Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


6. Explainations

"What are you doing here?" I dazed at him.
"I guess I have A LOT of explaining to do.." He softly laughed to himself.
"I'll call everyone, we should all talk." I picked up my phone.
"No. They can't know I'm back."
"What? Why?"
"I won't be here long.." He lost his smile.
"Where are you going? Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, I'm just.. moving permanatly."
"Let me explain."
"Thank you." I smiled.
"I have to move with my mum permanatly, back in England. I just have to get away from everything, everything that's happened just hasn't led me anywhere. I want to do something with my life but all this bullshit is just getting me no where. There are so many barriers and I just.."
"It's okay. I get it. I just don't want you to leave me again."
"I'm sorry Alex, I really don't want to leave you either. But this benefits you aswell. With me out of the way, you'll have less stress, less drama and more Niall."
"Nialler has a girlfriend, they met in Ireland."
"Oh I'm sorry.."
"Don't be. He's happy and that's all that matters." I pulled a fake smile. "So.. how long are you staying?" I changed the subject.
"Probably 3 days, maybe 5. Depends on how long it taked me to secretly pack my bags."
"I'll help?" I smiled.
"That would be great." He smiled and gave me a tight hug.


4 days have passed and we've been packing his bags together.. secretly of course. The boys and other girls, had no idea he was back, no one knew, apart from me. There have been so many times where I just wanted to tell someone, but I couldn't.
"I'm leaving tonight." He smiled, "thanks for all your help."
"It was nothing." I smiled.
"Hey, before I leave.. my flight's at 10 pm.. did you wanna go out, for dinner? A make up dinner for your birthday?"
"Aw, that would be lovely. Thank you."
"Anything for you." He threw me a half smile and picked up his last box of stuff, showing off his tatted biceps. We were moving all the things he wasn't taking to a storage shed just for now, him and his mum were coming back next year to sort it all out. "Hey, I'll drop you off at home and I'll pick you up at 5?" He looked at his watch, "It's 3.. make that 6. I need time to get pretty." He giggled. 
"You're perfect." 
"As are you, Alex." He dropped me off at my place and drove off.

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