Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


2. Princess

After we left Nando's, it was about a half hour drive to my place. Niall had fallen asleep, he sleeps like a baby and I think he may have farted. Traffic was slow so the drive took 45 minutes. 
We went to Niall's house first to drop off his bags, then to mine. I insisted Niall walked in first, he walked straight into the lounge room then toward the kitchen, 
"WELCOME BACK NIALL!" Liam, Tess, Louis and Eleanor had yelled at the top of their lungs, piling on top of the poor kid. 
"One at a time please, guys!" Niall laughed and when everyone backed away he jumped on everyone trying to hug them all at once. "Who's this?" Niall smiled at Tess.
"This is Tess.." Liam blushed.
"Liam's giiiiirlfriend!" Louis teased. Tess and Liam both blushed together. I've never seen these guys so happy in a while. After an hour or so of catching up, everyone decided to leave to get some food. Me and Niall stayed back for a while to do some 'extra' catching up. 

"Alex, there's so much I need to tell you!" 
"Things that the others couldn't know?" 
"Things I could only tell my best friend!" Niall gave me a slight nudge on my shoulder and laughed. 
"Well? Spit it out!" I was so tempted to find out what he had been dying to tell me. 
"Alex, you know how I've just been dying to meet the right one?" Niall grabbed my hands and I started to lightly blush. I bit my bottom lip to contain myself, "Well, I think I know who the right one is!" He smiled. 
"Me too.." I smiled. 
"That's great, Al!" I was lost in his transparent, deep blue eyes and I was brought back to reality when I heard him spill the words, "I want you to meet my girlfriend." What? GIRLFRIEND? 
"What, who?!" 
"Oh, Alex! The one I was ust talking about for the past 5 minutes!" He rolled his eyes, laughing and let go of my hands. 
"Ohh.. thaat one." I tried catching up with the past 5 minutes of my life. 
"That's the person we're picking up tomorrow, Sarah. I hope you like her, I couldn't have my best friend not approve of my very first girlfriend!" 
"Niall, I trust your judgement in girls.." I said weakly. 
"Thanks Al!" He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me and all I could think about was 'Sarah'. 


The next day, Niall came banging on my door at 4 a.m. We had to go pick up Sarah and Niall had a box of chocolate with chocolate roses, I'm guessing she loves chocolate. At 5 a.m we got to the airport and Niall was bouncing around anxiously. 
"So.. how did you meet again? I was half asleep yesterday and I can't remember, sorry." I lied to Niall. 
"Oh, I ran into her a couple of times in Ireland and one day we just started talking and started to hang out more. Once we discovered we both lived in Australia, we tried well.. dating." Niall smiled. 
"Is she Irish?" 
"No, she was just there on holidays." Niall's Irish accent ran through my ears, down my spine tingling through my legs. We waited around another half hour until the passengers from the Dublin flight had started exiting the airport and Niall was jumping, walking around looking out for Sarah. Soon enough, Niall screamed, "SARAH!" And ran off. I spotted Niall running up to a slim girl with flowey black hair. Niall gave her a Horan hug, picked her up off of the floor and spun her around a couple of times. Sigh. He awkwardly handed her the chocolate, blushing and picked up her bags to walk toward me. "I want you to meet my best friend, Alex. Alex this is Sarah, my girlfriend." Niall looked so happy. I love seeing him happy and I'm going to be happy for him. 
"Hey." I smiled. 
"Hey! So you're the legendary Alex hat Niall's constantly blabbering about?" She laughed. She has a very pretty smile with sparkling brown eyes. 
"Niall spoke a lot about me? Well, he's only been back for a day and you're all he's been able to talk about." I laughed. 
"Aw, Nialler!" She blushed and wrapped an arm around Niall. Um, Nialler? I'm sorry, I'm not being jealous but Nialler's my nickname for him. Hey, at least I still have.. "Let's go Blondie!" Oh hell to the no! Literally, only I call him blondie. 
"Shall we, Alex?" He signaled his arm toward the car. I smiled and lead them to the car. Niall jumped in the passenger seat and Sarah was in the back. 
"So, where to?" 
"If it was okay, I would like to stop at Nandos? I'm STARVING!" 
"You and Niall must get on really well." Me and Niall laughed. 
"What do you mean?" 
"Oh, Niall's favourite food is Nando's.." I slowly stopped laughing. 
"Really?" Sarah sounded surprised, "Now I know." Sarah smiled, putting her hands ahead of her on to Niall's shoulders. We spent about an hour at Nandos and boy! Sarah has an amazing body, but that girl can eat! Her and Niall stuffed their faces and we left. I spent the next 3 hours with Niall and Sarah because Niall wanted me to get to know her. He wanted us two to be close, we were his main girlies. 
We were at my house and Niall was hungry again and wanted Burger King, so him and Sarah decided to leave. I just wanted sleep so I stayed home. 
"Thanks Alex, for picking me up. Hopefully we can hang out some more!" Sarah smiled, hugging me. I didn't exactly hug back, I wasn't being mean.. it was just weird. 
"Yeah, thanks Al! C'ya soon, yeah?" Niall hugged me and yeah, I hugged back. 
"Let's go, princess." Niall smiled at Sarah, grabbing her hand. As much as I hate to admit it, they're perfect for each other and there's nothing I love more then seeing Nialler happy. Sigh.

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