Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


9. Harry Who?

It's Monday. I'm tired. I don't think I've slept fpr 2 days and you can't really tell which is a bonus. Yeah, maybe I fall asleep in the middle of conversation and stuff but I don't have bags, I still have a natural glow and I haven't been waling around like a zombie.
I got to tafe a bit late. Why do I even bother? I mean I only come once or twice a week if I can be bothered and I don't do anything here. I keep changing my classes and I'm still deciding on what I want to accomplish in the future. Everyone else has a plan, like Tess is going to uni to become a teacher, Liam, Louis and Niall are still making music and Eleanor has a modeling job. I haven't spoken to anyone at this tafe, I'd rather be a lone wolf, it's how I was before I met the boys anyways. The teacher or lecturar was marking the roll and I was dazing off after I heard my name until, "HARRY?"
"WHAT? Harry who?" I said half asleep.
"Potter.." a group of 3 girls teased.
"Murray." The teacher said, sternly watching the girls.
"Is Harry Styles still on the list?" He has been the past how many months.
"Harry.. Styles? Nope. Never even heard that name." The teacher said whilst scanning the names. That's odd. He's always been on that list and he's been to this class before. How can she just forget him?
Literally 12 hours later I tried to run home, getting half way I realized I drove to tafe, damn it! I slowly walked back, kicking every little rock and piece of rubbish in my way to keep my awake. I took a can of blue V out of my pocket and saw my, well Zayn's old car that he gave to me, about 50 meters away. I sprinted toward it and jumped in, finally. I drove home at a faster pace, I wasn't speeding, so I didn't fall asleep and have an accident and like die or something.

After getting home my tummy was rumbling like crazy. Food. Must order food. I looked up the number to Pizza Hut and ordered a medium BBQ meat lovers with extra cheese, hehe, my favourite. After a half hour power nap someone came banging at my door, the pizza guy. Well, it was a girl but still. She refused to give me eye contact, I didn't ask but she was hiding her face behind her hat the whole time. She went to turn away and I saw her face.
"I know you, don't I?"
"Um, no, I think you have me mixed up."
"Wait.." I placed a hand on her shoulder and she turned around, "Claire?" She dyed her hair jet black.
"Oh.. hey." She sort of pulled a half smile.
"Let's cut to the chase."
"Uh, okay?"
"Don't play dumb. Where's Harry?" I knew she had to know something.
"Harry who?"
"Styles? Tall, curly haired, green eyed one your friend was dating, well, black mailing?"
"I have no idea who that is.."
"Seriously? Don't."
"I'm being serious, I've never heard of him nor seen anyone like that." I looked into her eyes and either she was telling me the truth or.. she was telling me the truth. I've learnt to read peoples emotions and I know for a fact she isn't lying.
"Okay, I'm sorry." And she ran off to the delivery car.

3 slices of pizza later, after constantly checking my phone to see if it was Christman yet and reminders that people who once knew Harry have no idea who he is, I fell asleep. Today was odd.

Ugh! I screamed as I rolled off of my couch. I have nothing planned today but I wanted to wake up early, bad idea. I washed my face and heated up some pizza for breakfast. I had to talk to someone about yesterday, so I called the only person I could call, Louis. After I called, I din't have to explain anything and he was alright to come over. Only 15 minutes later he was here.
"What's the problem?" Louis rushed through my house.
"It's well, people."
"Again? Don't let them get to you!" Louis grabbed my shoulders and shook me, "You're beautiful. Too beautiful to worry about them!"
"Thank you Louis but it's nothing like that." I laughed, "People have been.. forgetting Harry."
"Harry who?"
"I was kidding. I had just.. noticed that too. Anytime I would ask about a Harry Styles everyone that knew him would look at me funny and ask, 'Harry who?' and it's annoying!" Louis stomped his foot.
"Exactly! He isn't on the list at tafe anymore and I saw Claire yesterday, she sincerly doesn't know who he is."
"I was at the bakery he used to work at and the boss said he'd never hired a Harry Styles. And then I saw some of his old mates and they laughed at me like I ws some weirdo because I insisted they knew him."
"What is going on Louis?"
"I don't know, but whatever it is Louis the Tommo Tomlinson is on the case!" Louis pointed toward the ceiling, puffed out his chest and put his other hand on his waist. "Let's go!" He ran out of the house and into his car, I followed.
"Where are we going?"
"To do some detective work!" He said in a heroic voice.

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