Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


29. Officer

January 4th, 2014.

Me and Niall are moving.
Away from here.
Away from it all.


We've spent the last two weeks packing my house and we're spending the next two weeks packing Niall's before we leave on January 18th.
"Ah, shit!" I hear Niall almost yell in pain, and I run toward where his whine came from- the kitchen.
"What's wrong?"
"Did you just run here?" He looks at me, a worried look on his face.
"Uh, yeah, sort of.. I heard you yell and-"
"No." He cut me off, "You can't run, babe."
"Yeah, still not catching your drift." I lightly giggled in confusion.
"I don't want you straining yourself whilst your pregnant." He motioned toward my stomach, and that's when I noticed the cut on his middle finger.
"So that's why he was in pain." I accidently spoke out loud.
"What? Oh, this? Yeah. I just cut myself when I was packing away the big knives. Nothing major, I'm fine." He gave me a reassuring smile before he continued to pack the kitchen. "After this last draw, we're pretty much done, right?"
"Erm, yeah and the 3 seater in the lounge room and the tv, then we're done." I smiled.
"Wanna get something to eat after I finish in here?"
"Sure." And with that, I left him to it and went to rest in the lounge room.


A short hour later, Niall entered the lounge room, turning off the tv; "Ready to go?" He smiled.
"Yeah!" I laughed at his eagerness to leave to get some food, what sort of food I don't know.

As we walked to the door, Niall  right behind me, and as I opened the door, there was a unknown figure standing there. His fist about to knock on the door until he realized I had already opened it. A... police officer?
"Oh." He was taken by  surprise and adjusted his belt, "Afternoon, ma'am, would you happen to be Alex Harris?" 
"Erm, yes, that is me." I was nervous, for the simple fact that I had never been in contact with the law. I hate law enforcements places and politics as I don't believe in their rules and beliefs, so they aren't the first people I turn to when I'm in trouble and need help. 
"And I believe you know a guy by the name of Harry Styles?"
"Yes, yes I do."
"What is this concerning?" Niall interrupted.
"Do you know Harry too?" The police officer, who's name tag read 'Steve', asked. His name sent shivers down my spine. 
"No." I jumped in. "He doesn't." I answered. I didn't want Niall to get involved with whatever it was that was happening. 
"Actually, I do. Remember, I met him that one time?" Niall knew what I was doing, but he wanted to help me through whatever was upcoming. 
"Okay. Well, I'm going to have to take both of you two down town to the station for some questioning. If you resist, I have the right to arrest you and take you down town in hand cuffs." The police officer named Steve stated. 
"No, no. It's fine, we'll go." I smiled, but the officer stood there at my front door with a straight face. 
"Come with me." He led me and Niall to the police car, opening the back door for the both of us.

What has Harry gotten us into?

After a 20 minute drive, we arrived at a local police station. There were 4 police cars lined up outside the building and 3 leaving to patrol the area. There were people in hand cuffs being escorted by police and police exiting from their shift. I didn't like the vibes of this place, but Niall's slight rubbing on my back made everything that much better.
The police officer, Steve, lead us inside and to a little seated area, motioning his hand telling us to sit. So we sat. And waited, and waited.. and waited until..
"What are you guys doing here?" An angry yell/whisper came darting toward us from a concerned and angry looking Harry.
"I don't know, why did the police come to Alex's front door, asking if she knew you, huh?" Niall yell/whispered back at Harry, clearly angry at the unknown situation.
"I've been brought in for questioning.."
"Us too, about you or something." I told Harry.
"I am so sorry if I got you into trouble, Alex." The sorrow on his face made me believe he was truly sorry.
"It's okay, I'm not even sure if I'm in trouble just yet."
"Harry Styles?" Steve, the police officer and another officer named 'Matt', walked in.
"Yeah?" Harry answered.
"Come with us, please." And they took him away. My eyes followed them until they lead him into a room- questioning and interrogation I'm guessing.


"Alex Harris?" The familiar voices of the police officers woke me up.
"Yes?" I looked at the time, 4:40p.m. Were they questioning Harry the whole 3 and a half hours I was asleep?
"Come with us please." Niall watched as the two officers who once took Harry, lead me into the same darkly lit room.
"So... why am I here?"
"If it's okay with you, we'll be doing the questioning, thanks." The officer named Matt spoke in a cocky tone, "Harry told us everything, so you may as well cut to the chase, Miss Harris. Lying gets us no where and keeps us in here longer." His cocky grin grew wider across his face.

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