Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


4. Remember When

I remember when me and Niall first met, it was about 10 years ago when I was 8 and he was about 10. We were at the beach, separately, with our own families. Of course being a dumb little adventurous girl, I wanted to explore. So I did. I took off from my family without them knowing and took off at least 50 meters out of their eye sight and to the steep rock pools. Niall was there. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair and a smile to die for, accompanied by his cute crooked teeth. The rock pools were a good 2 meter slope, the rocks were smooth though, so I slid down into the shallow water. Niall was in the water looking for hermit crabs, starfish and what not. 
"Hi." He smiled, "wanna help me look for sea shells?" He asked. 
"Yeah!" I smiled. We started rummaging through the 30 cm high water of the rock pool, in search for shells. 
"I'm Niall." He tried to pull a deep, masculine voice as he threw a shell into his bucket. 
"Hehe, I'm Alex." I giggled. When I was younger I found deep voices stupid and pointless, and when Niall pretended to have one it was the funniest thing ever. We kept searching for sea shells and I wandered out of the pool to search in the shallow end of the actual sea. 
"Be careful." Niall warned me. 
"Okay." I smiled a cheesy little girl smile and ventured further and further into the ocean. I had a sparkling conch shell in my sight and I was absolutely stunned by it- I had to have to, I wanted to give it to Niall. As I reached to get it, I realized to water was too deep and I fell in head first, screaming. "AHHHH!" I didn't know how to swim, I didn't grow up with a pool or near a beach so I didn't see the point. 
"ALEX?" I heard a cute tonned male voice shouting out. I continued to scream and splash my arms around. "I'M COMING!" Niall yelled. He jumped into the ocean and grabbed my arms, "it's okay, it's okay." He tried to calm me down before he wrapped my arms around his shoulders, placing me on his back and he swam us both back to shore. 
"Th-th-thank you.." I was crying. 
"It's okay." Niall hugged me and took me back to my family. I'll never forget that day. Niall is my hero and I can't thank him enough for saving me.

Since then, me and Niall had become very close friends, obviously to the extent of being best friends. I remember we would walk to school together everyday and home again, every Friday afternoon we'd play a game of soccer, every Saturday we'd have a picnic at the park down the road and every Sunday, we'd had a movie night. I miss these days, me and Niall barely see each other anymore. It's almost been a month since he's been back and the only time we hang out is when we search for Harry as a group once a week.

*BZZ BZZ BZZ* my phone rang, caller ID 'NIALLLLLER'. Oh my Niall, my Niall is calling. 
"Niall." I smiled into my phone. 
"Alex! How have you been?" I felt his warm smile through my phone. 
"Good, good. And you?  Was just thinking about you." 
"I've been fine. And I was just thinking about you too, I've had the reoccurring memory of how we first met in my head for awhile and I've been meaning to call you but Sarah and I hav.." 
"It's fine, Niall." I smiled, "you have a girlfriend, I understand you two would be busy." 
"Well, Sarah's going up the coast for about a week with her family. I figured maybe we could hang out, just like old times." 
A cheesy smile was brought upon my face, "defiantly!" 
"How about tonight? It's Sunday, remember when we used to have movie nights at my place?" He laughed, "lets watch a movie." 
"Erm, sure! What did you wanna watch?" 
"Well, none of that Disney." 
"But you said just like old times, Disney is just like old times." I joked. 
"Oh shut up." He laughed and I could feel his eyes roll, "I wanna watch a comedy. Scary movie 5?" 
"Come over at 7 yeah? And don't eat, we'll have dinner and snacks at mine." 
"Okay, c'ya then Niall." 
"See you soon." And I hung up. The time was 5 o'clock at night, I had a good 2 hours to get ready.


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