Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


1. Return of the Niall

His soft blonde hair whistled swiftly through the cold breezes of July. His right hand in the pocket if his jeans and his left pulling his suitcase, he's back. Niall's back. I had come to pick him up from the airport and I decided to meet him outside, away from the crowd waiting on the inside. I think today's the day, the day I open up to him. I feel quite confident, although there's negative possibilities, I need to tell him no matter what. 
"NIALLER!" I ran up to him and he embraced me in a warm horan hug. 
"Alex! I missed you so much!" He squeezed me even tighter. We were both smiling uncontrollably. 
"There's so much I have to tell yo, Niall!" He picked up his suitcase and I directed him to the car. 
"Me too, Al! But first I need to ask you something, a favor actually?" His grin became wider. Oh how I missed his perfectly curved smile, his sparkling blue eyes as deep as the surrounding ocean. I missed the tingles I would get when he laughed because it was that cute, I missed his blonde hair, his humor, his comfort.. I missed him. 
"Could you drive me back here to the airport tomorrow? I want you to meet someone." Niall smiled. 
"Who?!" I'd never met any of Niall's family, although we've known each other for years. 
"It's a secret." He shook his eye brows up and down. 
"Aw!" I pouted. 
"So.. how are you Alex? How are you coping?" Niall went all serious. 
"I've been fine. I've had the boys, El and Tess here for support, and now I have you. So everything'd perfect." I started blushing without realizing. 
"That's good." Niall smiled, patting my shoulder and slowly advancing to my back, I got goosebumps and Niall put his arm around the chair of my drivers seat. 
"How about you? Was everything okay with you and your family?" 
"Everything was peachy. We got everything done within the first month of my trip, so the whole of June was basically holidays. But there isn't a day I don't go without thinking of my family. They didn't take it too well as they were closer to my Aunt. " I didn't know what to say, I can't sympathize well especially in cases in which I can't relate. Luckily Niall changed the subject, "But anyways, how are the boys?" 
"They're good, they're good. Everyone really missed you, Nialler." 
"I missed everyone too!" We stopped at a Nando's because Niall's tummy was rumbling. He jumped out of his seat, "Oh, Alex, I have something for you!" He reached into his bag, "I want to give it to you before we get back to your place because I didn't get anyone else anything." We walked into Nando's and sat down, "It isn't much but it reminded me of you." He smiled, started blushing and handed me a 10cm tall figurine. It was the cutest little leprechaun I'd ever laid eyes on. It had soft blues eyes, rosy cheeks and ruffled dirty blonde hair, it actually reminded me of Niall, "I thought it was cute anyways." Niall smiled. 
"Niall it's perfect. It is really cute, too. It reminds me more of you then me though." We giggled together. 
"Well, I thought it looked like me so I brought it for you because I guess I remind myself of you." He continued to giggle at his own confusing words. 
"Thanks Niall, I love it." I smiled and he smiled revealing his teeth. I remember his cute crooked teeth, I remember his sparkling braces, all stages of his teeth have been so perfect. 

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