Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


10. Louis' POV

Note: I'm gonna try to update more often like I have been, I know I fell behind at one point. Sorry. x

"Two loafs of bread thanks." I smiled as the guy behind the bench walked off to retrieve my bread.
"2.20" he smiled as I handed him the exact change.
"So, how's things without Harry?" I tried to have small talk.
"Harry? Harry who?" He looked confused.
"Styles? The young lad you hired here a couple months back?" I laughed.
"I'm sorry, maybe you have the wrong bakery."
"No, he used to work here. Before he dissapeared?"
"Sorry, but I've never hired a Harry here before." The man walked away, he didn't want to argue. I walked off about the shops swinging the bag I had containing my bread. I was brought to a sudden stop when I noticed a bunch of Harry's old friends. I paced over to them as they stopped and sat down at a table.
"Louis.." they noticed me first.
"Hey guys." I tried to smile, I didn't like these people, "Where's Harry?" I pretended to look around there group looking for Harry.
"Harry who?" one bloke said.
"Murray?" another said pointing at himself.
"No, not you. Styles? The long, tan, handsome, british one?" They all looked at me like I had made up this person. "Oh, come on. You didn't just forget him did you?"
"How can we forget someone we don't even know?" the other Harry asked.
"Louis, we can't see your imaginary friends." another shook his head laughing.
"This is bullshit! Harry Styles! You know him.."
"I think it's better if you just left, mate." one of the boys placed a hand on my shoulder, I shook it off and walked to my car. My phone lit up, I was getting an incoming call from Alex. As I picked up she asked if I could come over, why not? I had nothing better to do. I raced over to her house and she was worried. We had had a small talk about Harry, people had been telling her they didn't know him either. I decided we had to do something! "Let's go!" I ran out of the house.

"Where are we going?" Alex asked as she jumped into my car.
"To do some detective work!" I toned in a masculine voice. My days don't get any less complicated but I manage to keep up. I drove off to Harry's house to notice the front door was smack bang wide open. "Strange.." I mumbled under my breath, Alex nodded as she noticed the door. "No one's here either, I know that for a fact." We observed the area and didn't spot any cars within a 100 meter radius. 
"Should we go in?" Alex asked as I pulled up across the street from Harry's. 
"Of course!" I pulled the keys out of ignition and opened my door to get out. As I was walking closer to the front door, with Alex trailing behind me, I caught an odd smell. It smelt putrid, like a dying animal had been decomposing here for the past 2 weeks. 
"What the hell is that?" Alex asked covering her nose with her hand. 
"I don't know.." I peaked around the corner of the front door as I covered my nose with my hand. We slowly walked into the house, the smell getting stronger and stronger. We lurked through the hallways and into each and every room, the smell was strongest in Harry's bedroom, so me and Alex looked around. "I was just here a couple of day's ago." I questioned and fell to Harry's bed, landing on somethingg hard. "OW!" I jumped up immediantly.
"What is it?" Alex rushed over. I had moved the sheets to reveal a chest. "Another box?" She sounded angry as she punched it.
"It's locked." I said, trying to open it, "Woah." I tried lifting it, it was quite heavy, nothing I couldn't handle. "Let's go." I picked up the box and followed Alex to the car. We left the door open, as we found it and as I slammed the boot shut sfter placing the chest in it, the front door slammed and the front drapes closed.
"Someone's inside!" Alex yelled as she ran back up to the house. I followed and noticed a shadow standing at the door.
"OPEN UP!" I banged on the door.
"GO AWAY!" Another voice yelled back. It didn't sound like Harry at all.
"HARRY IF THAT'S YOU PLEASE OPEN UP!" Alex yelled whilst kicking at the door, almost in tears, "I miss you." She whispered as she gave up and hit her forehead against the door. I gently rubbed my hand on her back, trying to comfort her.
"LEAVE THE CHEST AT THE DOOR AND LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU'LL NEVER OPEN IT ANYWAYS." The once demonic voice lightened up and sounded exactly like Harry.
"Harry! Open up! Can you not see what you've done? You're house smells horrible, nobodie claims to know you, your friends miss you and Alex.. look at what you've done to her!" I argued trying to pick Alex's head up.
"Don't worry. Let's just leave." Alex said, tears being held back in her eyes. We walked down the front lawn until we heard a sudden and very slow creek. I looked back to notice Harry had opened the door about 5 cm, that was a well enough invitation for us to come in. I shrugged on Alex's arm and she turned around, she looked hesitant to go inside, but she sucked it up and came with me. The smell wasn't as strong and infront of us stood the dark figure that is Harry.

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