Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


25. Mad

The front door of the car slammed shut, startling me and awakening me from my fake sleep. Niall's positioning was tall and straight, he was very focused and obviously angry. I put on his seat belt as soon as he sat down and immediately took off. He quickly glanced at me before looking back at the road before him and didn't say a word. Should I break the silence? As soon as I went to open my mouth.. 
"Shh." Niall whispered. I went to say something again but was cut off, "Shhh." Niall looked at me with a stern and almost emotionless face. I sat back into my seat and didn't say a word. There were moments when Niall would slightly seperate his lips to say something, but instead of letting words exit his mouth, he would shake his head and sit in quiet. What was happening? He couldn't be angry at me, could he? I mean, he couldn't take anything Steve said seriously, why would he.. how could he believe a word that came out of Steve's mouth? 
"Yes." Niall took one hand off of the steering wheel to take out his phone and ear phones, putting them into his ears, completely shutting me out. 
"Thanks." I rolled my eyes and looked out of my window. 
The next 10 hours was literally the longest 10 hours of my life. I couldn't even put my mind to rest and fall asleep, I didn't want to miss out on anything. I didn't want Niall to stop the car again and do something drastic. Every now and then Niall would look at me, he wouldn't move his lips, he would just look at me and look back toward the road. We pulled up to my house first. Niall just looked toward me, still saying nothing, so I didn't want to get out of the car. His eyes squinted a bit, questioning me and why I was still in the car. 
I took a deep breath in, holding in my obvious anger toward Niall, "What?" 
"You gonna get out?" 
"Maybe.. maybe not." 
"What's wrong with you? Are you okay, love?" 
"What's wrong with ME? Did you seriously just ask me that? Please, PLEASE tell me that was a rhetorical question!" I barked at Niall. 
"Woah, what's up your ass?" 
"How are you so calm about this all? You promised me you wouldn't do anything drastic so I agreed to let you go to Steve's, then you just let me sleep and take off inside when we get there.. to do what? Argue? You listened to his bullshit stories and totally ignored me when you got back to the car, Niall. Now you tell me, what is up my ass?" I was enraged and got out of the car, slamming the door and running up to my house. Niall's car just sat there, as I walked inside I looked back and it was still siting there. I slammed my front door and hit my back on the door, slowly sliding down to sit. Finally, I heard his cars engine start and wheels skid across the road. I looked out the front window to see skid marks on the road in the shape of a 'U', he turned around and sped off. 

Ugh! I was so mad at him, but I didn't want to be. He's the only person I have right now. 
"Niall? Answer your phone please, I'm sorry." I left a message on Nialls answering machine as he wasn't answering. "Niall, please call me back." I left about 10 within the period of 2 minutes. Was he purposely ignoring me? That's honestly a tad bit ignorant, really, I mean I didn't do anything. 

After an hour of trying not to think about Niall, my phone started vibrating. A text from Niall. 

Message: meet me at the lake behind the pizzeria in blacktown in 10 :) catch a taxi cause i have my car :) xx 

I had 10 minutes to get ready, what? I re-read the message and realized Niall had sent me the message over half an hour ago. Great! What if he thinks I stood him up? I didn't want Niall to be angry at me and I didn't want him to think I was angry at him. I didn't bother getting ready. I grabbed the necessities and ran out the door and around the corner to the shops to a taxi stand and  caught a taxi to the pizzeria. I noticed Niall's car not in the near distance and slowly walked towards the lake. It was dark so I took a lot of precaution. I started to notice the beautiful glare of the full moon on the lake, which highlighted the forest scenery around it. It was compact with trees here, but there was a little picnic area with a wide patch of healthy green grass. 
"Hello, Princess." I heard Niall's voice. I squinted my eyes to get a proper look at him and he sat in the grass.. well, on a picnic blanket in the middle of the grass. He had set up a candle lit picnic dinner. There were only three long white candles, with a huge basket and rose petals lightly spread into the grass, almost looking natural. I couldn't help but put a dorky smile on my face. 

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