Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


14. Ridding

Still half asleep on harry's couch, I felt sudden movements. I slowly opened my eyes and to my surprise, Harry held me bridal style and was about to put me into his car. 
"Mornin' love." He smiled, "I didn't want to wake you." His eyes sparkled, the green contrasting with the yellow and orange sunrise behind him. 
"You could've woken me." I giggled. 
"I'll remember that for next time." He said sarcastically, "I just gotta get our bags, the chest is in the boot." He shut the passenger door before me and jogged in and out of the house with our bags, throwing them into the back seat then jumping into driver's seat. "Let's go." He smiled as he put the keys into the ignition.

I had drifted to sleep again, and approximately 2 hours later, a husky yet suave and angelic voice awoke me. It was the voice of Harry. He was awkwardly singing along to Chris Brown, I'm not too sure if he knew the lyircs, but it was cute. Harry was truly beautiful, his defined jaw outlined with light, soft brown curls, accompanied by contrasting green eyes. His well toned body and height that is just so dominant over most people. He's perfection. 
"Shake it to my bassline, gonna make it to my bassline." He hit the chorus and I giggled as he was singing, but so close to rapping. 
He stopped and shyly smiled, "Am I really that bad?"
"You're an amazing singer. It was just.. cute." I smiled. 

"Cute." He mumbled. Smiling. 
"You look tired." I noticed he had bags under his eyes as we came to a complete stop at a red light, "What's the time?" 
"3 o' clock." He yawned. 
"Shit! I thought it was only morning still." 
"You've been sleeping for like..  9 hours." He chuckled as the light went green and he accelerated. 
"And you've been driving for 9. Let me drive." 
"You don't know the way there." 
I pointed right in front of his face where a GPS lay, "I'll figure it out."
He laughed, I had gotten him, "Fine." He was really tired, "We only have another hour or so drive." He smiled. Harry had pulled up to a petrol station, filling up the tank and buying us both an iced tea. I got into the drivers seat, adjusting my seat forward before following the directions of the GPS to the crematorium.  


"Do you like hugs? Do you like love? Feel like we got so much in common.." I hummed along to Miguel for about 45 minutes until I drove into a widespread forest looking area. I think we're here. I stared at Harry, "You and me tonight, oh. Feel like I've known you for so long.." I softly sang. Harry's eyes slowly fluttered open, his long eye lashes batting as we came to a very sudden stop. "Sorry." 
"Are we here?" He yawned, stretching his arms out. 
"I think so.." I looked over the steering wheel and out the windshield, taking in our surroundings. 
Harry did the same, "Yeah, we're here." Harry unbuckled his seat belt and opened his door, turning to me before leaving, "Stay here. I won't be long." He smiled I didn't want to be alone here, but his smile gave me a warm feeling, I was safe in his presence. I nodded and locked the doors as Harry slammed shut the passenger door.

I sat in the car for what felt like forever until Harry returned. He knocked on the door waiting for me to unlock it, I shook my head mouthing 'no'. Harry just laughed.
"Open the door."
"Who are you again?" I raised an eyebrow.
"Once I get into the car, you're going to regret this." He laughed, walking around to my window, "Whind  down the window." He smiled.
"Wait." I put the key in the ignition and rolled the window down ever so slightly that Harry wouldn't be able to fit his hand through. "There." I smiled.
"Smart ass." He laughed, "Open the boot, please."
"I need to take the chest to my mate."
"Okay, one sec." I searched around looking for the button to pop the boot.
"There." Harry pressed his finger onto the window, allocating the button for me.
"Thanks." I smiled as I pressed it. Harry jogged around to the boot, I wasn't interested in the chest much so I diverted my attention to my phone. As I scrolled down my twitfeed on twitter, I felt a heavy prescence from behind me, probably just my subconsious. Then, out of no where, someone had pulled the lever to pull my chair, laying completely horizonal. "HARRY!"  I yelled as he placed his hands beside my head, looking at me in an upside down mannor. He got in through the boot, damn!
"What?" He smirked. I tried sitting us, but Harry grabbed my shoulder and forced me down again, "Not so smart now are you?" He laughed at me.
"I think I'm smart." I giggled. Harry leant down, placing a kiss on my forehead.
"Cute." He mocked, placing another kiss on my lips, this time longer.
I pushed away, "That feels weird, you're upside down." I pointed out the obvious.
"Oh, I'm sorry." Harry climbed all over me, trying to get to the front seat. Once accomplished, he struggled to pick me up and place me on top of him, fixing the seat so we could sit vertically. "Better?" He smirked, pulling my body in for another kiss.
"Much." I laughed. Harry placed long, sucling kisses down my jaw to my neck, it tickled so I squirmed a little. Harry moved his hands to place them on my waist, to prevent me from moving.
"Oh, shit. Sorry." A voice from behind us appeared out of no where. I oushed away from Harry, looking toward the boot. The boot was wide open, as Harry forgot to close it, and there stood a boy about 15 years old, covering his face.
"No, no. We're sorry." I looked at Harry, moving off of him to the passenger seat.
"Um.." The kid moved his hands and looked at Harry.
Harry hopped out of the car, jogging to the boot, "This is it."
I just sat in the passenger seat, observing therir every action, "What are you gonna do with it?" I asked the kid.
"I'm just um.. gonna um.." He looked at Harry, waiting to see if he could answer.
Harry laughed and ruffled the boy's hair, "He's burning it."
"Yeah." The boy whimpered.
"By the way, this is Steve. Steve, this is Alex, my girlfriend." Harry motioned toward me.
"Girlfriend? Oh really?" Steve smirked.
"My thoughts exactly.." I mumbled. Harry stood there smiling.
"Well, I better be going." Steve attempted to pick up the chest, Harry laughing at Steve's failure.
"I got it." Harry picked up the chest, "You wait here." Harry directed at me.

As Harry walked off my slid down in my seat, pondering. Are me and Harry a couple now? When did this even happen, I mean, yeah we kissed but I kissed Niall, too. I seem to be putting myself into this situation a lot. At least before I didn't kiss both Harry and Zayn, I went out with both; at seperate times, obviously. My feelings for Harry always fall short. I need to talk to Niall, but about this? I can't.
I sunk my face into my hands, grunting.

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