Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


15. 'No.'

"The ashes will be ready by tomorrow." Harry smiled, getting back into the car, "Shorter trip than I expected.. well, we can make up that time."
"Huh?" I pulled my face up out of my hands.
"Let's go somewhere for a couple of days, away." He grabbed my hand.
"No thanks, Harry. You've gotten 'away' long enough, plus the sooner we're back, the better." 
"And by that you mean.." Harry laughed. 
"Everyone's missed you so much." 
"I've missed you too, does that account for anything?" 
"Considering you're the one who left, no." I said firmly. I knew Harry wouldn't take me seriously if I wasn't being serious and firm. 
"Fine." He left out a sigh, "we'll go straight back." 
"Thank you." I laid back into the seat of the car. 
"We're staying at a cabin, by the way." Harry smiled as he started the car and began to drive off. 
"Where abouts?" 
"In the woods." He said in a ghostly voice trying to scare me, he ended up laughing at his own gimmick. 
"I am so scared." I said emotionless. 

We drove deeper into the woods, about 10 minutes from where we had stopped earlier to give the body. It was starting to get dark, although it wasn't late. It was only late afternoon. 
"It's gonna rain." Harry commented. It remained an awkward silence for another 10 minutes or so and the Forrest became more uncomfortable. It had a typical eerie feeling, like any Forrest would. As we pulled up to a cute little cabin made completely from wood it started to rain; pour actually. Harry scooped up our bags with one arm and ran toward the door. I waited in the car and watched Harry as he signaled for me to come. 'No' I shook my head. I was not about to get wet. I crossed my arms at Harry an I could see him laughing at me. 'Wait' he mouthed and ran inside with the bags. He came back out with an umbrella. I smiled as he bowed in front of me after opening my door. He handed me the umbrella and to my surprise picked me up. He had picked me up bridal style, kicking the car door shut and he walked us both inside literally throwing me onto a couch. 
"Ouch." I rubbed the material of clothing on my bum. 
"You're welcome." He chuckled. 
"I know." I smiled. "This is cute." I continued to smile as my eyes wandered around the room. 
"It's really old." Harry laughed, "electricity only just got run through this place last month." 
"No electricity would've been fine." I mumbled. I wasn't one for technology anyways. 
"Is no bathroom or bedroom okay, too?" Harry pulled a 'don't be mad at me smirk'. 
"Well.. look around. This place is just an entertainment room and kitchen. Bathrooms an outhouse and I guess the entertainment rooms a bedroom." He tried smiling. 
"There's only one couch? One small couch." I pointed out. 
"Don't worry, love. If we ant fit, I'll push you onto the floor." He laughed as he sat at a small dining room table winking at me. 
"The cars pretty comfortable, actually." 
"You want me to sleep in the car?" Harry raised an eyebrow. 
"No.. me." 
"No." Harry laughed. 

We were trapped inside the house together, watching TV. Harry drifted off to bed around 7 pm, and I took this as an opportunity to sleep in the car. Harry was lying on the couch, vertically over my lap. There was a cushion by my feet that a managed to pick up and place under Harry's head as I raced outside. I made a run for it to the car and checked my phone, yes! There's service! I rang Niall. 
"Niall." He voice made me feel warm. 
"Alex? Hey." 
"Niall, I think we need to talk." 
"Alex." He sighed, "forget it." 
"But Niall.." 
"Don't worry about it." 
"Niall, what's wrong?" 
"Don't lie to me, please. Just the other day you told me we needed to talk an now you just want to forget about it? I don't understand you, Niall. We're best friends, do you know what that means? Everything. You mean so much to me Niall. I know that furthering out relationship is hard an its been bumpy but Niall you can't just drop it. Remember when you confessed to me that you were in love with me? I should have taken that chance to be with you because Niall, I liked you then and I like you know. I keep pushing your feelings away and then forcing mine into you and it's killing me, it's really killing me.  I'm an emotional mess and I really need you to pull through, everything's just so confusing to me and I don't want to put up with anymore bullshit! No more beating around the bush; Niall, I love you and I always have." 
"Alex.. I-I just, I.. no." And he hung up on me. I felt a heavy flow of tears build up in my eyes and I wanted to stay strong. What was that? How could he just hang up on me after everything? This isn't the Niall I know and I know that for a fact. Everything I had just said to Niall kept replaying in my mind and the thought of his reactions brought me to tears. I had just lost my best friend. 

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