Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


27. No Sleep

I haven't slept properly the past three days and you can really tell. For the past three nights, I've seen the same apparition loitering across the road from my house. I feel so weak and so stupid, why have I done nothing about this? Sigh. I don't want to call the police, I can't. So I turned to the only person I could turn to; Niall. 
"Alex? What's up? What's wrong?" He yawned in a panicking tone. I called him around 1 in the morning whilst starring outside at this person. 
"Sorry to wake you, but I was wondering if you could come over?" 
"Yeah, sure. What's wrong Alex?" 
"I think someone may be watching or stalking me.. I'll explain when you get here." 
"Okay, be there in 5." Luckily enough Niall lived on the same street as me and was here in only about 5 minutes. "Al-" 
I opened the door before he could even knock or call my name out, "Hurry!" I dragged him inside and to the front window. "Look." 
"That person.. he comes every night, no particular time, but he always leaves from around 1 to 2 o' clock in the morning. I can just feel him standing there, watching me and I can't sleep properly knowing there's someone there." I explained. 
"Hmm.." Niall starred closely at the figure, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" He asked, keeping his attention on the figure. 
"I just didn't think to." 
"I'll be back." Niall walked out of my house, I didn't try to stop him, I didn't even know what he was doing. I stayed at the window and peeped out. 

Niall simply ran across the road and approached the guy, gaining his attention by putting his hand on his shoulder. The man stepped back, quickly picking up the bag looking thing he has brought the past 3 nights. They stand there, I think they're talking but it's too dark for me to see if their mouths are moving. I continue to watch and Niall raises his arm pointing across to my house. I close the curtain a tad more, making sure they defiantly can't see me. The person Niall approached soon slowly back up as Niall placed his arm over his stomach. I think they're.. laughing. What on Earth? As the person takes off, Niall runs back across the street to me and I close the curtain and quickly meet Niall at the front door. 

"What was that? Who was it?" I bombard Niall with questions as soon as I open the door for him. 
"Don't worry, don't think about it." He walked in smiling, "Did you want me to stay the rest of the night?" 
"Please. And please just tell me who it was." 
"No one." Niall shook his head and put his arm on my back, slowly pushing and leading me to my bedroom, "Just get some sleep." He smiled. 
"Where did you want to sleep?" 
"I'll take the guest room." Niall smiled. He made sure I was in bed and tucked in, placing a quick and light kiss on my forehead before exiting out to go to sleep himself.

Niall was so worried before he ran out to the person loitering across the street, then after talking and even laughing, he came back to tell me nothing. I'm thankful for what he did, really, but he hides so much from me it isn't funny anymore. It never was.

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