Flummoxed Enchantment

The Sequel to 'Resplendent Enchantment'.


3. Another Search, Another Surprise

Today me, Liam, Louis, Niall, Tess and Eleanor are going on another search for Harry. After 48 hours of his disappearance we called the police but they couldn't do a search without calling his parents. After talking to Harry's parents, they said that he hasn't gone missing, his parents are aware of his where a bouts and would like to be left alone. But we can't just leave him alone, he just left and we're obviously concerned for him. We aren't being nosy, we are truly worried.

We had gone to visit a whole heap of Harry's other friends, and they didn't know where a bouts he was either. Uncles, Aunties, Co workers at his part time job at a local bakery- nope, no one knows where he has gone. We searched through most of his house, looking for clues of where he could've gone. We found clues indicating he could've gone to America, but his passport was under his bed. Harry why are you doing this to me?

After another hour of searching, we had basically given up. It's about 2 p.m. at this point in time and everyone's just become so lazy and sick of it. Weeks of searching and getting nothing except the fact that he's alive and should be well. This hurts, missing Harry. I was getting really stressed at this point in time and I just wanted to eat away my feelings, cliche but hey, why not be a stereotypical girl once in a while?
Liam wanted us to come over to his place and eat, rather than going out like always. I haven't had a home made meal in a while, I don't think. Everyone agreed to the idea and probably had the same feelings and thoughts. Liam wanted to cook, and give out good news; something to get our minds off of Harry. 
We travelled about 15 minutes by car from Harry's house to Liam's and Liam had started to cook up some mince so we could have tacos. "Won't be long." Liam smiled. We all gathered around Liam's loungeroom and sat in silence, waiting for Liam to talk, "What's up guys?" Liam looked at us.
"You had some.. good news?" Louis raised an eyebrow at Liam.
"Oh yeah.." Liam laughed and Louis rolled his eyes, laughing too. "Well.." Liam blushed toward Tess.
"I know where this is going." Niall nudged me on the shoulder and we smiled.
"I wanted to let you guys know, me and Tess have sort of been official.."
"WHAT?! HOW LONG?" Eleanor smiled and jumped onto her feet.
"Well, over a month ago. But we didn't want to tell you guys just yet." Liam smiled.  
"How could you hide this from us, Liam?" Louis demanded. 
"Well, me and Tess hit it off straight away and I always tell you guys to take your time and stuff along those lines." 
"You didn't want to be hypercritical?" I laughed, thinking of my past relationships with Harry and Zayn. 
"But, there's sorta something else.." Tess added. She didn't look too happy. 
"What is it?" Eleanor's face dropped, she also noticed Tess wasn't smiling. 
"Well, I think I'm.. pregnant.." Tess swallowed. 
"What?!" El hugged Tess in her arms and let go as she realized she may have been squeezing a tad to tight. 
"Why the long face, Tess?" Why doesn't she look happy? 
"Well, I'm not sure if we're ready for all this." Tess looked at Liam. 
"But it's worth a try, right? I mean, Tess would be an amazing mother and I've always wanted a little family." Liam blushed. 
"Congratulations, guys." Niall smiled. Niall had also always wanted kids of his own, we used to talk for hours about him having a family and different scenarios of what he'd do if he had girls, boys or even both. He had plans for if they were gay or straight, he had money plans for their future. Nialler is so sweet and caring, anyone to have him as a husband or father would be apart of the luckiest family. "Guys, I really have to go now. To Sarah." Niall was whipped over this girl. She was all he would talk about day in, day out. 
"Run! Run to her my little stallion!" Louis hit Niall's ass as we walked Niall to the front door of Liam's house. Just after Niall left, everyone ate the taco's Liam was preparing before the had revealed his news. I was so happy for them!
"How long have you been pregnant?" I smiled at Tess. 
"Erm, it's been about two days since I found out." 
"Aww." I looked over at Liam who was caressing Tess' fingertips. Although she wasn't looking at him, he was gazing into her eyes, smiling. As a lock of her thick hair fell in front of her face, Liam gently picked it up, placed it behind her ear and placed a light kiss upon her knuckles. Tess smiled and looked toward Liam, they were so 'proper'. They never kissed in front of us, so Tess gave Liam a little hug and he wrapped his arms around her, slowly rubbing her stomach. 
Sometime's I dream for a perfect relationship like this.  

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