to the other side of the bed and blocked my floor passage. I jumped onto the bed yelling at him, "STAY AWAY STEVE! PLEASE DON'T." My eyes were watering but nothing was coming out, causing my vision to become mildly blurry. I jumped off of the bed and ran for the door avoiding Steve. I found myself in an unfamiliar hallway, "Shit!" I couldn't stop running. This house was like a maze, any attempt I made to exit through a door was a dead end or had other doors in it. I could hear Steve's heavy footsteps trailing not far behind me. He wasn't getting angry, nor yelling at me. Just hot on my trail of chasing me around the house. I guess he knows that I can't get out and he knows this place like the back of his hand. Out of breath, I ran into what looked to be a bathroom. Slowly and quietly I shut the door and locked it, and went to sit in a small bath tub allocated in the corner. I felt like hyperventilating, I was scared and out of breath, but I wanted to control my breathing. 

I rubbed my forehead trying to come up with a plan, any plan. And then I realized, my phone! I can just call someone, the police even! But I had to get back to my clothes, my phone was in the pocket of my pants. I crept out of the bath and tip toed to the door, standing next to it so I didn't create any shadows. 
Slowly opening the door, I peeped out. No one was there. Okay. I closed the door behind me, walked toward another door and closed my eyes taking a deep breath in. I quickly opened the door and ran. I remembered the way I got here and just ran, bumping my little toe causing me to fall to the floor in pain, holding in screams. I crawled to my feet and swore as I began to run again. As soon as I got to the room I accidentally slammed the door shut and locked it. I heard Steve laughing and he started playing with the door handle. 
"Oh, Alex, love, won't you open the door?" I kept quiet. "I know you're in there, open the door." 
"Piss off!"
"This is my house though.." 
"Just go away you fucking rapist!"
"How dare you accuse me of being a rapist!"
"Are you kidding me right now?" Every bone in my body wanted to waltz out and kick his face in, but I'm obviously not strong enough. I grabbed my clothes and put them on, searching for my phone I let out a swear when I couldn't find it. 
"I have your phone, by the way." I heard a thud against the door and under the frame I could tell he was leaning on the door, "I don't think you'll be going anytime soon love. We could do this the easy way or we could do this the hard way. Remember, I'm giving you the option, so no matter what happens weather it be us together or me havi..." he stopped. 
"What? Or you what?" He didn't answer me. Something was wrong. I could feel it. 

I gained the courage to open the door and I noticed another presence in the room with Steve. I opened the door completely realizing who it was. Standing there hovering over Steve beating the daylight out of him, I let out a gasp because of the pool of blood that was created so quickly. Both of the boy's faces were bleeding, but Steve's was utterly broken. 
"STOP!" I pleaded and ran over to him, holding his fist back from hitting Steve.   

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