Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


26. Lets Get Away

"Thank you for tonight, Niall." I smiled. We had just finished eating a candle and moon lit dinner by my favourite lake. 

"Anything for you.. really." He smiled and his cheeks started turning red, "I'm real sorry for before. I didn't mean to ignore you or anything, I just.. I was so mad and I didn't know what to do."  

"I guess it's okay Niall. I understand that you were mad just please never take it out on me again. Talk to me next time." 

"I will, I promise." 

"So.. what now?" 

"What do you mean?" Niall cocked an eyebrow, he still had the look of sorrow on his face. 

"I mean.." I looked down to my stomach and placed one hand on it, then looked back up to Niall. Niall smiled at me and moved a little closer, placing his hand over mine which was still over my stomach. 

"Let's go." Niall smiled and leaned down, pulled my shirt just over my belly button and placed a light kiss on my stomach, "I want to help you raise this child, Alex. Lets get away.. I know I haven't been the best for you but I want to try and maybe we could start a happy little family somewhere away from all this." 

I couldn't help but smile at Niall's request, but I was so unsure about everything. "I'm going to be honest Niall, I'm not even sure if I'm ready.. I'm only 18, I have no idea what I have planned for the future and I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave everything that I have and that I've had here." 

"Alex, I'm willing to father this baby. I know for a fact I'm not ready but I want to try. And it's best that we did leave, for a fresh start. It's not fair what certain people have put you through, who knows what they might do in the future. Who knows what could happen to you if you stay here. I love you, Alex, and believe me I only want the best for you, for us.." 

"We aren't even dating Niall.." 

"Can't we try?" 

And I left it at that, 'can't we try?' I stayed silent after Niall had asked and refused to meet his eye contact. We both sat there in silence, the only noise around we're the whispers of the wind, rustling through the bushes. I'm not ready for a relationship ant this point in time and I know that for a fact, not after my past few relationships. "Can I go home?" I asked Niall and shook his head, 'yes.' We both stood up and I helped pack the candles and blanket away into the basket Niall had. Before he could say anything, or offer me a lift home, I decided to just go; I wanted to walk home. It was a nice, cool night tonight, so why not? As I walked away I looked back to Niall who stood there, confused at my actions. But he didn't question me. He just left me to do what I wanted and I mentally thanked him for that. 

I practically power walked home rather then my usual dawdle. I was tired and needed to just go to sleep, but Niall had put so many thoughts into my mind. Maybe it was best if we got away and started a new life somewhere else, away from the past so we could concentrate n our future. Knowing my luck too, something bad could happen if I stayed here, like always. I brought everything that's happened to me upon myself though. I can't blame anyone but me, and I accept that. 

When I finally got to my house, it was a moment if relief. I unlocked my doors and went inside to lay down on my comfortable bed. I loosened up and everything felt so much better. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off to dreamland ..... Wait. My eyes shot open. I had felt uncomfortable all of a sudden, I had an eerie feeling someone was, I don't know, watching me. I stood up from my bed and peaked out my bedroom window. It was too dark for me to see anything. I snuck out to the lounge room and looked through the lounge room window, observing my surroundings outside I still saw nothing. I quickly rubbed my eyes and re-observed outside. Scanning the area I saw nothing from left to right, and when I went to look again.. I knew it. Across the road. I saw a tall, dark and staunch figure. It looked like a male. I knew he couldn't see me, but I could see him. Nothing distinguishable though, I could just barely see the outline of his figure. I watched him for about 3 minutes until he leaned down to pick something up, then simply walked away. 

What the fuck. 

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