Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


21. Drunken Words

"YEAH, THE MUSIC IS SOOO LOUD! I WANNA BE YOURS NOW! SO C'MON C'MON AND DANCE WITH ME BABY!" Sarah had taken me out to a really poppy-trashy club that was only local, so they actually played the boys music. I guess I've been pretty sad lately since I haven't been talking to Niall what so ever. I haven't seen him since last Saturday when he dropped me off at home and refused to call me bestie. I'm glad to hear that his and Sarah's relationship has been going fine and that he's happy. 
"I'M GONNA GO GET A DRINK." I tried yelling over the music to Sarah. She was dancing like an idiot to Rita Ora-Hot Right Now, which just started playing. 
"OKAY BABE." She yelled back and turned away to dance with the rest of the crowd. 
I pushed my way through a large group of small people, jumping around like idiots. This club is full of 18 year old kids that haven't gotten over their little kid phase. Rolling my eyes, I pushed my way to the bar, pulling a smile when I recognized the bar tender to be an old friend. 
"TIFFANY!" We reached across the bar, entwining in a loose hug. 
"I haven't seen you in forever!" Tiff playfully pushed my shoulder. 
"It's been a couple years!"
"A couple years too long, babe! We HAVE to catch up, emphasis on the HAVE!" Tiff yelled over the music. 
"Of course baby girl!"
"What can I get you?" Tiffany returned to being a bar tender. 
"Just a shot of vodka." I turned toward the crowd and looked back at Tiffany, "Make that four." We laughed together. 
"What have you been up to?!" Tiff asked whilst pouring mine, and others drinks. 
"Where do I start?" I laughed. My life is a joke. 
"I heard you got with a couple hotties!" Tiff winked. 
"Well.. " I awkwardly laughed.
"You can tell me girl! What's the latest gossip with your love life, hey?" Tiffany poured me another shot, "Wait right here!" After disappearing for not even a minute, Tiffany returned coming out of the bar. "Let's go!" We hooked arms and ran out of the bar.  
"I was with someone.." I spoke normally, as I didn't have to compete with loud music. 
"Don't worry, babe. I just took a half hour break, then I gotta go back." Tiff smiled,dragging me into a small cafe. 
It was a nice change in atmosphere. It was quiet, calm and relaxing. Tiffany dragged me to a booth closer to the back and I dug into the lounge-like chair, letting out a long exhale. 
"I'll be back!" Tiffany ran off to the front of the cafe and joined a short line from the register. 
I lounged further into my seat and closed my eyes, before being startled when a group of rowdy males entered the cafe and walked past my booth into another just across from where I was. They were obviously drunk. I checked my watch and it was only 11:38 p.m. I secretly observed the group of boys even longer and soon recognized 4 of the 11 boys. Tiffany came and sat back down with me, bringing back two hot beverages. Checking out the boys, Tiff looked at me. 
"Hottie alert!" Tiffany said winking, that was so primary. I rolled my eyes, laughing and sunk further into my seat as one of the boys from the end stood up, revealing Niall. "Hey.. isn't that that guy you fancy?" Tiff made a head gesture, pointing to Niall. 
"No." I slouched.
"Oooh, it is!" Tiff snapped. "Who are the rest of the cutie bums?" 
"Um.." I pointed out the ones I knew, "Well, the blonde one singing is Niall. Next to him, Louis then Liam. I don't know who the next three are, but that curly headed one is Harry. Then the other 3 I have no idea. Plus the one ordering over there, I have no idea who that is either." 
"Harry.." Tiffany mumbled, wink
ing, "He's good looking."    
"That's um.. sort of my ex.. or ex ex." 
"Really? How'd you lose that? How would you want to lose that hot piece of damn?" 
"I don't know.. it was easy for me." I looked back over to notice Harry was looking at us. He pushed past the others and walked close to our table, leaving behind a scent of alcohol and sweat. 
"Oh my.." Tiffany waved her hand, trying to catch his breath. I just laughed. 
"Have him." 
"I couldn't do that to a friend!" Tiffany protested, "And.. he isn't gay." Tiff pouted. Harry walked past again, causing Tiff to sequel silently. When Harry sat back down, he continued to stare at us, not trying to hide it or anything. Obviously, someone had to eventually notice. And obviously, with all my luck, it had to be Niall. He looked at us, looked away and took a double take. He changed his facial expression from being somewhat happy to confused. He excused himself from his friends and came over to us, inviting himself to sit down. 
Wrapping his arm around me Niall burped, "Wh- who are you?" He raised an eyebrow at Tiffany. 
"The question is, who are you, pretty little leprechaun?" Tiffany was such a flirt! 
"This is Tiffany." I jumped in. 
"Tiffany?" Niall laughed, "What type of name is that- for- for a boy?" 
"A fab one!" Tiff snapped. 
"Ahh.. I see." Niall had caught the fact that Tiffany was gay, "So you're- you're not on a date?" 
"No." I laughed. 
"Good." Niall took his arm off of me. 
"So, what's your name and what's the happs with you two things? Why do you care whether she's on a date or not? " Tiffany smirked. 
"I'm Niall. And this is Alex." 
"I know that!" Tiffany rolled her eyes. 
"Well.. me and Alex are, I don't know. Ask her." Niall was tipsy and all over the place, making his accent hard to understand at some points. Tiffany looked at me, opening his eyes, indicating me to say something. 
"Me and Niall are just friends." I said comfortably, "He has a girlfriend." I smiled. 
"What? No." He burped.
I rolled my eyes, "He's dating a chick named Sarah. The one I was at the club with."
"I'm not dating Sarah, silly! We broke up that night you called me and we were crying." Niall laughed. 
"Ohh, this just got interesting!" Tiffany was obviously intrigued.    
"Oh. So Sarah's just been staying at your place the past week?" I was partially annoyed. 
"Nooooope." Niall paused before explaining, "I just lied a bit, so I would have an excuse to stay away from you, Al." 
"Um.. are you al-fucking-right?" I was really annoyed at this point. 
"Yeah. You?" Niall laughed. "Alex, it's impossible for me to even look at your face without getting angry. I can't bare to see you anymore. Especially after what happened with Steve.. and you've got Harry still. I can't always be there to save you, nobody can but Harry will try. Where as me.. I can't try.. You're an emotional wreck and I don't blame you, you're a girl. What else should people expect?" Niall smiled a drunken smile.   
"Wow, Niall. Suddenly, I'm happy you came to our table. I'm happy that you had to be drunk to tell me how you really felt." I stood up, almost slamming Niall onto the table, I pushed him forward so I could walk out. "Sorry, Tiff, I have to go." 
"Giiiiirl, I understand." Tiffany gave Niall dirty looks and followed behind me to return to work. 

How could Niall just say all of that? If he didn't want to see me.. he didn't have to.. why? He was so rude. I don't care if he was drunk or if I'm over reacting but this is just.. not on! I walked straight home, I didn't want to see Sarah right now. Why would she lie to me about dating Niall? And why would Niall lie about it too? I can't believe it wasn't long ago I wanted to cry over Niall. But I'm sick of crying. Forget them, both of them! Niall and Harry. I'm not even going to cry right now, I'm just going to take it all in and maybe I should just think. Breath in and out.

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