Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


5. Movie Night

7 o'clock.
I walked to Niallers house which wasn't too far from mine. I lightly knocked on the door and almost immediantly he answered with a wide grin on his face and his arms extended almost wider, waiting for a hug. I smiled and embraced his warmth. He reminded me of my very first childhood toy which was a teddy bear, I named her Kimmy. She was soft and perfect for hugging, just like Niall was.
"Come in!" He guestured me to walk into his house. I walked in. When you entered, there were stairs almost 2 meters from the front door, to the left there were mirrors and to the right was an entertainment room. The loungeroom, kitchen and dining room were on the second floor and 3 rooms on the third. There was a bathroom on each floor. Niall lead me upstairs to the loungeroom. All the lounges had been moved to the side of the room and had been replaced with two single mattresses side by side, set and ready for the movie night. There was a coffee table next to one of the mattresses, it had a selection of lollies, chips, popcorn and of course, movies.  "Scary movie 5. Then I thought maybe some more comedies." Niall smiled.
"Sounds perfect." I smiled. Niall had sat on one of the mattresses and patted the one next to him, I sat beside him and took off my shoes.
"Needa go bathroom or anything?"
"No thanks, Niall." I laughed.
"Okay, I'm gonna start the movie then." He smiled and played Scary Movie 5. I wasn't really amused by the movie, my eyes only stayed concentrated on the movie because of Tyler Posey and Bow Wow. Niall enjoyed the movie, although he didn't laugh much. About an hour and a half later the movie had finished and Niall put on the next movie, That's My Boy. I actually liked this movie. "I like this one." Niall smiled.
"Me too, Adam is a legend."
"Great actor." Niall grabbed the popcorn and starting throwing kernals at me, one by one.
"Hey." I giggled.
"What?" Niall giggled and shoved a mouth full of popcorn into his mouth. I grabbed the packet of caramel popcorn and started to throw sticky kernals back at him. One thing lead to another and Niall tackled me, I with all my wrestling experience pushed him off of me and I managed to roll on top of him. Knowing my weaknesses, Niall tickled my belly and fell off of him, laughing, leaving him at an advantage. Niall placed one leg on either side of me and continued to tickle me, laughing victoriously.
"Niall.." I tried to talk, but my laughter was preventing all forms of speech. "Stop!" I kept laughing.
"Make me!" He stuck his tounge out at me and continued to tickle me, moving from my stomach to my under arms to my neck and back to my stomach again. Me and Niall were basically wrestling all over the floor and two mattresses, obviously him winning big time. I managed to gain strength after laughing so hard and pushed myself on top of Niall.
"I'll get you back, man." We were both laughing uncontrollably. Niall pulled a smirk on his face and with both hands grabbed the rim of the collar of my shirt and pulled me in.
"What are you gonna do?" His smirk grew wider. What I wanted to do was punch him in the face, or maybe I wanted to taste his lips. Yes, I wanted a kiss. But I think the appropriate thing to do is to sleep. We'll forget about this. I have to stop, Niall has a girlfriend. Niall squeezed my shirt tighter and pulled me in closer. I could feel his hot breath moving across my face to my ear, "Nothing?" I sat there, doing nothing. Niall laughed and flipped me back over, gaining dominance. "I've been waiting for this moment my whole life." He winked and his face quickly paced in toward mine and before I knew it, we were lying on the ground- lips locked. His tounge crept into my mouth and as did mine with his. Tounge tied, I loved every moment of this, but it was wrong. I pushed Niall off of me and crawled into bed. "I thought.."
"That's what I wanted?" I turned to Niall, who was still on the floor next to the mattress.
"Yeah.. what we both wanted.." Niall looked confused.
"It is." I looked away, covering my face.
"Then..?" Niall moved my hand away from my face and gazed into my eyes.
"Then? Then Sarah. Then Harry. Then Zayn. Then so many more complications that could ruin our friendship."
"Did I just get friend zoned?"
"You got friend zoned years ago.." I shook my head. "I have to go." I stood up and walked toward the stairs.
"Just stay the night."
"No thanks Niall, I should go. Thanks for the movie night though."
"Bye?" Niall threw a little wave at me and I left.


I returned home, that was the longest 5 minute walk of my life. I wasn't even thinking about what just happened. I was thinking of Harry, I really miss him.
I walked into my house really moody. I guess I was tired. I walked through the loungeroom, then kitchen and toward my room. Out of no where a very strong, familiar and distinctive scent hit me. It was a very masculine scent, a deoderant for men, obviously. I didn't want to think about it, it brought back too many memories of him. I think I had a bottle of his spray somewhere around the house. But.. just incase..  I looked around the house, maybe there was a nice smelling intruder. I grabbed a baseball bat because I wasn't in the mood and I was ready to knock someone out. I crept around the corner of the dining room into the entertainment room and felt a light tap on my shoulder. "Shit!" I swung the bat around, hoping to hit this person in the.. down there.. but instead I hit his knee.
"Ouch! Alex!" His deep british accent gave me tingles. He turned on the light and he gave me a massive 'happy to see me' smile. I stood there amazed, smiling back.

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