Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


28. Christmas Day


I was awoken by my annoying alarm. Without even looking at my phone, I turned it off with my half open eyes. I sat up in bed, looking to my right to see a sound asleep Niall and to my left and out my bedroom window. It was still dark. Ugh. I checked the time on my phone, '12:04 am'. Seriously? Why would I set my alarm to this time? Without further questioning of myself, I shrugged it off and went back to sleep.


I don't remember falling back asleep, but I remember waking up to the smell of pancakes and maple syrup. This is one of the many things I've been craving for the past couple of weeks. I followed my nose to the kitchen where Niall was standing with two massive bags of McDonalds, clearly filled with their breakfast foods. 
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Niall sang in the happiest tone he could pull off once he saw me. 
"Aw, Merry Christmas!" 
Niall put the bags of food onto the counter before walking up to me and lightly wrapping his arms around me. 
"Merry Christmas to you, too." He said as he knelt down to rub my stomach. "I brought us all Maccas." Niall smiled as he stood back up. 
"Thank you, but you didn't have to." 
"Oh but I did! It's Christmas!" He smiled and sang, as he walked back over to the counter, getting out his food and shoving a bacon and egg McMuffin into his mouth.

I've never seen Niall so happy. I've never felt so happy. The past couple of weeks have been the best and most stress free weeks of my life. Apart from the stalker thing, but Niall didn't tell me anything about that and I decided not to bring it up again. 
My life has been revolving around me, Niall and my baby. Now and then the others would call or skype us to check up on us, and it's always been the same, 'we're perfectly fine and happy'. It feels so good to be able to say that. Tess and Liam made their little holiday to America semi-permanent and are living in LA until their baby's born, then they'll see what happens. Louis and Eleanor are still around the area and are planning on moving into an apartment or something together soon. I've heard from Zayn a couple of times. He's getting better, healthier  and he's still in London under his parents care. He's also met a girl named Perrie, who he's been seeing a lot of. He's happy and I'm happy for him. He also reminded me a couple of times to 'not forget about the box' or something. I guess that didn't really help because I have no idea what he's talking about. I don't seem to remember what this box is, so I guess it wasn't really important. Whatever. The only person I haven't heard from was Harry. No ones heard from him. No one. I can't believe he's doing this again. I decided it was best for me to stay away from him anyways. All I need is my best friend, my everything, Niall. 

After eating, I decided to make it a lazy day. I brushed my teeth and stayed in my pj's. Niall had done the same. We sat on the couch in the lounge room in silence, both of us deep in thought. 
"I want you to open this." Niall had interrupted my thoughts and handed over a small envelop with my name on it. I gave him a 'you shouldn't have' smile and opened it. Inside was a set of keys.. house keys to be exact. 
I tried to keep a smile on my face as I examined the keys, then giving in, losing my smile as my face grew a confused expression. "Thank you Niall, but, what is this?" I laughed. 
"Keys." He smiled. 
"I know that.." I giggled, "but what are they for?" 
"Remember how I said we should get away? I think now is the perfect time, and those.. those are the keys to our future. Those are the keys to the new house I brought, 4 hours away from here." Niall smiled. 
I didn't know how to react at first, but I was happy. I scooted closer to Niall and pulled him into a hug, "Thank you." As I released him, our faces only inches apart, I pulled him into a kiss. Our first proper kiss. It took Niall by surprise as he didn't react straight away, but once he caught on, it was magic. Our lips moved in sync and perfect harmony, nothing ruining this perfect moment, his tongue not even asking for entrance into mine, just a simple and perfect kiss. I knew now that Niall was the one. I had feelings for him, and these weren't just your everyday teenage crush type feelings, these were strong and very real feelings. I cared about Niall and he made me feel special. He gives me butterflies in my stomach and always has. He makes me smile and he's all I really think about. I really like him. 

As we released from our short moment, which felt like forever.. cliche.. we both just smiled. Smiled and starred into each others eyes. I've always loved Niall's bright blue eyes, contrasting well with his pale skin and blonde hair. 

"I love you." Niall whispered.

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